rockstar giveaway!

our sponsor old soul new heart is giving away this lovely
“bow tie not optional” necklace to one of our lucky readers this week!
the necklace is made with a black and gray bow tie
and is “cleverly re-worked with mixed vintage
and modern silver and gunmetal chains.” it’s also adjustable!

so go check out all of old soul new heart’s beautiful pieces
and comment below before friday, january 22nd for a chance to win!
good luck!
  1. Amy

    Love, love, love this necklace! Also, just discovered your blog through a friend & love, love, love it!

  2. odessa

    oh, i love it. i want to own everything in that shop!

  3. yay pretty please!

  4. yay pretty please!

  5. kez

    pretty pretty pretty things! I love Old Soul New Heart's stuff – it is wonderful!!

    Here's hoping :)

  6. ciupa

    perfect for rockstars! thanks!

  7. Sofie

    such a lovely necklace. I keep my fingers crossed!

  8. it's not even possible for me to explain how much i love this – i am already thinking up outfits! oh universe…fingers crossed!!

  9. rachel

    ahhh so cute :)

  10. love how it can be formal & casual at the same time! definitely a versatile piece any girl would love to have! and i'm SO one of them! :D

    p.s i'm from singapore, and i loveee reading your blog! stay in blissss :)

  11. Lizzie

    How lovely…

  12. Great give away wouldn't it be amazing if i were to win this beautiful necklace!


  13. Lindsay

    This is super cute!!! It would go well with so many pieces!

  14. gosh.. it's so pretty.

  15. linda

    Such a cute necklace! I love the whole look :)

  16. i gush over all their products, especially this necklace and their headbands! so lovely!

  17. Lovers

    Soo cute!! Love it! :)

  18. brigitte

    oh this necklace is absolutely lovely.

    i'd love to win it!

  19. Lindsey

    I absolutely love this necklace and this store!

  20. Emie

    So very, very pretty! :)

  21. I love it! It's so unique! fingers crossed!

    I hope you and Josh are well and having a great new year. Tell him I said hello and give your cute new dog some TLC for me.

  22. hannah

    hmmmmmm yes. this is beautiful. as are all your giveaways.

  23. Stella

    I NEED this. NEED.

    Love all of the Old Soul New Heart stuff! And you're pretty great too!

  24. iris

    Great necklace! Would be perfect for an upcoming trip to Paris … hint hint.

  25. rori

    So fun and sassy!

  26. Courtney

    oh, how cute! fingers crossed!

  27. M

    Great necklace. I'd wear it for work and play :)

  28. so classy and fresh!

  29. Lindsay

    Wow..great stuff! I am especially loving the Lily Rose belt! Maybe my new year's resolution should be to start wearing belts! :)

  30. leahrae

    I've come across this site before and absolutely loved the hair bands. I had not really scrolled through it to see what other goodies were posted.

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  31. b.a.

    oh my. that is….well, i don't have the word…i just love it.

  32. Natalie

    ohhh love it love it love it.

    very vogue-meets-geek.

    and i am one big geek.

  33. C and C

    That is the CUTEST necklace I have ever seen in my life!!!

  34. so cute! I am already thinking of fun outfits this could go with…

  35. HUGE old soul new heart fan. would love to win. i especially like the chains on that necklace.

  36. seakisst

    Such a cute necklace! And perfect for dressy OR casual. I love it!

  37. Senja

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  38. Senja

    oh so pretty and unique!!

  39. Chloé

    so cute! i would love this!

  40. Jennifer

    hi! i love your blog and the necklace, you guys are adorable!

    -jenn :) ([email protected])

  41. umama

    Very cute and perfect for my grey obsession!

  42. LUH THIS!
    So cute and chic!

  43. I'm loving this sooooooo much!! We just found out we're having a baby boy so I think this would be PERFECT!!

  44. So cute and cool. Love it!

  45. Oh I love I love I love… bowties are my fav (sort of because they are hubby's trademark, but sometimes, I steal)! I hope I win, but if I do not, I will just have to purchase one anyway!

  46. Lovely! So pretty!!

  47. Kelli

    This piece is fabulous. I've been a fan of her work for some time. Adorable accessories and a wonderful name…beautiful creativity.

  48. Echo

    It is absolutely doll!

  49. Katie

    Not a look I would normally go for, but I'm all about trying new things. I'd love to win it! :)

  50. Duralee

    i love your posts and this necklace!
    hope i win!

  51. Alex A-G

    how precious, i will definitley start shopping here, these accesories are lovely!

  52. Alex A-G

    how precious, i will definitley start shopping here, these accesories are lovely!

  53. LOVE this necklace… I have been dreaming about getting one of their necklaces for awhile!

  54. emalie

    i hope i win it!

  55. dubya

    wow! thanks for sharing taza! would love this :)

  56. i've been reading you guys blog for a while now ever since my girlfriend fell in love with your stories, we started one as well. i haven't been able to gift her a present yet because of moneey issues, and this piece would mean the world to her :) hope you choose me!

  57. G

    That necklace is to die for! Where on earth do you find these wonderful things. Thanks so much for the hip tips. :)

  58. tvmom

    very beautiful!

  59. Julie

    I need an awesome necklace. This would be great!

  60. Hayden

    i just dedicated two days to reading rockstar diaries. is it possible to be in love with a blog? i think so… maybe it's just you guys and your precious story. a love story. i love this necklace, but most of all i love you guys.

    hayden hamrick

  61. erin

    looove jewelry! especially their designs! so cute.

  62. BT <3

    The necklace is so adorable :)
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunities~

  63. that is so cute. i've been wearing my grandfather's pocket watch this way and get so many compliments. love it!

  64. gorgeous, love the combo of menswear lite and daring damsel

  65. Krissa

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I love bow!!!

  66. cute! and i have a blazer just like this!

  67. Martha

    I just spent like an hour looking at all the pretty things on their website! I'd love to win!

  68. I just love their pieces, so amazing! I NEED this necklace I have just the ensemble to wear it with!

  69. Chelsea

    This is adorable! Perfect mix of masculine and feminine!

  70. becky

    So in love with their fun baubles! I need some more in my life!

  71. ashley

    Oh man, I've looked at this necklace before but..I'm a teacher so I couldn't purchase. :) I would looooove it!!!

  72. Caitlin

    Love it!

  73. yes please

  74. love the necklace and the shop!

  75. Beatrice

    oh my god such a cute necklace = ) old soul new heart has such amazing stuff

  76. that is incredible. love the whole ensemble too!

  77. Jamie

    oh, i just love it!!!

  78. lexianne

    oh so pretty & hip! love it!

  79. Sam

    I love it! So so cute :)

  80. Katie

    i love love LOVE this to pieces! old soul new heart's designs are ultra-inventive and down right rad. [crosses fingers] hoping i'm the lucky one :)

  81. Mikaela

    so cute! I love all the things they make!

  82. Lindsey

    love every single piece in their shop. I need it all, but especially this little bow tie number!

  83. oooh lala, how classy and flirty at the same time

  84. Sydney

    i love old soul new heart, i browse through their website all the time! love that necklace!

  85. Whitney

    "She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy…
    I said, be careful his bow tie is really a camera…"

  86. Becs

    Beautiful! Fingers crossed.
    PS – I just got a new puppy – a papillon – so am loving all the Kingsley posts.

  87. loooove the layered chains and the bow tie is so cute! ready for some new vintage added to my wardrobe. :)

  88. Kelly

    I never win anything and I want this so bad!

  89. fantastic necklace! I can't wait to go look at their site!

  90. Brooke

    i'd love to wear that!

  91. Lisa

    Love this! Hope I win!

  92. Janaan

    Love it!

  93. Alie

    Yes please! I love the silver and black. And I have a fetish for bows.

  94. I LOVE that necklace,it is honestly the prettiest bow necklace I've ever seen. And the chain – it's so gorgeous!