1. Hanako66

    gosh, they couldn't be cuter!

  2. They are so beautiful!

  3. tegan

    keep bringing on the diana film it's so lovely! xo

  4. isn't it amazing how a little accident (leaving your Diana in the car) can have such awesome effects? I'm definitely leaving mine in the backseat now!

  5. such adorable little pixie sisters, and gorgeous shots!

    i bet you are missing them looking at these!

  6. Your sisters are too adorable! I wish I had younger siblings.

  7. The photos are so quirkey, I love the effects that have been stumbled upon!

  8. Jessica

    Love these! I accidentally left my Holga in my car during our freeeeeeezing weather, and now I can't wait to see if it had an effect on the film!

  9. Ashley

    i SUPER love what the cold did to your film.

  10. Meghan

    Cutest family ever!!!

  11. haley

    Awesome pics!!!
    I have missed your blog: I've been out of the loop without it! All my friends adore you, we can't get enough of taza and husband!


  12. good thing that snowcone didnt fall on her head… assuming thats a snowcone of course..

  13. oh, and thanks for the response on the diana film development! =)

  14. ♥Lola

    Gorgeous! I love how everyone in your family is always smiling :)

  15. whoa-cool! love diana cams!

    jess s//

  16. pen.ny

    Your sister has the most bangin' hair I think I've ever seen. It just suits her so DAMN WELL. Please, never let her grow it out, ever.

  17. every time I see your pictures I get inspired to get artsy again…it is most definitely time!

  18. sisters are so fun! i know i love mine. love the 'ruined' photographs, by the way.

  19. jes

    amazing pictures!! what luck!!

  20. First off, I just have to say I absolutely love looking at your blog. I really appreciate the positive outlook that you have on life and that you incorporate your faith. But the reason I'm coming out of 'hiding' today is because I was at a store in Salt Lake today that I love, and I think you'd really love it too. Its a thrift/vintage store called Decades. If you've never been, I highly suggest going next time you visit Utah. They have the most amazing genuine vintage stuff that you would absolutely rock (quite funny how I've never met you, although I was at this store thinking, "she would LOVE this!"). Anyway, thats all! Thanks again for sharing beautiful pictures and posts for all to see/read. They're inspiring.

  21. your sisters never fail to be completely darling!

  22. Jenni

    Diana film = amazing. I am so happy I got the lens attachment to my camera this year. I hope my photos turn out half as good as yours always do :)

  23. Abby

    frozen diana film clearly is a lovely mishap! just adorable.

  24. Luna :

    beautiful pics

  25. autumn

    woot! they're gorgeous… the pictures and the sisters. i love getting a role of diana film developed. it's like a present you make for yourself :)

  26. G

    Your sisters are absolutely adorable!

  27. janis

    is that second photo purposely double exposed or does that just happen with miss diana?

  28. janis

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  29. im excited to develope mine now!
    these look amazing!