“no fire.”

*please note before you comment on what bad dog parents we are
that we monitor kingsley 24/7 when a fire is going
and the fireplace is blocked off when we aren’t there to watch him.
about 50 times a day, we have to teach kingsley “no fire.”
he is obsessed with sitting inside the protective screen
and watching the fire burn.

  1. Amy

    My Bailey does this too. We have a gas fireplace with a glass front, so she cant really get in the fireplace, but she will sit there for hours practically touching the glass. she feels really hot when we touch her, but it must feel good to her… she moves when shes warm enough!

    dogs are so funny!

  2. dawww – I'm glad you're keeping an eye on him :) I hope no stray sparks hit his adorable little face! ox

  3. Danielle

    Bless…. I want him. Not possible? I know. xx

  4. Kyla

    aww, i LOVE this! Kingsley is tooooo cute :)

  5. Suzanne

    too sweet!

    (and nice disclaimer :)

  6. Jessica

    His face says it all- He knows he's being bad, and he doesn't care :)
    Love it!

  7. Jessica

    His face says it all- He knows he's being bad, and he doesn't care :)
    Love it!

  8. What a little dare devil. Just wanted to let you know I think your truly inspiring. Thanks for always sharing your happiness with the world.

  9. Morgan

    oh my he is the absolute sweetest! i don't doubt either that you guys are good doggie parents! have a great weekend!

  10. Ha ha ha! How funny! What a character. I want to meet him.

  11. oh my gosh this is funniest thing ever. i know it's dangerous but it's just so funny! he's simply enamored by the fire! little kingsley, you are awesome.

  12. Lisa

    Good to know that I'm not the only one with fireplace obsessed animals. Haha.

  13. Amber

    He is the cutest! sassy but cute.

  14. Maddy

    Those pictures are so sweet! What a funny little guy. It's too bad because the only way he'd learn is with some experience and NO ONE wants that to happen. I'm sure you guys are doing a great job & he'll learn eventually! At least right now (while a little scary) it's also insanely adorable and silly ;)

  15. Hillary

    This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  16. Heather

    He is so adorable! I love it!

  17. that is one of the most adorable things ever.

  18. Elise

    oooooooh my!!! this is just TOO much. he is so ridiculously adorable! be careful, kingsley! :)

  19. elisa

    He is so adorable. Thanks for the great laugh tonight!

  20. I am like, unbelievably in love with your dog! So much so that instead of the golden retriever I've been obsessing about for years I'm now considering a bulldog. Kingsley looks so sweet and these pics actually made me laugh out loud. Trust me on that, I actually scared my husband haha!

  21. Kingsley is so funny! I just love your little puppy! He is ridiculously adorable and such a character!

  22. Michelle

    Aww he's too cute!

  23. Cathi

    Too funny!
    Someday he'll grow out of his desire to be in the fire and he'll be glad you documented his memory!!

  24. Cathi

    Does he get all sooty??

  25. Rach

    oh the top picture is too adorable, he totally knows he is in trouble!

  26. JBae

    That's ridiculously adorable! He looks so forlorn – just sittin' there all by his lonesome. I love when pups put on their 'woe is me' puppy dog faces, even when they are really spoiled rotten!

  27. Emily

    he is SO CUTE!

  28. Kelly

    awww! that lil pup makes my heart melt <3

  29. Ana


  30. 2nd Girl

    I love these pictures, my massive Dogue de Bordeaux also loves the fire, she stubbornly sits with her face as close as she can get to it, desperately trying not to fall down asleep..very funny to watch. I love that someone out there understands dog obsession and love..have a great day…

  31. Colleen

    That is too funny! I wish we could know what's going through his cute little head. I wonder if he'll act the same next winter…

  32. Auishtha

    adorable! I wish I had a dog or that I was even allowed to take care of one. ^_^

  33. haha, so cute! :) my cat is obsessed with wind in the same way. not the movement of trees, or the shadows, bnut the actual wind. he likes to feel it on his face :)

  34. CAPow!

    OMG! Kingsley likes living on the edge!

  35. aah! so cute:) i agree with the comment above, he's living on the edge=P hope ure enjoying the weekend!


  36. Ria

    this was the cutest picture of my life!

  37. ahah cheeky puppy, but oh so cute.

  38. oh my goodness, what a hot dog (:

  39. oh.my.god! HILARIOUS!

    Becareful dear Kingsley!

  40. Juultje

    just wanna hang that picture on my wall….so I can look at it often. Its adorable and so naughty…thats what I love about dogs.

  41. how cute! He'll be fine, dogs are not idiots and he will come out and play with you guys when he gets too warm!!

  42. LOL! He's looking at you like "what's the big deal?"

  43. Sarah


  44. boots

    my gunnar does the same thing! i get so nervous!

  45. Love this! I'm seriously laughing so hard. I love in the first one, he's looking at you like, "Oh, hello".

  46. Hilarious. Our dog would do the same thing if our fireplace wasn't blocked off. She will lay right up against it.

  47. Kingsley is adorable! However, a vet said not to let my dog watch the fire because it can ruin his eyesight. Dogs love the warmth of the fire, but by staring at the flames too long, it can hurt their eyes.
    So, make sure Kingsley has a lot of away from the fire time, too!

  48. I love these photos!

    You got me interested in Dianas and I borrowed my friend zoe's and got some great NYC pics. I have hot pink one in mind now that's been added to my wish list. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip to Utah.

  49. Hanako66

    oh gosh, what a silly little guy!

  50. Elle

    this is the cutest thing ever! our pup loves to lay by the radiator. i'm sure she would be all over this if we had a fireplace!

  51. pumkyn

    I know I'm saying the same as everyone else, but that is just simply too adorable!

    I just showed it to my coworker and she loves your dog!