rockstar giveaway!

our sponsor old soul new heart is giving away this lovely
“bow tie not optional” necklace to one of our lucky readers this week!
the necklace is made with a black and gray bow tie
and is “cleverly re-worked with mixed vintage
and modern silver and gunmetal chains.” it’s also adjustable!

so go check out all of old soul new heart’s beautiful pieces
and comment below before friday, january 22nd for a chance to win!
good luck!
  1. ali

    The pieces are amazing! and this necklace is pretty neat as well, very cool!

  2. Kate

    oh oh oh me please!

  3. Kate

    oh oh oh me please!

  4. AHh such a pretty necklace! please count me in! =)

  5. Megan

    That is just about the cutest necklace I've ever seen in my life. LOVE IT!

  6. Pearls

    sooo awesome! Would love to wear this to a formal event! very clever design! Hope some raffle luck is on my side!

  7. I love this necklace and would love to be able to wear it whenever I wanted! Pick me!!

  8. allison

    So pretty! Love it!

  9. havovi

    Gorgeous. So very simple yet eccentric.

    Hugs from Australia.

    Havovi :)

  10. wow! that's a LOT of comments.

  11. Zuzuli

    I love how you spotlight these amazing artists and their crafts! All of the pieces are beautiful!
    Count me in please!

  12. Linka

    I love it!! What a perfect accessory and very unique!!

  13. I need a pick-me-up :)

  14. Janet

    what a fabulous piece!

  15. Nic

    Love it! Could work with so many didn't things! I want to add it to my collection!! xoxo

  16. Jenn Z.

    I love girly, chain necklaces. Fingers and toes crossed!

  17. Jana

    ahhh! i'm LOVING it!

  18. Oh I wish, I hope, I wish, I hope!

  19. It's so adorable! I love the bow tie!

  20. Suzie

    im not sure which one i love more bows or old soul new heart :)

  21. Sammy

    LOVE the necklace, hope i win!

  22. Amanda

    what a great necklace! and what a fun shop – love to see them featured again :)

  23. MarYland

    I follow your blog, from Portugal, since a year now and I love it. You're really inspiring.
    I will get married next June with my lovely boyfriend and I hope we'll be as happy as you and Josh!:)
    Sweet kisses**


  24. oh man. old soul new heart has some beautiful pieces! Sign me up!

  25. heyle38

    such an interesting concept! I hope I win!

  26. car

    sooo cute!! pick me!

  27. come on, lucky comment #737!!

  28. Anna

    everything they have in their shop is too cute. i especially love their black bow bracelet.

  29. Hanako66

    what an awesome giveaway, too cute!!!

  30. Ashley

    I love the fact that it spruces up the simplest outfits. The necklace is just adorable and the workmanship is amazing. It would definitely be a great accessory for my wardrobe!

  31. Emily

    cool! i like it a lot.

  32. Cute necklace!!

  33. Preciado

    love bows!! fantastic idea!! so fancyyyyy!!

  34. robin

    yay! pick me!

  35. i die. the striped bow is toooo much

  36. Love the necklace…it would be a perfect v-day gift for my fashionable sister. Hope to win!

  37. Sara

    Adorable! I'm starting a new internship next week and that accessory would spice up my wardrobe.

    Sara [email protected]

  38. Megan

    Want. Want, want. Want want want.

    Do you sense my enthusiasm?

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  39. Melynne

    sheiky meets tough girl! love it.

  40. totes in love. i wear ties like no body's bidness.. haha.

  41. Jylare

    Love love love it.

  42. brat9

    Another great giveaway Naomi!

  43. Kylie

    that necklace is amazing!!
    hey, my birthday is comin' up… :)

  44. Teri

    Love osnh jewelry. Its a beautiful piece meant for me!

  45. Vanessa

    I love Love LOVE this! I would wear this just about EVERYWHERE! Even if I am not the lucky winna I am going to pick something up at Old Soul New Hearts.

  46. Cece

    Absolutely beautiful! :)

  47. a must have for the bright shiny new year!

  48. a must have for the bright shiny new year!

  49. the necklace is BEAUTIFUL!

  50. jen

    Love all their stuff! This piece is exceptionally awesome.

  51. My new favorite accessory has definitely been the necklace and this site has just added even more inspiration to my accessory choices! So Cute!