miss sarah and little dmitri.

last saturday, we had our friend sarah (and her adorable little one, dmitri)
over for some yummy homemade paella (thank you josh)
and rice pudding (thank you rice to riches, nyc).
after dinner, we played jump rope, puppy tug of war,
josh was a tickle monster (which eventually made dmitri cry– oops!)
among other games and things.
we adore these two and are thrilled they love kingsley!
sarah is the owner and director of the studio where i teach
(and a post just about the studio is coming in the next few days…
seriously, i have to tell you about this studio. but it deserves its own post.)
i’m so thankful for sarah.
i wish i could list on here all the things
she’s done for me in the few months i’ve known her.
seriously, an angel. such a blessing having her here.

p.s. how cute is dmitri with his “spicy water”? (san pellegrino)
he’s my kind of boy. live for that stuff.
  1. Aw, he is a cute little boy, with such a cute name. Can't wait to hear about the studio.

  2. Spicy water! oh that is too adorable!! can't wait to hear about the studio!!

  3. Can you post at least one puppy picture a day for the rest of his life? Thanks.

  4. cute pics! her headband is gorgeous! ;)

  5. cute pics! her headband is gorgeous! ;)

  6. I agree with everyone else, I'm lovin' that headband!

  7. Emily

    Kingsley is so cute! I LOVE paella. :) We made one in our paella pan on the grill last summer.

  8. THEY ARE THE CUTEST FRIENDS! i love the jolly glow coming out of her eyes, and also her lovely sweater.

    can't wait to hear more about the studio.

  9. THEY ARE THE CUTEST FRIENDS! i love the jolly glow coming out of her eyes, and also her lovely sweater.

    can't wait to hear more about the studio.

  10. Tori

    something tells me kingsley is loving all this attention. if only he knew how popular he was on the internets …

  11. dbbg

    loveeee kingsley. so adorable! cant wait to hear about the studio!

  12. Spicy water. Love it. He is presh!

  13. Miranda

    Can you share the paella recipe? I've never tried, and would love to!

  14. kristen

    She has the most beautiful, genuine smile i've ever seen! What gorgeous pics! xx

  15. i love these pics! and i can't get over how adorable ur puppy is!!:D


  16. Lauren

    She is flippin gorgeous!! Dmitri is super cute too, and of course so is little kinglsey. Glad to see he's so friendly!

  17. rori

    1.I agree with about everything having been said, she's gorgeous, love headband, Kingsley goodness and so on…
    2.I love how kids often describe things like that as spicy….I may have shared a drink of diet coke with my niece, which she pronounced "spicy" and any gum that is anytype of mint is always "spicy" too.

  18. Jenni

    You always have the most kind words for your friends. Loves it. And Dmitri is so very cute. Alongside Kingsley (and your friend Sarah) makes for some beautiful photos.

  19. they're so cuuuute!

    mmmm. spicy water is my favorite. ;) i like to buy it in bulk because i drink so much of it!

  20. Giselle

    so sweet. my daughter calls it spicy water, too.

  21. awww, even his spicy water is little!

    You know those people you can just look at and they exude warmth and you can just tell they're genuine people? She appears to be one of those people to me.

  22. I always love your gratitude. You seem to have the spirit of Thanksgiving year-round.

    I love the name Dmitri! And I love how affectionate little Mr. Kingsley is!

  23. lar

    thats cute. my 2 year old calls anything carbonated "spicy". where do they come up with that stuff?

  24. Lorie

    I love following your life!

  25. Leah

    Small world!! Sarah is my older sister's oldest friend from high school! She is a lovely lady!

  26. well aren't they the cutest little family!

  27. She is a lovely woman – inside and out. I can tell.

  28. ali

    that is too funny, my little sister used to call mint tooth paste "spicy toothpaste", "spicy water" is better

  29. Mandy

    oh yes dmitri has great taste.
    'spicy water' is the best.
    like a party in your mouth!

  30. Elise

    cutest little guy(s) ever!

  31. Sum

    super cuteness. Sarah is a pretty model for Love, Taza!