1. Ericka


  2. kelly

    as if we didn't want a puppy badly enough! this is sooo sweet.

  3. too darn cute!

  4. Maddy

    So adorable! I wish I could carry my baby around and snuggle her!!

  5. I don't know you, but I love you for posting all these pictures of your dog. I'm living out my dog-owning fantasies through this blog.

  6. Allison

    Oh my goodness, he's too cute!!

  7. Katie

    what a sweet little puppy! I'm so jealous of you lovely

  8. aww this is so precious

    i wish my dogs were tiny so i could carry them around everywhere

  9. Rudi

    I am completely in love with this little dog. He fits your all's style!

  10. Lidia

    omg! he's adorable! =)

  11. Morgan

    too sweet! must frame!

  12. Heather

    Aww! Kingsley looks like he loves his mama a lot.

  13. Allison

    I have to admit I just found your blog and I LOVE IT. It's so down to earth and I love your adventures. Not to mention Kingsley is the cutest dog ever! I want one!!!!

  14. Chelsea

    he looks like the most darling puppy ever. these pictures are adorable!

  15. Amander

    I've loved, loved all your pictures of Kingsley. He is so amazingly adorable. Seeing him in a turtle neck was the best part of my day :)

  16. He is just the sweetest! Puppy phase is the best! :o)
    Hope you're having a great day!

  17. reading all your Kingsley posts are making me more and more excited for the puppy i'm getting in the next few months!

  18. All of your pictures of your adorable new puppy is making me so so SO puppy hungry!!! Love it!

  19. Stop it Naomi, just stop it! … I'm going to keel over from over-exposure to such cuteness. No, don't stop it. The adventures of Kingsley make my days several times brighter in my dim little cubicle.

  20. kylee

    i want a bulldog so bad. if i got one i would name him M.Ward. cause i know thats why M.Ward started making music so i would name my dog after him. so cute your little one.

  21. gahhh! He is sooooo darn cute! I mean, look at his face…

  22. too much cuteness… look at him smooch you with closed eyes! omg, omg, omg…

    i have a three-year old lab named "beans", and he is the love of our lives. how wonderful would it be if we were to get beans a companion? maybe a bulldog named "la bamba"?! very wonderful, i think.

  23. My bulldog is 60 pounds now, take advantage of the time you get to carry him around!! He is adorable!

  24. Shandey

    Oh my gosh it totally looks like he is kissing you back. it looks like his eyes are closed and everything :) don't you just love little puppies? you are guys are perfect as dog people.

  25. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the first picture. Too, too cute.

  26. Well now that looks like it belongs on a greeting card. Maybe under the "love" category. And inside can read "I love you despite your rolls." You are darling and that kingsley is to die for.

  27. logan

    Your puppy photos are so cute I can hardly stand it. I have an undeniable crush on your little doggie. Cannot wait to see the little guy get bigger over the next year.

  28. Cutest blog dog ever!

  29. Amy B.

    Stop with the cute puppy photos already! My kids are trying to wear me down and make me get one, and these pictures are weakening my resolve!

  30. Lainey

    It's crazy how cute you too are. I want to jump through my screen and take him ;0)

  31. I've been following your blog for awhile now. I think you are the most adorable thing ever and a huge inspiration!

    Kingsley is the cutest puppy ever, in the first picture it looks like he is a little piglet :)

  32. Mara

    aw so so cute! I want one!

  33. ohmygoodness that first photo KILLS me!!! i'm dying of cuteness!

  34. adorable!

  35. Brittan

    you look like such a mom!

  36. kingsley going to make such a handsome man one day! im like obsessed with him now, so do keep the posts coming, because you three in a picture is just like a perfect combo.

  37. Rhianne

    puppy kisses are my favourite, love these photos :)

  38. rori

    Ohhh….that is so cute and kind of funny all wrapped up. Love it.

  39. Awww bless! An English Bulldog is my future dog of choice.

  40. Mikaela

    I want one!

  41. what a sweet little peanut! you are a loving and proud mama, it is clear.

    and just for the record i only comment on posts that ARE NOT giveaways!

  42. Amy

    Look at those wrinkles! Aren't puppies the greatest?!

  43. Justine

    the spots on his ears are the cutest! and these pictures are so adorable and charming, it makes me so jealous.

  44. pOli

    Hi! i just found your blog and OMG!!! i just melt! your puppy has such a personality

  45. Ariel

    awwww! great photos! i love his wrinkles!

  46. little precious king!
    all of your puppy posts are making me go "aaawww!"
    keep them coming :)

  47. Sum

    Awwww! Naomi and the King! :)

  48. amanda

    i am so not an animal person. {except for my pooch, cuddles} but you make me want a pup of my own oh so very badly. especially one filled with wrinkles.

  49. Jenni

    Now that is true love. <3

  50. Seriously CANNOT get enough of your lil' King. SO CUTE! He looks like a major cuddler.

  51. siovhan

    this dog owns my heart and i feel silly because i don't even know him! but he's just so cute!

  52. Since I love your blog, I guess I should come out to play more often. Kingsley is so cute. These pictures of him make me want a dog…and I am not a dog person.

  53. confession:
    i'm not a pet person AT all, but he's just so dang cute that i'm even considering one! :)

  54. Lindsay

    Kingsley is soooo adorable!!

  55. Every time I come to your blog, I audibly "awwwww." So cute!!

  56. leah.

    you guys are the cutest ever!

  57. OH. MY. GOD. Seriously, I can't even take that much adorableness. I just died. <33333

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  59. he loves his mommy!
    too perfect.

  60. Sara

    Your blog just took a nice turn. Adding a sweety pie puppy into the mix…can't get much better than that!

  61. I love love love your blog. This is the first time I've commented, but have been reading for a while. I am in love with your new puppy — I've been on the brink of getting a dog myself, and now i think there's no turning back! I also would like to say that your blog has given me a glimmer of hope of true love in this mixed up world. It's so refreshing to see two people who are so clearly meant to be, making it work so effortlessly. Thank you for that!

    Feel free to check out my blog: a series about my love of, and my pursuit for a career in, wine: Bornthirsty.wordpress.com

  62. Mandy

    So happy there's a new rockstar.

  63. I love puppies, and your blog- its inspiring.

  64. JESSAN

    If your Polaroid camera is your pet, then what is Kingsley in your life?

    I'm in love.

  65. Your pics are so precious. I can't look at them without smiling. :)
    XO Piper

  66. he is adorable! you will love that pup like no other, as it seems you already do! my puppy is 2 now and its rather sick how much i love her lol

  67. Beautiful photos, i wish i could carry my puppy like that but she is bigger than me now! xx

  68. I love love love your blog…but now I want the same dog as yours! SO CUTE!

  69. what a precious little face… i love warm puppy tummies… they are the best :)

  70. so…i'm one of those girls who came out of hiding when you did a giveaway. :) but really…i LOVE love your blog. you are inspiring, and the things you make are beautiful.

    p.s. your little puppy has gotten me and my hubby dog HUNGRY. where did you find such a cutie???

    p.p.s. are they baby-friendly pups? we just had a little one so that would definitely be nice.

  71. cute. overload. :) little kingsley is so adorable!!

  72. Mariah

    He is so precious. Oh the days of first having a puppy and late nights and accidents. There is something quite magical about it all.

  73. Teresa

    I found your blog through a friends and we are in love with your puppy. We have been thinking about getting a dog and would love to know where you got mini bulldog.
    [email protected]

  74. ok, you are seriously gonna kill me with these adorable mini bull dog pics!! I can barely stand it :)

  75. marie

    gosh i've never loved anything more!
    these pictures are the best!

  76. Tori

    Your dog is too adorable. I'm in love. If you don't mind me asking, how much did this little cute guy cost you?

  77. Belle

    He is so gorgeous!! What a little star x

  78. ashley

    So cute. Make sure you get that sweet little baby some pet insurance (if you haven't already) just in case he is ever seriously ill – it will save you a lot of money!

  79. Kingsley needs clothes to keep warm! bless. xoxo