here’s to happiness {by chanel}

i am bringing back the happy lists! mostly because when i receive one, it makes me feel so happy. and i kind of love that feeling, very very much. hope you enjoy them as well… i loved this one my dear friend chanel emailed me today. we studied at juilliard together and she’s in her second season dancing professionally with trey mcintyre.... Read more


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snowboarding in sundance, utah (a very beautiful place) with josh, my little brother isaac and sister hannah. someday i will be able to keep up with these three people on the mountain. someday. ... Read more

Kingsley. And other pets we know.

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josh’s parents have a pretty adorable cat named hopi.

she wears pink bows in her hair! she is one big ball of fluff. such a big ball of fluff, that you can’t really find her eyes unless you lift up the fluff on her face. i don’t exactly care for cats (well, marci’s cat maude is pretty adorable) but before we got kingsley, i tried to talk josh into letting us adopt hopi from his parents.... Read more

cute little video.

i was browsing nate pickett’s blog the other day and maybe watched this video of his three times in a row. he shot it in california using only natural light, at night! and in black and white. this couple is absolutely adorable. (so is her pregnant belly. i love it.) and this video is so rockstar.... Read more


when i was a little girl living in utah, my dad would take us girls out to tommy’s hot dog in provo for daddy-daughter dates. i think i fell in love with tommy’s when i was 6 or 7 years old. it is probably my favorite little place to grab lunch in utah county. i was so glad we made time for a run by on our trip last week.... Read more