1. I'm this good with a video camera too!!

  2. Aww! Good to see he's having fun after being so sick.

  3. sarah

    ha! adorable!
    dc looks beautiful by the way.

  4. Selma

    Love videos like this one!!! :)

  5. McKenna

    Could your style be any cuter? And Kingsley, oh MY! how adoreable he is.

  6. heather

    wow, the snow is so beautiful!! both videos are adorable. :)

  7. Jalene

    he's so cute.

    by the way, you can fix the sideways-ness in iMovie on your Mac. :)

  8. Amy

    so adorable! Glad to see him up and about!

  9. Skye

    so incredibly cute!

  10. Cathi

    Kingsley's is adorable. Sideways or not…you all are definately playing out in a winter wonderland!!

  11. eeps! his running is TOO cute…love love

  12. I love this. You made my morning. And I love even more that it is sideways and you still posted it and you have a sense of humor about it. That is why I read you every day and consider you my friend even though my husband keeps telling me I can not be friends with people I haven't met.

  13. Melissa

    EEK! Kingsley is the cutest thing! It's really cute to watch him run {and make friends!}

  14. he is so stinkin' cute!

  15. he is so stinkin' cute!

  16. MCM

    I feel silly typing this, but I've been looking for a pair of boots just like yours in this video (especially now that we're getting all this snow in DC!) and they're proving weirdly hard to find. Can I ask where you got yours/who makes them? Thanks!