mini guide to washington D.C.

i’ll be guest posting this week over at 21st and ivy with a mini guide to D.C.
that i put together with the wonderful photographer rebecca reed.
the mini guide includes some favorite things to do,
places to eat, a few music venues and the best shops around D.C.
so be sure to stop by each day this week and check it out!

*a more detailed guide of D.C. for rockstar diaries is in the works right now!
but in the meantime, check out the mini guide and come visit D.C.!
you know you want to!
  1. Oh I can't wait to go to DC again. The hubby and I were there a few years ago and we loved it!

  2. I just wrote a little guide to nashville today… funny. Me and guitar hero are actually coming to DC the end of march so I am looking forward to the guide.

  3. Hillary

    This sounds so cool! I can't wait to go to D.C. again.

  4. Ashley

    We went to DC to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and my goal this week is to finally finish a travelogue for hither and thither. This will be the week… yes… Looking forward to the full guide!

  5. Lucy

    I would love to go to DC some day soon! My brother in law recently came home from his mission in DC. Love your blog :)

  6. i would love to go to washington one day, my friends went on a college trip and said it was amazing – although they went during your worst snow storm in 100 years, so was pretty hectic too!

    i admire your blog so much. not just because it inspires my blog. but because it inspires me. you and your husband are so unique because you have the right attitude to life.

    absolutely stunning picture. hats off to rebecca reed :)

    georgia, pd x

  7. kwistin

    my family lived in DC forever and i was born in alexandria, but i've grown up in utah and sadly have not been back since! i actually called rebecca reed the other day and told her how much i wanted to come to DC to visit…this is dangerously more incentive. :) a mini-guide, what a fantastic idea!

  8. Lisa

    I want to come to D.C. so bad. My hubby is looking into some grad schools, one of which is George Washington! Who knows, someday maybe we'll be neighbors!! :)

  9. Cathi

    Such a charming life you lead Taza!!
    I'll be reading your DC guides. The best guides are always those that come from an insider!
    We passed through DC in February 2007 in the middle of a horrible blizzard. Sadly my sightseeing was only that I could see from the car so guide away Taza. I for one am ready to go!

  10. eden

    yay! i'll be going for a conference in march (my first time there). i'm so excited! i've been thinking about emailing you asking you about some of your "must-see" locations for a quick trip.

    i still might email you sometime… (:

  11. I must go to D.C it looks so witty am in love! the houses look so cute! It looks like a 1st grader said “ I want to draw my future house” and an architect for some reason found the drawing and created beautiful charming cities with adorable housed how cool! You have the best inspiration ever! Have a great day! And thanks for sharing!

  12. Tiffany

    Have fun, I really want to go to D.C

  13. Anna

    i love your guide! i can't wait to hear the new Spoon album either! xox

  14. Meghan

    I absolutely adore DC! I cannot wait to return. You are too cute!

  15. Awesome. I can't wait to come out to DC – especially since a certain boy just moved there.

  16. loved your feature and i can't wait to read more. and i'm excited to check out those etsy shops and other blogs you mentioned. always fun finding new things to love!


  17. D.C. is so beautiful! My best friend's sister recently had a baby and we visited her up there. :)

  18. Courtney

    Wonderful! I just moved to DC in October, and even though I should have figured this stuff out by now, I haven't! It will be great to get some ideas of places to go.

  19. love the mini guide!
    i can't wait for the rockstar guide though.

    my dad was just in DC — says he simply LOVES it. he thinks i should move there next (when the boy and i get married). i'm debating between Seattle, DC and NYC.

    hope all is well.

  20. kelsie

    the mini guide was great! my husband and i moved to northern virginia in july and your list reminded me of some dc-y things we have yet to do!

  21. Natalie

    Ack. I love DC. Last summer I had a 5 hour layover there. So I hailed down a cab and made the driver drive me around the city. Best waste of $80 in my life.

    Hopefully I'll frequent ze' district whilst grad-school-ing in NYC. Bam.

  22. Yay! Thanks so much for doing this little guide to DC. It came at the most perfect time because by the end of the week I will be living in DC for the next few months. I look forward to a detailed guide!

  23. Ms. P

    Sounds awesome! I shall most definitely check it out! Love DC :)

  24. Hanako66

    i can't wait to go back!