cheeseburger birthday.

josh was being so difficult this year about this birthday (pretty sure 27 is his scary age)
so we did away with my big party plan (it’s ok, there is always next year) and celebrated just the three of us with the big DC snow storm that came in this weekend.
i made josh a homemade cheeseburger cake (i don’t recommend making fondant from scratch, my fondant tomatoes never worked and it’s a miracle the fondant cheese turned out at all…. my poor kitchen. and self esteem.) and yes, kingsley is in every photo because we love him and are happy he’s making a swift recovery from his hospital visit last week.
  1. Chelsea

    Where did you find that card? I love it.

  2. dbbg

    hahaha that cake is amazing!

  3. That cake looks amazing! One of the best burger cakes I have seen. Glad to see Kingsley is feeling better!!

  4. What a wonderful cake…its lovely seeing Kingsley in your photos :) xx

  5. that glorious cheesburger cake!! that is like the most impressive thing i've seen in a while! fondant shmondant, you'd never know it wasn't perfect! what a wife. so impressed.

  6. Amanduh

    that cake is adorable!! you are so talented!

  7. That cake is seriously impressive. It looks like a power sugar comma, but beautiful! Seriously hats off to your caking making ability.

  8. I can't believe you made that cake!!! It is amazing! And your self esteem is ruined by this masterpiece? Unbelievable :)

  9. I love the cake! Looks great and better than a stupid store cake. The card is too cute.

    I'll never get tired of Kingsley pics either.

  10. jenbern

    wow – that cake is ridiculously awesome! & kingsley is so so cute!

  11. A Cheeseburger cake!!! WOA!! I love it! Happy Birthday to Josh!

  12. my goodness, that is one spectacular cake! and that kingsley – what a little spunk!

  13. Katie

    That cake is outstanding. I love it.

  14. Jen

    That cake looks amazing! And I love how the card goes with it. Too cute. And, Kingsley looks none too happy to be wearing that hat! LOL

  15. Love the cake! And Kingsley looks very happy to be home :)

  16. Sera

    oh my gosh, i remember those burger cakes from when i was a little girl – i love that they still make them! how fun! and cute kingsley!

  17. Red

    AMAZING Cake, and Awesome card.

    I guess you both and Kingsley are pretty amazing and awesome too. ;p

  18. That cake looks professional! Great job. :D Glad to hear puppy is doing better and I hope Josh had a great birthday.

  19. Love this and your cake looks awesome! Tell Josh I said happy bday!

  20. Cathi

    What a fun party – the cake looks awesome! You did a great job! :)

  21. Brittany

    hello cutest birthday ever.

    i'm impressed by your cake, lady!
    josh must have loved it.

  22. Lindsey

    that's one of the most wonderful cakes i've ever seen!

  23. Amanda

    Your cake looks amazing! I wish I had that talent :)

  24. B

    FUN!!! Kingsley is looking healthy–hooray!

  25. Em & Gar

    the hat kills me! and you and your self esteem shouldn't be having any problems that cake simply blows my mind. I thought for sure you had had it professionally done. not even lying! Happy birthday Josh, don't worry 27 is not nearly as bad as 30 seems. :) ha.

  26. pen.ny

    What a lucky guy, any wife who makes her husband a freakin' CHEESEBURGER CAKE AUTOMATICALLY WINS AWESOME FOR LIFE award. Holy moly! AMAZING.

  27. ♥Lola

    That is so amazing! Very talented indeed :) I'm so glad that Kingsley is getting better, I know how awful it is seeing your puppy sick :(

  28. major kudos to you for that rad cake! it looks amazing! and aaww… little king. <3

    now i'm craving burgers. :)

  29. Wow! That cake is incredible! I am so impressed. I seriously thought that you had it made for him by a professional. Looks like a fun birthday! I'm glad Kingsley is doing better too :)

  30. Sara

    That cake is amazing!

    I will have it!

  31. xxJackie

    this is THE COOLEST cake I have EVER seen!

  32. Lainey

    Wow, that is one amazing cake! You have to put up the recipe for that, because I'd love to make it one of these days.

  33. oh my gosh that is amazing!!! you are so talented and creative!!!
    and happy birthday josh!!

  34. lovin the hamburger idea. well done!

  35. That is one awesome cake, the best I have seen EVER.

  36. Colleen

    What an amazing cake! Glad to see Kingsley up for a party :)

  37. Cozy birthdays are sometimes the best. And I love being 27 – it's always been my favorite number! Your pup is getting so big and making me want to get doggy number 3!

  38. that cake is fantastic!!! and kingsley is oh so adorable.

  39. clarice

    That cake is amazing! Happy birthday Josh!

  40. Wow good job on the cake! That does not look like it would be easy to make but it turned out great!

  41. kristen

    That cake is AWESOME!!

  42. CAPow!

    omg, you guys are so cute!

  43. Grace

    Naomi, please come play with my in California!
    Bring Kingsley!

    <3 Grace.

  44. Jennifer

    What a cute cake and I can totally relate to 27 being a scary age…it's 3 years away from 30! AHHH!

    Oh and I am happy that you're beloved Kingsly is getting better!

  45. That cake is awesome!!! I thought you'd ordered it.
    Josh looks kinda sad in the pictures. Age is only a number. Tell him to cheer up! He already has his degree and a job that allowed him to move his small family to DC. I'm 27 and still working on my degree, with a 3 year old! :P

    Hope he had a great b-day.


  46. that cake is epic.

    you guys make me happy. love your little family photos.


  47. wow, I can't believe you made that! Can I hire you for a cake?! haha :)

  48. Liz

    Love that cake! If your kitchen WASN'T a mess afterward then you would be too perfect!:)

  49. britt

    ok so
    1. you are so kind and thoughtful, thank you for taking the time to visit and write on my blog, even though you have one million lovely fans. seriously, made my day, errr week.
    2. cant believe you made that cake. showed the husband and said how amazing it was and how there is no way you made it. then scrolled down to see how you did make it! seriously impressed.
    3. love the pic of kingsley in the bday hat. ADORABLE. definite framer id say.
    4. our walls are painted the same awesome green color. fabulous taste.
    5. love your sweater. of course, love everything you wear you lovely lady. seriously covet your closet!
    6. have a fabulous week!

  50. sheila

    well, the cheesecake burger looks wonderful. good job! I'm sure your husband is proud of you.

  51. sheila

    sorry I meant cheeseburger cake!! hahahaa. I'm sure a cheesecake burger is good too.


  52. Emily G.

    that is the most amazing cake I have ever seen. made of win. (:

  53. Emma

    that cake is 100% amazing. i'm jealous of your skills!!

  54. That cake is the bomb! i think i might have to copy it for my son's up coming bday:)

  55. That cake looks yummy! I can't believe you made it from scratch. That's far beyond my culinary skills, awesome lady.

  56. Jessica

    WOW! Fabulous job on the cake…it looks professionally made! So impressed. Happy Birthday to Josh!

  57. The cake is AMAZING!!!
    wow you did a great job!
    Im stunned…and kingsley looks super cute with the birthday hat

  58. that cake is AMAZING! you did a wonderful job, its really impressive. Happy Birthday to Jose!

  59. kelly

    seriously, awesome cake. looks great, and delish!

  60. you guys are the cutest little family EVER! and that cake is amazing! :)


  61. that is so cool! My family always does hamburger cakes for our birthdays, and it is so fun! We use shredded coconut for our lettuce, and we use green food color. And for the bun we use pound cake, and put honey on the bun and the sprinkle sesame seeds on it. Its so yummy :P

  62. That cake looks AMAZING! And Kingsley looks like such a sweet little pup!

  63. Brittan

    naomi, that is the craziest homemade cake i have ever seen. ever. wow. i am standing and applauding.

  64. Suzanne

    That cake is amazing! I'm impressed!!

  65. Luna

    great looking cake. now i want cake too.

  66. I love the little "seeds" on top…and your cake plate. Where did it come from?

  67. amanda

    naomi, your cake turned out AWESOME! seriously. and that's really crazy, my cousin just did an entire burger theme for her little one year olds birthday last month. only, she made burger cupcakes. i was in awe over them, and i am now in awe over your cake. totally love the creativity. i'm sure the three of you had a dazzling time celebrating without any big party.

  68. tamara!

    i am freaking out over how badass that cake is. nicely done!!

  69. Jenni

    Oh girl you should make and sell your cakes. That thing is beautiful (and huge BTW, hopefully you planned to share!).

    And we like seeing Kingsley in every photo… not that you and Josh are not cute, but Kingsley sure knows how to make a girls heart beat. Love that photo of him in the birthday hate. What a doll!

  70. That cake is amazing! You ARE a total rockstar.

    I love following your blog from Bangkok. You make me smile. Bring back the Happy Lists!

    Quartlife Curiosity

  71. Mrs T

    You three make the cutest little family! Well done on making that cake – it's fantastic!

  72. Liz

    Cute cake! My little girl won't let me scroll of the page with Kingsley in a hat! She thinks he is the cutest doggy she's ever seen.

  73. Ger

    Amazing little party! I love the card.

  74. Amber

    I think the cake looks great. Bravo for even attempting to make it. I would of been too scared and so would my kitchen!!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Glad Kingsley is doing better!

  75. this is awesome. completely. you can also make cupcakes that look like burgers, which might be easier for my lack of kitchen prowess. but major points to you for getting this done!

  76. TINΔ

    omg what a cake, never seen something like this before. amazing. haha and kingsley looks cute.

  77. Hanako66


    that is amazing!!!!!!!

  78. That is an awesome cake! I just turned 27 on February 1, and I have to say, I think this was my scary birthday too. I was dreading it, but it ended up being one of my best!

  79. katie f

    that cake is amazing!
    are you sure you arent some professional cake maker in the guise of a dance teacher? im sure you are!

    <3 katie

  80. jen

    That cake is seriously awesome! I thought for sure it was professionally done!

    Hope Josh had a great birthday!

  81. Mandy

    you are a rockstar!
    what a fabulous cake!!!

  82. ali

    i can't get over the cake, amazing!

  83. Sum

    You're so talented! Looks like a real hamburger!

  84. that cake is so amazing. its insane. nice work on getting that done!Making me so hungry right now at 1am ha.

  85. LJB

    That cake is amazing.
    You guys look so happy.

  86. That cake is so awesome! You did a great job.
    Belated happy birthday to Josh! Looks you guys had a wonderful day!

  87. {eleise}

    awesome cake!

  88. Chloe T

    That cake is absolutely amazing, Naomi! You have done yourself proud, I'd love to make one like that.
    It's good to see that Kingsley is doing better as well and happy (belated) birthday to Josh for the 30th.

    Best wishes, Chloe.

  89. this one

    coolest cake ever!! you are amazing.

    i must learn this!