passed out in a turtle neck.

sometimes it’s just too much work to make it to his bed!
glad kingsley has a sense of humor that keeps us entertained.
  1. Katie

    i typically don't like pugs, but kingsley is definitely the exception. he is the CUTEST pug i have ever seen.

  2. S.B.

    This is too cute! Love it!

  3. He is JUST like an active toddler! Too precious.

    And that turtle neck– he is definitely the preppiest pup I've ever seen! Have you registered him in a preppy doggie obedience school yet? I hear the wait lists can be quite long!!

  4. wow, he is too cute for his own good. i wished i looked that adorable when sleeping. then again, i dont have an argyle turtleneck :p

  5. Allison

    Why is he just SO DARN CUTE!?!

  6. He is soo unbelievably cute :) Reminds me of my puppy who sleeps wherever she wants around the house.

  7. Chelsea

    He is the cutest little bully ever! I'm glad he keeps warm in his turtleneck!

  8. he has the best feeties in the world.
    i love his paws.

  9. Ash

    Oh my gosh! That is the most adorable thing i have ever seen!!

  10. kaite,

    kingsley is actually an english bulldog, not a pug. (although he definitely has the pug looking squished in face.)

    and jonathan, he is 10 weeks on saturday! crazy!!

  11. Jess

    he is seriously the cutest! and I love his outfit…this is definitely something I'd dress up my puppy in if I had one.

  12. I'm in love with a puppy. I need professional help.

  13. CAPow

    I <3 king! keep these adorable pics coming!! :)

  14. Michelle

    Aww Kingsley sounds like my callie– totally hyper and running around one minute, passed out another!

    He definitely rocks a turtleneck better than she would though!

  15. chloee

    if your dog goes missing in the middle of the night it wasnt me i promise :) kidding but he is soooo cute!

  16. Riley

    awww he's such a cutie!

  17. Amy

    He is SO adorable!

  18. Tori

    Bullies are the greatest, aren't they? Too bad they can't be puppies forever : (

  19. I just want to give him a cuddle!

  20. I just want to give him a cuddle!

  21. I just want to give him a cuddle!

  22. I feel your pain king, i feel your pain….

  23. cara.

    1. you are justifiably obsessed with this dog. if this were any other dog, i'd be annoyed. but i love kingsley to the point i talk about him in my real life. and if you posted any less pictures of him, i'd be very disappointed.

    2. please take pictures of you and josh in this exact same way immediately (: hilarious.

  24. Moocy

    Such a cute, wrinkly face he has! And his paws are adorable too. I miss when my dogs had chubby, little, puppy paws!

  25. He's a miniature bull dog right?? He has got to be the cutest puppy i've ever seen :)

  26. If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what would. He's seriously adorable.

  27. Kelly

    SO adorable! The last couple weeks I may or may not have been checking just to see pictures of him.

    I have and English Bulldog too. I was dead set against a dog but my husband got her anyway and now I am so in love with her. I think everything she does is cute.

    I'm totally the freaky dog lady and I don't care!

  28. Hilarious…love it! Nothing like a brick floor to provide comfort! Babies are so cute.

  29. Megan


  30. all these cute pictures of kingsley are really making me want to get a puppy! boo haha

  31. i'm obsessed with your puppy. i've been trying to convince my husband for ages that we need a little puppy, but he won't give in. so i'm trying for a turtle. . . you are so lucky josh wanted a little puppy too! :)

  32. I just cannot get over how ridiculous cute your dog is!

  33. Morgan

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I die.

  34. He is the cutest dog ever! Every time I look at pictures of him I want a puppy more and more!

  35. Selma

    Super cute!!! This made me laugh! :D

  36. do you hear that? that's the sound of thousands of hearts melting after seeing this picture. oh my word, little king… <3

  37. Louise

    I love his little turtleneck pullover, it's adorable! Your posts about Kingsley are making me VERY broody for a dog!! xx

  38. Naurnie

    bah! so cute.

  39. Heather

    I don't think I will ever tire of the adorable Kingsley posts. He's too cute for words.

  40. My little puppy did the same thing on NYE =-)

  41. Alex

    I love bulldogs, and he is just about the most precious bulldog pup I have ever seen! Y'all are so lucky to have him!

  42. Ivy

    ohhh how precious! Bully's are the best.

  43. _Franny

    'Passed out in a turtle-neck' is by far the greatest blog title i have read up to date!

    Really made me chuckle – Your Kingsley is also amazingly adorable of course ( but you got that right!? )

  44. Jenae

    This is probably one of the cutest things I've seen all week. Keep the cute dog pictures coming! You're little king is too adorable!

  45. He is so precious! I just love your dog.

  46. I needed this…so cute!

  47. Amanda

    you are killing me with all the cuteness! :)

  48. mrs.mfc

    that is the most precious picture EVER!!!

  49. heehee:)

    i find that bailey wants to go to sleep the moment i put on one of her hoodies!

  50. that is just too adorable… wearing a turtle neck! puppies are the best.
    great shot!

  51. so adorable! I'm melting from the cuteness of it!

  52. nifer

    Too cute! I love that sweater.

  53. Amy

    SO adorable! I love your blog!

  54. Kyla

    I love this, and your blog!!! CUTE :)

  55. Kingsley is precious… and I just love his cute name! It seems a perfect fit for him!

  56. Too cute! Looks like he had too much to drink!



  57. amanda

    seriously. so cute!

  58. Alyssa

    That is simply precious. I love love love the argyle!

  59. Otis

    Greatness. Pure greatness.

  60. Carolyn

    Adorable in argyle!!!

  61. Melissa

    haha…cutest picture EVER!

  62. ha ha ha!

  63. I love bulldogs! Cute sweater!

  64. I'm not really a pug type of girl but your puppy makes me change my mind! So adorable.

  65. Emma ...

    what a cutie!!

  66. Lindsey

    lol so cute

  67. Awww. I want him!