old photo pitter patter.

do you ever come across an old photo and get déjà vu?
remembering that exact moment, years ago…
and just how many butterflies you felt then, and even now,
when you look at it and think back?

i love when old photos make my heart go pitter patter.

*this photo was taken on a day trip out of nyc to costco with friends before we were married.
  1. ♥Lola

    That is such a beautiful photo Naomi! The happiness is basically bursting out of my Mac :) I've added your lovely blog to my blogroll!

  2. Jenni

    I love that feeling. This is why photography is the greatest :)

    ps- that smile your hubby has in that last photo is just so pure and sweet. Great capture!

  3. Lisa

    this is so adorable!

    that feeling is priceless :)

  4. I love that picture! And I adore Costco. I am dying to get my own card already.

  5. looking back on photos is my favorite.. all the memories!!
    and nothing is better than costco!

  6. kwistin

    oh! i LOVE this! i honestly think my heart went pitter patter on behalf of you! this is adorable! you seem like a really compatible couple. i'm happy for you.

    btw, speaking of photos, i found your blog through your etsy headband photographer rebecca reed, who is my friend. we both grew up here in utah, and i think i read that's where your family is? small world. happiness. :)

  7. anna kim

    that is the sweetest picture. so in love.

  8. anna kim

    that is the sweetest picture. so in love.

  9. I definitely know the feeling.
    And I'm suffering a little because I didn't get my daily dose of your cute dog.

  10. Liz

    yes! I love that feeling! I actually just found my journal from when I first started dating my fiance. We both read the entries and laughed and cried– I am SO happy I wrote down all the little details! I actually wrote about that last night on my blog :)

  11. Mara

    aw I love this picture of the two of you! Is this from the Costco set you posted forever ago? Or am I having deja vu with some of your other ones? Either way it remind me of another fun outing. You two are seriously ADORABLE!

  12. Michelle

    So cute! I want my heart to go pitter patter.

  13. That is too cute. I love looking at photos of me and my husband when we first dated and fell in love. We look so hopeful and cute, and young. So precious!

  14. yeah i love that feeling.

    i also love costco.
    especially the pizza and hotdogs and free samples.

  15. absolutely darling. love it! i love reminiscing by way of old photos! they really bring a magic to life.

  16. Awww… That's so sweet! :)

  17. oh my goodness! absolutely *love* the way husband is holding you! so so tight!

  18. Very cute : ) You guys are such a solid couple and that's so rare today!

  19. Mary

    that is such an adorable picture!

  20. cara.

    very sweet.

  21. oh be still my heart, this photo is so sweet! love and sparks just jump from it :)

  22. Oh I know that feeling =-) It's a good one.

  23. Shannon


  24. Your love, joy and total happiness shines from this pic!!

  25. love bursts out from this photo.

  26. B

    No wonder you get that feeling–this photo is precious! It's amazing to capture beautiful moments and freeze them onto paper so that you can relive the moment again and again.

  27. Brie

    You two are too cute!

  28. Amy Doll


  29. This just happened to me last night. My mil came across an old photo of my Hubby and I. My heart went pitter patter! :)

  30. Emmy

    Looks like you were having fun :)

    Great picture!

  31. Amy

    so sweet! and yes, that feeling is amazing!

  32. jenn

    That is like, THE most genuine smile ive ever seen. Love the pic…so cute!

  33. in love with this :) i can't wait for the day when i can look at old photos and feel the "pitter patter"! You are much too cute.

  34. i love how this photo so beautifully captures the moment.

    and i know what you mean about deja vu and the little pitter patter old photos create. my husband and i were high school sweet hearts, so looking back at our especially old pictures is always like that for me.

  35. adorable. :)

  36. Chelsea

    this is so precious!

  37. this picture makes me swoon with delight. So lovely. :)

  38. Janssen

    That picture made my night. So darling.

  39. chloee

    l love this picture! they are always better when they are kandid too! one of my favorite quotes says this.

    "somedays you'll love each other, just like that. and other days you'll have to work at it. you never see the hard day in a photo album.. but those are the days that get your from one happy snapshot to the next" :)

  40. and who could look more in love at costco???

    congrats to you… just heavenly.

  41. eep! this makes me happy. so so cute.

  42. eep! this makes me happy. so so cute.

  43. i just got home from my grandma's where i spent three hours looking at old pictures… i know the feeling… and nothing makes me happier!

  44. Yes! All the times…This is why i take so many pictures. I want to remember my life. We have such short memories.

  45. cassie

    this is the most precious thing i've ever seen. seriously. you guys are adorable. i can feel the love and i don't even know you!

  46. I love this! The moment is so real! I love stuff like this!!!

  47. Jeni

    That is a darling photo. I see pure happiness in both your faces.

  48. this is possibly the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

  49. Ah, young love.

  50. naomi,
    i cannot believe you used these words:
    "…and just how many butterflies you felt then, and even now," Just WAIT until you see our Valentine's t-shirts (they were already designed before this…but you'll find it hard to believe!)

  51. I do absolutely love it when old pictures can make more than your mouth smile…it's more like your HEART smiles!…and sometimes i get goose bumps, butterflies like you said, or an out-loud *sigh* or giggle :)

    fabulous photo by the way! candid…HAPPY…perfect

  52. hi! i'm new here in your blog, and first thing i notice is how your photos belong to an entirely different dimension, almost entirely surreal! perhaps love? haha..

    very nice! im a fan. ^^

  53. Megan

    Soooo cute

  54. Cassie

    This is a wonderful shot – it says so very much so simply. Really made me smile xx

  55. The love and happiness is jumping out at me. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling. I love the way he holds you so tight and his smile. And the way you're nuzzling him. True, sweet, untainted love and affection. :) Pitter Patter.

  56. Sarah

    Lovely picture. It made me smile :)

  57. Bri

    I <3 old photos. Especially all the good memories that come flooding back =)

  58. Oh i love those kinds of photos!

  59. 2nd Girl

    That photo is so beautiful, you both look so happy and in love, it's just beautiful…imagine how amazing it will be to look back at that in 30 years..so good to have photos like that, x

  60. This just made MY heart go pitter patter! Love old photos and memories.

  61. Jessica

    Awww that's so cute!

  62. You guys are soooooo sweet!

  63. Seyma

    oh god, it's so great darling!! love that photo.. it looks so amazing..


  64. Amanda

    that is wonderfully sweet! i love how a photo can give you butterflies after so much time has passed :)

  65. sooo sweet & lucky in love! Makes me smile :)

  66. Your blog reminds me to enjoy my world and is such a great escape for when days are bad. With all the sad news lately, I find myself digging through your archives until the smile comes back. Thanks for the constant reminders to find the good in life.

  67. that feeling is one of the best in the world. i know i get so comfortable in our relationship now because it's been so long, so looking back and remembering those "first" feelings and butterflies are always great. :)

  68. Lehua

    it's the best feeling in the world.

  69. I love that feeling when you unexpectedly find yourself taking a trip down nostalgia road. This pic captured the essence of happiness! Love it!

  70. oh those feelings are delightful. I think finding old photos like this make my heart melt even more then when the photo was first taken

    love it XO

  71. Rachel

    a good deja vu… is most delightful. =]

  72. Rachel

    a good deja vu… is most delightful. =]

  73. what a wonderful photo! and I love it when that happens. I love looking at pictures of the beginning of our relationship…it makes me all "new-relationship-giddy."

  74. pen.ny


  75. Aww.. Your photo is priceless Naomi. :) Always looking forward to your posts. Hows Kingsley btw? :)

  76. Emily

    love it- so hsppy!

  77. Annie

    I love your blog! I've entered a few drawings and decided to comment on other posts too! This picture is adorable. :)

  78. This is absolutely the most darling picture!
    You two are the sweetest couple!

  79. Louise

    Awww what a gorgeous photo! xx

  80. you two are just so incredibly adoreable!

  81. that literally put a smile on my face. You two look very happy then as you do now. Enjoy life… you are beautiful.

  82. Shandey

    this picture makes me so happy inside.

  83. I love this.
    Looking at this picture I feel the same feeling I feel when I look at my husband. Sometimes I just want to burst with it, and scream "weeeeeee!!!" with the excitement of it all.

    It reminds me of the scene in The Sound of Music when Ralph kisses Leisel and afterwards she squeals. Love is the best.

  84. this is such an adorable picture! It just shows young love at its purest:)

  85. Hanako66


    i love this photo and yes i know exactly what you mean!

  86. Sum

    I love how you describe things. Pitter patter.

  87. manthony

    this picture made my day! i love that feeling