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bowling with sister hannah and brother isaac.
i won the first game with three strikes in a row!
then i lost the second game to hannah and realized my strikes
were just “bumper luck.”
still wanting to start a bowling league in DC though.
how fun would that be?
  1. cassie

    your brother looks just like you! love bowling, even though i'm no good at it.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Whenever I go bowling, though, they make me bowl without the bumpers. It makes it way less fun.

  3. wow! haven't been bowling in forever! You and Hannah could be twins!!

  4. You used the bumpers!! I'm so jealous! I love bowling!! Cute photos!! =)

  5. Chloé

    i love bowling! and these pictures are great! you are your sister are so gorgeous!

  6. Such cute pics, looks like you guys had so much fun!

  7. ooh how fun :D i haven't been bowling in years!! i love the photos!! do you mind me asking what camera you use!??

  8. You and Hannah look so much alike!

  9. The back to back picture of you and your sister makes me think that if you took your jacket off, you would have no waist! I've always thought it would be fun to turn sideways and disappear. :)

  10. haha how fun!! i am sooo bad at bowling! i need bumpers!

  11. That would be soooo fun! I keep telling our friends that I want to get into a league. No one has jumped at it yet :-(

  12. I have never been good at bowling, but I can honestly say that everytime I go, I have such a wonderful time with my fam and friends. they are the best.

  13. Oh we would join you for sure!

  14. Morgan

    Bowling is so much fun! You should totally join a league back home. :)

  15. Rachel

    You should Google social bowling leagues in DC, I have friends that do it and love it!

  16. super fun.
    we can make shirts for it!

    your family is so gorge! and your brother looks like a ton of fun. :)

  17. Shannon

    How fun!! What an adorable family you have!

  18. fun fun fun :) with 3 strikes in a row, then you should for sure start a league! haha

  19. JenRem

    Seriously – your family has the best genes in all the land. So jealous! You and Josh are going to have GEORGEOUS children one day.

  20. Bowling's the best! There's something about a bowling alley…

  21. I really suck on bowling but i love to go! You three are very similar!!

  22. cute cute cute pics! you and your sister look so alike!

  23. Bowling reminds me of my grandma's husband.. he's 82 years old and on a league! I think that's so funny.

  24. The Bee

    are you and your sister twins?
    You look soo alike
    Love bowling!

  25. Jen

    I love bowling! It looks like you guys had so much fun.

  26. Katie

    i think i may have to go bowling this weekend… i haven't been for a while.

  27. i love bowling and think bowling shoes are the best they make me so happy :)

  28. Ria

    how do you have a perfect figure and still eat burgers?
    Totally jealous =)

  29. you two are so so pretty! i love your jacket its divine! so glad you guys had a great time here come back real soon!

  30. Allison

    Does your husband ever accidentally begin putting his arm around your sister, or start going in to hold her hand thinking it's you? You two look like twins!

  31. Meghan

    Your family is so precious!

  32. Riley

    You and your brother look so much alike! haha

  33. i LOVE bowling with family! i think bowling leagues are sooo rad! you should definitely start one! kingsley can be your mascot.

  34. You and your sister are so beautiful! You almost look like twins here.

  35. Leslie

    We would totally bowl with you guys in DC. That would be so fun!!

  36. Victoria

    Your Sister looks just like you! :)

  37. Bowling is always a good time :) Glad you had fun!