our little ninja is sick.

i took kingsley into the vet today because he didn’t eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning and had a runny nose and cough all night.

i thought i was being paranoid because he just had a check up last week and all looked good. but turns out, he had to be admitted to the pet hospital this afternoon and is in the ICU being treated for pneumonia. it broke my heart to see his little lungs all cloudy on the xray.
please send good thoughts his way so he gets better and can come home in a few days. he’s all we have and we love him very much.
  1. get well kingsley!

  2. BT <3

    Oh no, that's terrible :( I really hope little Kingsley gets well soon!

  3. <- Kisses from Lily.

  4. Aww poor lil guy! Hope he has a quick recovery!

  5. awwww poor little Kingsley he is so adorable I hope he gets better! and yes many preyers are coming your way baby!!! and both of you just be patient everything will be just fine!! sending lots of love …….love dye♥

  6. Nina

    poor sunshine…he will get better, positive vibes are sent his way, hang in there!


  7. Bekah

    Oh no…poor little guy! Sending love and prayers that he will recover quickly.

  8. Lynn

    you all will be in my prayers tonight Naomi! I'm sure he's in the very best care and remember all good ninjas have a backup plan!

  9. get well, kingsley!!! no fire!

  10. his toes/paws are so cute <3

  11. Cathi

    Oooo…poor sweet darling Kingsley. He and his parents are in our thoughts. We had a bunny once and the vet diagnosed him with pneumonia. A shot from the vet and meds at home and he made a quick full recovery.

  12. Jay

    Oh no!! I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and hoping he'll get better soon!!

  13. Lisa

    Praying for your puppy! Hope he's home very soon.

  14. oh, sweet little precious king! poor baby. i hate doggie sickness. :( my little dog daisy was sick a few weeks ago and i felt so helpless! it's so sad. i hope your darling little ninja makes a speedy recovery! <3

  15. kez

    sending good vibrations and healthy thoughts!! Hope he gets well soon. Sweet little thing!


    Oh how I wish that poor Kingsley gets better! I truly adore him and send his pictures off to my boyfriend whenever you post him. I would love to be as lucky as you guys some day and get a baby just as cute as he is. So I totally feel for you and your sweet Ninja. Please use an anti-evil eye amulet on his collar or something, something we put on newborns and little kids as you put so many pics of him online. Varieties can be found here http://www.cafeanatolia.com/Evil_Eye_Glass_Amulets_and_Evil_Eye_Glass_Bulb_s/38.htm

    Get well soon Kingsley!!!

  17. I hope Kingsley gets better soon!!

    Wishing you all well.

  18. 2nd Girl

    This is awful, you must be worried sick..he'll be fine though, puppies are resilient! Stay strong, he'll be home soon..x

  19. Oh My heart goes out to you and your little ninja. I will think positive thoughts for you and he will be home running around your house before you know it.

  20. Loes

    Ah poor Kingsley. Take care! /sending all the good thoughts your way!

  21. krystal

    that is really sad :(

  22. Belle

    Poor baby!!! All my thoughts and prayers are with him ♥ xx

  23. laur

    feel better king!!!! prayers are sent your way.

  24. Rhianne

    oh no, sending all my love and thoughts to you all, I hope he gets better soon x

  25. I hope he gets better very soon <3

  26. Awww, poor little Ninja ;(

    Hope he's home very soon with his lovely Mummy & Daddy XXX

  27. Susie

    Poor guy! It's the worst when they are sick and you can't help them! Thinking good thoughts!

  28. abigail

    hope he's feeling better! our dog had pneumonia once and was back to his old self in just a couple days after getting treatment. Hope Kingsley does the same!

  29. Katie

    poor little Kingsley! I will be thinking about him and I hope he gets better soon! :)

  30. Bridget

    dog sicknesses/ailments/anything-wrong tugs at my heartstrings more than ANYTHING ELSE! (sorry humans, it's true…) — totally thinking of you and the little guy today and sending good thoughts from boston!

  31. lexan

    naomi please do not worry. he is going to be fine. my puppy had the exact same thing happen. two days later lil benny was home in bed with my boyfriend and i snoring as loud as that little labrador always did.

  32. lexan

    naomi please do not worry. he is going to be fine. my puppy had the exact same thing happen. two days later lil benny was home in bed with my boyfriend and i snoring as loud as that little labrador always did.

  33. Lainey

    Sending get well wishes to your little ninja and big hugs to you (I know how you're feeling). Just be positive and know that people are praying for your little one.

  34. Thoughts for the little ninja all week long – hope he gets better soon!

  35. Taylor

    Will be thinking of you & kingsley! My pup had a bad case of parvo, giardia, and a respiratory infection all at just 8 weeks old. But she pulled through and is better than ever! What's important is that you caught it quick and I'm sure he will be just fine.

    Good thoughts coming your way!

  36. mousE!


    this may seem like a random comment, but i came across your blog by accident, read your post, and i sympathize with your situation.

    i got a cute baby girl puggle back in november and she was admitted into the icu for penumonia a couple of weeks ago. 1 week in the icu and 2 weeks on at home antibiotics, she is all better.

    kingsley willllll get better! don't get discouraged!

  37. Jo

    Oh my goodness, poor little King…don't worry Naomi I'm positive he's going to get better before you know it. They will be taking good care of him.
    Sending all my love to both of you xxx

  38. Alex

    Poor Little Ninja! I hope he feels better soon. We all know he is in good hands. <3

  39. L.

    This breaks my heart! I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I know how nerve-wrecking it is to have a sick puppy!

  40. LauraAnn

    A friend of mine just sent me a link to your blog because she knows that I LOVE bulldogs as well as have two of my own! And your Kingsley is ADORABLE!!!

    I am so sorry to hear that he is sick!!!! I hope that he gets well soon so that you can get him and home and snuggle with his little squishy face! Feel better Ninja!

  41. aw, look at that little face! poor kingsley! i am sending him healthy thoughts. he looks like a trooper!
    xo, Megan

  42. tamsterg

    Love and support from my family to yours!

  43. OH NO!!! That's so sad!!! Do not fear — he will prove that his nickname is valid. He's a fighter!
    Go Ninja!!!

  44. Oh dear, i'm so sorry to hear that. You and little Kingsley will be in my thoughts.. poor little guy. I know he's in good hands, those pet hospitals are amazing… maybe better than human hospitals.


  45. Allison

    I am so sorry to hear that your little king is sick. Praying for you guys and that Kingsley recovers quickly. Love.

  46. Glimmer

    Oh no! Good thoughts for quickest recovery. When I lived at 7th and A Sts. NE, my dog had to go into vet intensive care even back then. He was hooked up to IV's for hydration, just like a human.

    I love these little dogs. I have pictures of a black pug on my facebook and he's not even mine, he belongs to my niece.

    I fell in love with him at Christmas and just could not put him down. My niece kept saying, "He loves his bed, it's okay to let him sleep there," but he would come straight to me because he knew I would pick him up and he would fall asleep in my arms, just like a baby. So I carried this sleeping puppy around and did things with one hand-arm, just like I did when my son was a baby. That's how lovable these dogs are. You can't help but fall madly in love with them.

  47. it sounds like he's in good hands. i hope you're little one gets better really soon!

  48. Your pup is lucky to have a "paranoid" mommy! Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  49. Jenae

    Feel better little guy! I'm praying you'll be happy & healthy right away so you can go back to your owners who love you so much!

  50. Alianna

    This broke my heart. I hope he feels much better very soon!

  51. Monica

    Awe…poor little bully. This is so sad. :(

  52. pen.ny

    good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts sent to YOU!

  53. leahrae

    Get better soon, little one!
    Thoughts and love coming down to you guys.

    Leah, Boudica & Perseus

  54. sending all my positive energy to get the little ninja better!! <3 he is toooo cute for words.

  55. linda

    Having just got a puppy myself I can totally relate to how heartbreaking it is to see them ill. I hope Kingsley gets better soon!

  56. Jennifer

    oh no! sending positive energy his way!

  57. Ana

    he's so cute. I can't get over it. hope he gets well soon!

  58. leigh

    Hope he gets well soon! Poor little guy.

  59. Rizza

    Get well soon Kingsley!!!

  60. Hope your baby feels better really soon! Sending lots of prayers your way

  61. Blicious


  62. Karina

    my best wishes goes to your little ninja and you.
    Everything is going to be fine, you will see!
    besos desde méxico.

  63. Barbara

    Poor little guy. Sending him some positive energy.

  64. Adrianna

    Positive puppy love being sent your way! Kingsley will overcome this sickness! After all, he is the king!

  65. Morgan

    oh my i absolutely hate it when pets get sick! i am sending my good thoughts via this comment ;)! hope he gets well very soon!

  66. Leslie

    I hope he feels better soon! I remember Knightley's first emergency room visit as a puppy, no fun at all! It is so stressful to be so worried about a sweet, sick doggie. I really hope Kingsley is back at home soon.

    P.S. – Do you have pet health insurance? Next time I see you, we should talk about it. It has saved us lots of money with Knightley.

  67. Carlita

    oh pup. sending hope that he recovers soon! i feel like we are sort of on a puppy jorney together, even nicknaming them ninja! random.

    get better soon kingsley.

  68. orange

    so sorry to hear this news!! i have a feeling little kingsley is a fighter and will be better very soon. as the owner of two doggies, i know that feeling when one of them is sick. my thoughts are with both of you and ninja.

  69. I hope he feels better soon! Poor Kingsley.

  70. Maizie.

    I sure hope Kingsley gets his puppy mojo back quick. I am thinking of him while he recovers. When pets are sick is totally takes over your whole world so I am thinking of you and josh of you as well!

  71. p+e

    It's one of the saddest things to have a sick pet (or child). Feel better soon!

  72. c/s

    i hope he'll be alright!
    i hate for you to lose him.
    i wish you good luck, and say him to kingsley for me!

  73. Jessica

    Thinking good thoughts for your dear Kingsley. I'm sorry you guys have to go through this.

  74. we love you Kingsley! Get well soon.

  75. Oh no! I sure hope he gets better soon. I just took my little guy into the vet this morning and he is there getting x-rays and bloodwork.

  76. Alex

    I hope your precious bully gets well soon!!

  77. Alicia

    awww, this picture breaks my heart. poor little guy!!

  78. Sarah

    Get better soon, Kingsley!!

  79. Jennifer

    i'm so sorry! i'll be thinking of your little kingsley!

  80. cricket

    Thinking of your little family.

  81. Oh, no!!! Poor little thing!! I hate to take my pup to the vet yesterday, too :( I hate when animals get sick especially because they can't really care for themselves! I'll be keeping Kingsley,you, and your husband in my prayers!

  82. that is terrible news!

  83. sending lots of prayers to you Taza.
    I am usually a silent reader but I enjoy your posts and your pictures very much :)
    Kingsley will get better in no time!

  84. Echo

    Feel better soon sweetpea wrinkle puppy xoxo

  85. amanda

    sending lots of hugs, kisses, wishes and snuggles your way! i just know he'll be home with you in no time!

  86. It's no fun having a pet that's sick. He's a strong little guy, I'm sure!

    p.s. You've got an award. :)

  87. Becs

    Your poor little guy! I'm thinking of all three of you.

  88. So sorry about Kingsley! A pet is a family member. I will pray against that sickness and for his well being. Blessings on you!!!

  89. Sending lots of love and thoughts to sweet Kingsley! I know how helpless you feel bc we have two dogs of our own. They're like children to us. Hugs to you all!

  90. I'm so very, very sorry! How traumatic! Hope he gets better SOON!

  91. kenzi

    It breaks my heart to see any puppy sick. I love dogs so much, and i love how you blog about your puppy so often. It makes me so happy when i know that people really love and cherish their puppies.

  92. L0

    I know it's difficult to not worry, but believe that everything is going to be fine. and will ;) my dog had operation some months ago and I wasn't even in hometown, so I know A LOT about worrying…

  93. Hanako66

    such a brave little guy. i love my pups more than anything so i can imagine the pain that you are feeling:(

  94. Sarah

    how heartbreaking! I can't imagine how scary that was :(