our little ninja is sick.

i took kingsley into the vet today because he didn’t eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning and had a runny nose and cough all night.

i thought i was being paranoid because he just had a check up last week and all looked good. but turns out, he had to be admitted to the pet hospital this afternoon and is in the ICU being treated for pneumonia.... Read more

clean wrinkles. and other stuff.

josh snapped these while i was wiping down kingsley’s wrinkles the other day. (something we have to do everyday for our little bully. he’s learning to like it.) i’m posting them because i am annoying and think he is the cutest. in other news, we have nicknamed kingsley, ninja. because we’ve decided he would make the worst ninja ever.... Read more

i wonder…

how many more times i’ll be able to pick up kingsley like this. he’s getting so big. so fast! ... Read more

a trip to the beehive state is what we’ve been needing.

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i have this holga blown up and framed in our front room. it is of my sisters and me in nyc summer of 2008. i look at it every day and miss them. we just booked flights to spend 10 days with family in utah mid february! and, we’re bringing kingsley with us! i got so excited last night that i cried.... Read more