i am sick today.
how are you?
*the most productive thing i’ve accomplished today
was taking my polaroid camera outside
while i walked kingsley this morning. it’s a beautiful day outside.
a sad day to be sick.
  1. poor thing! hope you feel better soon-being sick is NO FUN. :(

  2. Jenni

    Get better soon sweetie! I think I'm coming down with a cold today as well. Throat hurting – check. Sneezing and runny noise – check. Weak body – double check.
    Ugh. Is it summer yet?

  3. Celeste

    boo i hope you feel better! that's a lovely polaroid

  4. its the january blues! feel better soon!!

  5. I'm sick too – head cold from hell. GET WELL SOON! I hope that Kingsley cheers you up and makes you feel all better! ox

  6. ~L~

    Yuck. Being sick sucks. Feel better soon.

  7. ~L~

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  8. kingsley seems like a perfect "snuggle with when you're sick" puppy :) get better!

  9. Aww I know how you feel, I'm sick too! At least it's freezing here though so no need to venture out.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Giselle

    bummer! my daughter is sick, too! do you like miso soup?! that's supposed to be really good. and pineapple juice. don't drink orange juice. and stay away from other mucus forming foods like bananas (i know) wheat, and dairy. get well soon!

  11. kayla j.

    i'm sick too :c

  12. Feel better soon! Good thing you have Kingsley there to take care of you :)

  13. Feel better soon! I'm guessing Kingsley will help you forget some of your misery. Puppies are just healing, ya know?!

  14. Karina

    Time for fresh mint tea with lemon and honey! Feel better ;)

  15. boo for being sick.

    hope you get feeling better soon!

  16. Meghan

    What a bummer! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  17. snuggle with kingsley and feel better!

  18. eek, hope you feel better soon!

    I have no complaints on this beauitful gift of a day… working, and stepping out to read a good book when I catch a break here and there. Life is good!

  19. Frau

    being sick should only happen on grey yucky days! I hope you feel better soon!

  20. hope you feel better soon!

  21. Liz

    being sick is no fun at all! I've already been sick twice this season. Hope you feel better soon!

  22. Rhianne

    I just posted an almost identical post about being sick (though I borrowed a beautiful polaroid as I haven't brought any film for mine yet, yours is gorgeous) I hope you feel better soon love x

  23. LuliBags

    Get well soon. Lx

  24. awmb

    Oh no! I hate being sick! I'm home because I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and decided that I would take as much recovery time as I need to. I'm still contemplating taking the day off tomorrow, but am not sure if I want to waste my vacation days on not actually taking a vacation.
    I hope you feel better!!!

  25. emilia.

    I've been sick all weekend :(
    my immune system tends to do this… it just gives up when the weekend arrives

  26. Lisa

    Aw… I am sorry, friend. Being sick is the worst. Feel better soon!

  27. Ivy

    Hope you feel better! Hopefully it's the sniffles and not a stomach ache (I always think stomach aches are worse).

  28. feel better soon! great polaroid :)

  29. Get better you! If I say it in a commanding way like that, then maybe you will! :)

  30. jones

    feel better

  31. hiiiii. is it funny that all these people you dont know leave you comments? well, im one of them. im new to the blog. hi, im britt. and i love your blog. kinda feel funny that i dont know you but i love you already! and your adorable hubby. you guys are fabulous. well, im sick too. and the mister bought me gushers. and it made me so delightfully happy that i pretty much feel cured. although, i am still stuffed up, body aches and caughing up my lungs. but man, gushers. they do the trick:) you should try it!!! and its kinda nice to be sick, and cuddle up in bed with the heater on and wait for the husband to come home. doesnt get to happen very often right? well im excited to be friends. in this silly cyber world of ours! feel free to stop by anytime!

  32. pen.ny


  33. Marcia

    Feel better soon! I'm not too good either, it's perhaps my dinner which is acting up :(

    I like the photo, is that in DC?

  34. get better girl! love the pic :)

  35. Mary

    oh dear! feel better :] i love your polaroids!

  36. Cathi

    Be well Taza!
    I'm done lurking and speaking up. ;)

  37. Cassie

    Poor, poor thing. My husband is currently "as weak as a kitten" with some horrid winter bug – hope you don't have the same. Take care, wrap up warm and cuddle the pup. Get well soon dear xx

  38. Sum

    I was about to ask where that picture is taken. I absolutely love it! Sorry that you're sick. Feel better!

  39. b

    i hope you feel better =)

  40. Victoria

    Feel better! Today in Atlanta it's colder than it is in Alaska, making it a perfect day to stay in snacking and watching Julie and Julia. Great Polaroid though- I am so sad because mine broke a few days ago when I fell on some ice in my driveway :(

    Thankfully, my brother had my parents' old Polaroid that I'll get next time I'm at home.

  41. I am sick too! I get lots of guilt issues for being lazy, get up to be productive, then just fall back into bed and realize I need to get over my guilt and get to feeling better.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  42. I hope you feel better! today i started another semester of classes, i wish i was sick instead!

  43. I had to wake up early for the first time in over a month today. It sucked.

  44. love that pola!!! and I'm sick too :(

  45. awww. hope you feel better soon! :)

  46. Lo

    i just came across your blog and instantly loved it because of the title, headbands and photography. I hope ur feeling better! Thats more prodcutive that I was this entire weekend..i blame it on the Patron tho for me….



  47. Lo

    i just came across your blog and instantly loved it because of the title, headbands and photography. I hope ur feeling better! Thats more prodcutive that I was this entire weekend..i blame it on the Patron tho for me….



  48. Emmy

    I am sick too.. but with a 5 and 3 year old don't have much choice but to keep going… :(

  49. Dara

    oh taza! feel better so soon!

  50. B

    Feel better soon!

  51. Maddy

    I'm not sick, but sorry to hear you are! I hope you feel better. I had to go to school today and had tons of other work to do, so today wasn't a very good day either.

    & it was nice here too! although a little too cold for us in FL

  52. aaww no little rockstar! feel better soon! <3

  53. Amber

    I've been sick all this week! Doesn't it suck? It is kind of nice to have an excuse to do nothing in our otherwise busy-busy lives.
    Feel better soon!

  54. Hey, just wanted to let you know that i gave you a little award over at my place! i hope you are feeling better

  55. Good job Kingsley for getting you out of bed. Sorry you're feeling sicky.

    Great pola!

  56. Good job Kingsley for getting you out of bed. Sorry you're feeling sicky.

    Great pola!

  57. Good job Kingsley for getting you out of bed. Sorry you're feeling sicky.

    Great pola!

  58. Preciado

    hope you feel better too. i was feeling sneezy on saturday and thought i was getting sick (again!) but i took alka seltzer plus and that seemed to help as i feel fine. emergen-c is a nice boost too.

  59. kirsten

    *Preciado (#62) emergen-c is great! except I have to mix it with juice to get it down…
    feel better, lady – i'm jealous that you're still all artsy when you're sick ;-P

  60. Lucy

    I'm a newbie! I really LOVE your blog :) Hope its ok if I follow your blog… And I have the hardest time preparing my sunday school lesson the morning of church too haha

  61. Lucy

    Oh p.s. FEEL BETTER!!! :)

  62. beautiful picture. feel better dear!

  63. Ericka

    get well soon!

  64. Get well soon dear!

    I got sick again after recovering last week. Winter sucks sometimes.

  65. shopgirl

    I was sick for most of December. It sucks. I hope you feel better soon!

  66. feel better!!
    (i started ron price's creative writing class today!)

  67. feel better!!
    (i started ron price's creative writing class today!)

  68. i hope you feel better soon..vitamin c..the halls vitamin c drops to be exact.. they work best for me..when that doesn't work the whiskey always does. :)
    xoxo Nita

  69. hope you feel better! i am feeling inspired today :) and even more now after seeing that lovely picture. i really like it!

  70. 2nd Girl

    Hope you feel better by now…it's a new day…a new start!!! Sending you feel better hugs in my head…weird to say that to a stranger actually…

    Hope Tuesday is a better day ;)

  71. Get Well soon :)
    I just started blogging and i need you well and at full health so i can get a smile and some inspiration from you each day :)

    lots of love
    all the way from little Jersey

  72. Lainey

    I was recently feeling bleh. Take some time for yourself, snuggle with Josh and Kingsley and you'll be up and running in no time!

  73. Weird.

    I was sick and stuck in bed too.

    I hope you're feeling much better today. It's NO fun being sick.

  74. i was sick yesterday too~! hope you're feeling better…miss roxy loved me being home though so she could cuddle :)

  75. Lana Lou

    Hope you're feeling better :)

  76. leahrae

    what a bummer :(
    i've been sick since thursday – lovely germy kids coughing on me all the time.

    hope you feel better soon but at least you have someone(two?) adorable to snuggle with :)

  77. the only good thing about being sick is the gratefulness i feel after i am better : )

  78. i'm sick too… it's no fun at all. hope you feel better soon!!

  79. Ger

    no fun! hope the walk helped

  80. ooh sick, what kind of sick? i'm lazy today, being lazy is good and bad

  81. Dear N,

    I hope you are feeling better. Being sick is icky. You are a rockstar.

    Love, A

  82. lexan

    if its a cold the best thing you can do is take some chicken broth heat it up with a clove of garlic a teaspoon of oregano and half a lemon and drink it as hot as you can. its a miracle worker (if you put pastina stars in it..itll make you feel warm and eight years old again)

  83. Kathleen

    I hope you feel better soon!

  84. Sandy

    you know, i've several times found myself outside taking photos on sick days. strange! i hope you're feeling better now.

  85. Hanako66

    oh no, i hope you feel better!

  86. marie

    i'm doing great thanks for asking
    i hope you feel better!
    take some vitamins and emergen-c!
    (it works like a charm)

  87. That is my house (the blue one)! woo!