new years day in new york city.

we took a (very quick) day trip to new york city
on new years day. josh had good friends in town from italy
who we met up with and spent some nice time with.
it was also lovely showing kingsley the city
where we used to live and still love,
having him meet our good friends and walk the streets of nyc.
(he didn’t walk around too much. still a pup and nyc sidewalks are dirty.)
(also, is it bad how much i loved all the attention kingsley
got from people on the street everywhere we went?
people asking to hold, pet, take pictures with, and play with our little king.
i felt like such a proud mama. what’s not to love about a cute pile of wrinkles?)

and please excuse the poor iphone quality pictures.
sometimes i am lazy with pulling out the real camera.
  1. Jenni

    A proud momma you should be! That little pile of wrinkles is the sweetest most darling thing I've ever done see. <3

  2. kingsley may just be most adorable pup ever! "cute pile of wrinkles"–love that. happy new year. :)

  3. Awwwww too cute!

  4. You can be proud , Kingsley is a rockstar model !

  5. thobeka

    it's a dog owner thing :)…he's such a cutie!

  6. of course you should be proud! hes perfect.

  7. Rhianne

    I would be so proud too :)

  8. pen.ny

    You have every right to be proud of little Kingsley, he is such a gem.
    Madison Square has a great dog park! Did you venture in?

  9. Love these pics, Kingsley is too cute! And hey, your pics are more than lovely too, they look arty (in a good way!)…

    Love from Amsterdam!


  10. so sweet! I adore bulldogs. such a shame my hubs is allergic to dogs.

  11. ahhh, Kingsley takes on NYC… and conquers. Who could resist his sweet little face?!

  12. My friend just got a puppy awhile ago, I met up with him for lunch and to meet Brie (the new puppy!) we didnt realize we were standing right in front of a dog grooming place until these crazed boca moms came out and freaked out over the cutie pie! One mom was making out (yes, making out, tongue and all) with the puppy while I held her, it was kinda….awkward. But she got her nails clipped for free =)

    Happy New Year's Naomi and Josh (and King, of course!)

  13. Your little pup is so sweet. NY as a backdrop is just magical!

  14. Jalene

    i think the iPhone photos look really cool actually!!

  15. he is just so cute. i agree a ball of wrinkles he certainly is.

  16. Sum

    You are pretty people—rockstars!

  17. Seyma

    wow!! those pics look like they're taken from some time in the past.. awesome!!


  18. Krysta

    Girl, the bullie love doesn't ever go away! I had a bride and groom take pictures with my bulldog in central park this past spring. That Kingsley of your is super cute!

  19. Kingsley is just too cute!!

  20. i think it's cute that you're enjoying playing the proud momma role :). i remember i loved going out with our dog when she was a puppy. she was so awkward, and i loved having people ooh and aah over her. and i loved those pictures of kingsley and stellie. doggie play dates are so much fun.

    oh…and p.s. i promise i comment other times than just at giveaway time :).

  21. So sweet! I could just gobble him right up!

    Oh, and iphone quality vs. convenience…. Convenience wins every time! Love my chunky camera, but my phone goes everywhere with me =)

  22. i love that you took your little man with you!

  23. Brittan

    aw you guys were right by my apartment!

    i love the picture of him rolling around on his back on the couch. he looks so happy!

  24. Emma

    these photos are gorgeous, and don't even get me started on your new little pup…swoon!

    happy 2010!

  25. maybe your iPhone should talk to my iPhone. my pictures never look like that… then again, i don't my cute family in amazing nyc either! HOW FUN!

  26. Larissa

    i loveeee your puppy! ive wanted one my whole life, hopefully soon though- when the time is right :)

    great blog by the way.

  27. Janssen

    That dog is just the cutest thing ever. How can you even stand it?

  28. amanda

    obsessed with new york. and even more obsessed with kingsley in new york!

  29. kristy

    Did you use an app on your phone to edit your pictures?! Loooves them!

  30. Grace

    Definitely would not hesitate to compliment such an adorable couple with an equally adorable puppy!
    Too cute.

    <3 Grace.

  31. Okay, um, I want your family. *steals*

  32. kristy

    ps, love the king too ;)

  33. you guys are so cute! what great shots :) i actually like the grainy quality of the pics – very new york :)

    xo, katie

  34. Good thing you didn't pull out your real camera. I LOVE the look and feel of these Iphone pictures!

  35. Jamie

    adorable. your blog is just as adorable. i'm a newlywed and we talk about getting a puppy every once and awhile – his heart is set on a english bulldog. what's your favorite thing about kingsley?

  36. Carolyn

    I'm like that with my nieces and nephew…I love babysitting and taking them in public because people think they are mine. :) Kingsley is the cutest pile of wrinkles I have ever seen!!

  37. Sometimes I love the authentic feel of camera phones and iphone quality pictures!

    Just came across your blog and you three are just adorable! Yey Kingsley!