7th hill.

7th hill pizza on capitol hill
is quickly becoming our favorite spot for pizza in DC.
it doesn’t hurt that it’s just a few blocks away from our home either.
7th hill provides a fresh french take on traditional italian food.
we like the laid back vibe, and how friendly everyone there is.
anthony, 7th hill’s pizzaiolo (italian for pizza chef!), imports
his flour from italy and all meats, cheeses, and vegetables
come from capitol hill’s local eastern market vendors and merchants.

anthony makes the most delicious nutella calzone
with pistachios and raspberries too. (you gotta try it!)
we highly recommend checking out 7th hill if you’re ever on capitol hill.
  1. Lindsey

    yum! oh my gosh!

  2. I want pizza now. Sigh.

  3. yum nutella calzone?! count me in!

  4. i'll be i dc in early march- taking note! thanks!

  5. holy moly… im trying to convince my sister to go to college by you so i can come visit and try all these lover-ly food joints. Mmmm looking.

  6. Naurnie

    that nutella doohickey? amazing… raspberries? i am totally in.

  7. that looks delicious! Nutella Calzone? You lucky girl! ;)

  8. all i want to eat lately is pizza! and oh my gosh that dessert looks amazing! anything with nutella on it is amazing!!

  9. That looks soooo fillling! eeek!
    Yummy! :)

  10. Maddy

    Wow! That calzone looks heavenly as does that pizza! We want to make a trip to DC soon so we will definitely try it :)

  11. Cynthia

    eee I'm going there sometime next week thanks for the review now i know what to get!

  12. loupita

    Oh my, a Nutella calzone… That sounds and looks delicious!

  13. Raquel


  14. Morgan

    You've convinced me. Pizza tonight it is!

  15. Sara

    That's the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a long time.

  16. Mikaela

    that looks amazing!

  17. emily

    hmm. ben and i need to try this place.

  18. Looks amazing! Especially that calzone!

  19. Lindsey

    i might have to visit D.C. just for that nutella calzone. it looks so delicious!

  20. Heidi

    is that pizza drizzled in balsamic vinegar? there's a little hole in the wall italian family owned italian restaurant where i'm from in huntington beach, ca that drizzles everything [and i mean everything] in balsamic vinegar–even their desserts! it was so good mixing the sweet with the savory. i do it now too! i feel like giada di laurentiis on the food network!

  21. Please tell me that you shared that dessert!

  22. ah! I've been craving pizza ALL day! This post does not help! But they do look like they make a mean pie…

  23. sold.

    i'm dying for pizza right now. i should order some before everything closes down!! ug, somebody stop this snow!

  24. wow that pizza looks good! makes me miss patsys pizzeria in nyc. just blogged about one of your lovely headbands!

  25. Yum, that pizza looks good. Plus I love you in pigtails! Too cute. Have a great weekend. :)

    oh my goodness i just died and went to dessert heaven!!
    it all looks so good!

  27. that Nutella calzone looks incredible. Almost enough to drive across the country to try.

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  29. all i'm thinking of now is NUTTELA.NUTTELA.NUTELLA.

    i'm salivating.

  30. Mouth. Watering. I almost drooled and I'm at work. Embarrassing.

  31. WOW I have NEVER seen a pizza with such large toppings! It looks delicious!

  32. Meg

    ooh yum yum! the pizza with the meat hanging out on top definitely reminds me of pizza in italy. and that calzone looks fantastic!

  33. good pizza sounds amazing! can we go there next time i visit?

  34. Shauna

    wow this looks delicious! I visited DC a couple years ago. If only i had read your blog back then!

  35. That pizza looks AMAZING! Btw, how are you not 500 lbs?!?!

  36. Kathryn

    do you get paid to write these? just curious. :)

  37. Nutella = LOVE

    That pic literally made my mouth water! Yum-Yum!

  38. Dawnica

    okay, i spied an orange pellegrino soda in one of these photos…these. are. fantastic. they remind me of the soda they have in france called Orangina, but even better!

  39. Jenn

    omg nutella calzone?! that sounds amazinggg! this pizza joint looks so cute, and i'm now on a mission to find one in my area that makes nutella calzones!

  40. Hi Kathryn,

    We DO NOT get paid to write reviews. 7th Hill has no idea I wrote this, we just really like their pizza so I wanted to post about.


  41. Oh my gosh. I need that calzone like now.

  42. you are the stinking cutest ever.
    and that pizza looks YUM!

  43. wow pizza looks absolutely delicious and the calzone picture made me want some like NOW!!!! im have to check it out the minute this storm passes!!

  44. Nutella calzone sounds like heaven! Anything with nutella is heaven to me. My husband ordered a nutella latte the other day and I pretty much stole it.

  45. CAPow!

    nutella calzone?!?! I think I'm going to have to move to DC!

  46. SERIOUSLY craving pizza now…

  47. Jenn

    my mouth is watering!! that looks so GOOD! yum!

  48. yummmm! Naomi, no one wears bangs as well as you!!!

  49. Morgan

    ok so i am pretty much obsessed with anything nutella! how i wish i could taste one of those calzones they look divine!

  50. Sum

    This pizza looks like to die for! And you look incredibly adorable with your delicious strawberry crepe! You could be in an ad for just about everything.

  51. That nutella calzone looks ridiculously delish… Oh my! I may have to come to DC just to get a bite of that – whew!

  52. Celeste

    hahaha this is SO weird because i just posted about my day MAKING pizza one day here in italy. yours looks delicious!

  53. Lauren

    ahh that looks so good!

  54. Emily G.

    That calzone is the size of my head and I am considering hopping a plane to D.C. just to get one. Oh man. (:

  55. Lauren

    oh and Naomi….

    I am jealous of your wardrobe and style and beautiful life…

    but most of all i am jealous of your metabolism!!

  56. Brittany

    sounds delish!

  57. I just got really hungry.

  58. oh wow. i'm speechless. my mouth is watering. i want.

  59. Umm I know what I'm making next time I want a fancy dessert!

  60. i love pizza. and i LOVE nutella!!! it's almost dangerously good, i eat way too much in a sitting. ;) that calzone must taste heavenly!

  61. Ericka

    I have no idea how you people are so skinny eating all that!
    Everything looks delicious. Now I want to go to DC just for that, forget the museums or the white house, let's eat PIZZAAAAAA!!!

  62. oooh nice action shot! yay for pizza night.

    and did you know that today is world nutella day?!

  63. ooooh, yummy, yummy!!

  64. Wow! That looks really good!

  65. yaoxu

    Hi! I just found your blog and I'm absolutely in love with you, your husband and these amazing photos!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us.

  66. That looks so good!! I think I'll have to try making my own nutella, raspberry, pistachio calzone!

    And my husband is obsessed with San Pellagrino ( the orange or the lemon especially). I'll have to show him this picture because he will have to go to DC just for the drinks!!

  67. Cassie

    Wow! I think this has just been added to the reasons I NEED to visit the US – we have nothing that compares to this in England!
    Tuck up warm and safe all of you (can Kingsley where a jumper?!) this weekend – I hear you are in for a snowy one!

  68. kwistin

    that looks so fantastic– reminds me of pizzaria 712. have you been there? there's a couple in utah…not sure if it's a nation-wide chain or not. if you're down here sometime, though, you should definitely treat yourself to this tasty goodness.

  69. ok officially that looks incredible! xxx

  70. Annie


  71. Love your hair in this post! Cute. Are you enjoying DC's "snowpocalypse"??? How's little Mr. Kingsley handling it?

    Note to Annie (above poster): Good luck catching that flight to DC!! All the area airports seem to have shut down… (sigh).

    Stay warm, be safe, and Happy Home Sabbath tomorrow! xo

  72. Nigel

    oh that looks and smells delicious naomi! i want a bite…NOW lol ;)

  73. holy deliciousness! I already wanted to move to DC (and will be in less than two years), but…I want to go now! That nutella calzone looks AMAZING!

  74. jones

    so funny. I had the nicest cab driver the other night – headed to 2 Amy's to celebrate the news of our little girl – and he told me that we have to try 7th Hill. Up next for sure!! Well maybe after the blizzard.

  75. fra

    I'm from italy and…I'm so proud of you!

  76. Ah. Proper meat on a pizza and not just random pepperoni! Looks yummy.

  77. Mandi

    Oh. My. Golly. This is the reason I can't be 100% vegan. This and ice cream. :)

  78. Miriam

    hello lovely. that nutella calzone looks INCREDIBLE. i allofasudden must have one.

    now, special request. would you pretty pretty please with a cherry on top and perhaps a few sprinkles too, post a few pictures of your lovely homestead? i catch little sneak peaks of it in the background but im just itching to see more!!

    happy weekend :)

  79. Alison

    just found you're blog! it's lovely. and we share the same anniversary – june 19th!

  80. Dot

    stop it… that looks so good and I'm starving! My friends and I actually made a trip to D.C. in January. It was so fun ;)

  81. Wow, that is a beautiful pizza.

  82. Natalie

    ahh i can't wait to move to nyc – i will be vacationing to DC just for that dessert ish.

  83. YUM!! This pizza looks amazing

  84. Hanako66

    what a cute place…that looks delicious!

  85. Oh my gosh, my friends Amy and Scott Herbert designed the interior of that restaurant! They live in the district, probably not far from you :)

    Here's their website:

    I love your blog!

  86. scott

    Great pizza it is, and it was pretty fun designing the place as well. Great to work with cooks who really know their food.

    have you guys tried Peregrine Espresso? that was our first gig.

    check us out at http://www.aesthetic-answers.com