cheeseburger birthday.

josh was being so difficult this year about this birthday (pretty sure 27 is his scary age)
so we did away with my big party plan (it’s ok, there is always next year) and celebrated just the three of us with the big DC snow storm that came in this weekend.
i made josh a homemade cheeseburger cake (i don’t recommend making fondant from scratch, my fondant tomatoes never worked and it’s a miracle the fondant cheese turned out at all…. my poor kitchen. and self esteem.) and yes, kingsley is in every photo because we love him and are happy he’s making a swift recovery from his hospital visit last week.
  1. janis

    looks like the happiest time! you three are darling…

  2. Alisha

    I'm so sorry the fondant didn't work out! I think it might just take a lot of practice. The cake looks really great, though! Don't be discouraged, you're wonderful!

  3. oh my gosh! I thought you'd had that cake professionally made for him- go you!!! I'm super impressed :)
    and happy birthday to josh!

  4. Kingsley looks adorable – he has the same expression in every picture. "Really Mom?". Too cute. Happy birthday to your hubby and you did an amazing job on that cake!!!

  5. Meredith

    The cake looked incredible! Did you take any photos of Kingsley in the snow?

  6. Oh my goodness I don't think I've ever seen cuter pictures!! SO PRECIOUS! Good job :)

  7. Jay

    What a cool cake!! And look at how big kingsley is getting :p I'm happy to hear he's getting better now!!

  8. Rhianne

    love your pictures and that cake looks amazing, well done :)

  9. Lisa

    that is pretty darn awesome.

  10. Lucie

    What a rockstar birthday ! I love the cake, amazing idea

  11. Wonderful job on that cake! Looks delicious!
    Hoping Josh had a wonderful birthday!

  12. Morgan

    your cake is amazing!!!

  13. Rachel

    ummmm I absolutely adore the cake, you've inspired me to try makeing my own cake with fondant someday :)

  14. first off, the cake looks huge!! lol and secondly, looks like you did a great job!

  15. I'm pretty sure you get the wife of the year award for making this cake. I am so impressed and amazed at how HUGE it is! It will take you guys a month to eat that by yourselves! It's beautiful, and bravo for doing this homemade. He's a lucky husband.

  16. Maddy

    That cake is awesome!! You did such a great job, Naomi! I love your sweater in that photo as well :)

    p.s. glad Kingsley is happy and better!

  17. thobeka

    love that cake!

  18. this is brilliant!!!
    i'm so glad y'all had a wonderful birthday.

  19. LuliBags

    Love the massive cake!

  20. Yuum, cheeseburger…. I'm glad Kingsley is doing okay.

  21. LauraAnn

    Wow! Your cake turned out awesome!

    And Kingsley looks adorable as always! :-)

  22. That cake is amazing!

  23. holy moly that cake is amazing!

  24. absolutely love it!

  25. that's an amazing cake!! Holy cow!!

  26. Lainey

    The cake came out gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Josh!

    They sell ready made Marzipan in the grocery store baking aisle that I'm almost positive does the same thing as fondont. At least that's what I read in my Martha Stewart cupcake book. Maybe you can try that? It still came out wonderful.

    Oh, and don't apologize for Kingsley pictures. Who doesn't like looking at a super cute puppy?

  27. So glad to see Kingsley is much better. So cuter our little bully friend :) Some of the best birthdays ever are the ones like these. I feel the same way about fondant. A horrible experience for me!

  28. That cake is a work of art, dear!

  29. that cake looks awesomeeeeee. much better than a real cheesburger

  30. 2nd Girl

    Oh my goodness, how did you make that cake? It looks so cool!! So glad to see Kingsley back home with you and getting better. Have a good week.. ;)

  31. I feel him – I think 27 is going to be my scary year too. I don't even like being 26!

  32. Meghan

    That cake is so incredible! You are one talented lady!

  33. That cake is fantastic!! What a talented lady you are my dear! :)

  34. wow! if you never said a word about having trouble with your fondant, I would have sworn this was a gourmet store-bought ace of cakes kinda cake! great job, lady!

    Kingsley looks….dubious? about his party attire.

  35. Lidia

    omg! what a cute cake!! =)

  36. Kristel

    Oh my goodness! That's the craziest cake ever! Great job.

  37. jones

    wow! that cake is amazing! your cake skills are most definitely impressive to me!!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet husband.

  38. Kathleen

    Lol I think the cake looks great! You are so creative!

    PS SO glad Kingsley is feeling better! He looks tons better without the cone!

  39. Anna

    He is getting so big! (Josh, too!)

  40. haha, THAT is a serious cake!! My hat goes off to you. It looks like it required a lot of patience!

  41. ohh my your pup just gets cuter and cuter! I heart his wrinkly face.

    You are a champion for making that cake. It looks great (and not to mention tasty).

  42. Alianna

    That is quite possibly the coolest cake I've ever seen! Happy Birthday Josh!

  43. I think the cake looks great!! you did a fine job!! – oh, and i absolutely LOVE that birthday card! Where did you find such a thing?


  44. Your bully is too cute! She looks just like mine did when she was a little pup!

  45. Glimmer

    Mine won't let me celebrate his birthday either, Jan. 27. Maybe because it is depth of winter and they just want to hibernate? I don't know. I have a June birthday and ALWAYS want to celebrate. Maybe that's the difference, or part of it.

  46. Kari

    Okay, I am the biggest DORK in the world because my phone was taking forever for the pictures to load and I didn't know what fondant was….so I seriously thought you made a cake out of HAMBURGER…as in ground beef and ketchup…thankfully, the pictures loaded, I googled "fondant", and I saw that you made one of the cutest cakes I've ever seen :)

  47. Wow! Great cake Naomi! & the fondant didn't work? Really… cuz from here it looks like it did… first thing I noticed on the photos was the cheese as I was like "oh she must've used fondant" (which I thought you bought…) but you made it?! YOU GO GIRL! :)

  48. I can't believe you made that cake! It looks amazing. I don't have the guts to tackle fondant. Glad you guys had a good time.

    p.s. 27 is also my scary age!

  49. Lehua

    that card is perfect! and i love the cheeseburger cake!!

  50. Seriously impressed that you made that cake yourself. I can barely ice a cupcake, let alone fashion a cheeseburger out of a cake!

  51. Kera

    you have gotta be freaking kidding me with how cute that cake is. precious.

  52. emily

    the perfect cake. i hope you have leftovers? *wink*

  53. Jalene

    i think the cake is rockin'!

    hey, i've been wondering. where did you get the name taza from? and also, I think you should do a feature on your apartment. it's so cute from what i can see in the background.

  54. that cake is amazing! AMAZING! you're a rockstar. happy birthday to your josh.

  55. lynette

    fabulous cake!!!

    Now THAT is my kind of birthday :)
    Cake is ridiculously cool, and the dog is SO cute!!!
    Happy 27th, Josh! It'll be a great year :)

  57. Liz

    that cake is impressive!! I can't believe you made that! Sometimes low-key, family-only birthdays are the best! Happy belated birthday Josh!

  58. Everything about this post made me happy but That photo where the candles are being blown out and Kingsley looks like he is blowing too killed me (in a good way)

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  59. that cake is hilarious, i love it even more knowing that you made it. i don't know girl , think that the tomatoes turned out pretty well.

    and i'm glad that the little ninja is on the mend… he looks like he's grown in just this past week.crazy.

    happy monday!

  60. Adele

    that's one heck of a birthday cake!! (:

  61. That cake is stinkin' incredible. NICE work.

  62. Sophie

    Thats the best burger cake I've seen! I made cupcakes and even they were a lot of work, haha. Kingsley is so big! Glad he's feeling better :)

  63. Burger cake! It looks amazingly wonderful!

  64. that cake is so cute! i hear fondant is hard to make and deal with! so glad kingsley is making a recovery! when my pup was sick our lives stood still until she recovered!

  65. great cake :)

    You have some talent

  66. That burger cake is seriously amazing! Happy (belated) birthday to Josh!

  67. NAOMI! the cake looks fantastic!!!!! your self-esteem should be bursting right now!!!!

  68. Riley

    I love the cake and Kingsley in that hat is the cutest thing ever.

  69. Kelly

    Oh wow your husband must have been SO impressed! Don't beat yourself up too much about that fondant – it doesn't taste good anyways!

  70. $mith

    Wow, delicious!!!!!
    How long does it take to make the fondant from scratch?
    I love the colors on your walls. We're about to paint, and it's really hard finding colors that are "us." We only know that we want a gray color similar to yours. Do you have any recommendations?

  71. My girls and I are big fans of "The Cake Boss" so I am REALLY impressed with that cake! Fabulous job! You should be very proud.

    Kingsley is getting so big so fast, it looks like you won't be able to lift him soon! Sadders.

    Happy Birthday to Josh – my 27th was a really, REALLY hard one too! (Which is wieird .. why 27? But it WAS!)

  72. 7upkels

    that cake is even fit for rockstars.

    you are an amazing chef on top of everything else! happy birthday to josh!!

  73. That is the BEST cake ever! And you made that? Geeze, Louise! You're amazing.

  74. Are you kidding me! That cake is AMAZING! You should open up a shop.

  75. MegRuth

    Not that I don't think you're great, but if Kingsley wasn't in every photo I might be sad.

    He's SO cute!

  76. cheeseburger cake=best idea ever.

  77. Pff, that cake looks amazing!!

  78. Grace

    The cake turned out great! Did you follow a decorating recipe or just do it yourself? I love it!

  79. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, this is such a cute birthday! Kingsley is too adorable with that hat on!

  80. Helen

    awwww wow that cake is amazing! talented girl.

  81. Morgan

    i love the cake you did a great job!!

  82. Ericka

    oh my gawd that is the best looking cake evaaaaaaaaaar!!! LOVE IT!
    And Kingsley is getting so big!

  83. that has to be the best cake…EVER!!!

  84. you did such an excellent job with the burger cake! i love it! also, adore the card!

  85. Happy Birthday Josh and very happy to see Kingsley is recovering nicely and stylishly!

  86. i can't believe everyone is agreeing that 27 is a scary age! 27??!!! twenty-freaking-seven?! it's a magical age. it is the age of pure fun and enchantment. i loved that age and every year just gets better! our culture is sad what a big deal we make of aging, in a negative way. josh looks like a boy still! he needn't worry. plus he has the love of his life by his side making him wonderful treats and a precious baby pup to be happy with! CELEBRATE AWAY CRAZIES!!!

  87. I'm super impressed by your cake! It is soooo cute! And I'm so glad that Kingsley is feeling better. :)

  88. Malinda

    OH MY GOODNESS! This is soo cute! I couldn't imagine a more perfect birthday party for you two! Fetching adorable!

  89. freaking amazing cake. DUDE.

  90. That cake is HUGE! Good job!

  91. THAT CAKE IS INCREDIBLE! bravo! and happy birthday to josh!
    so glad kingsley is doing better!!

  92. Alex

    The cake looks incredible!!