little letters.

dear baked and wired,

pretty sure you make the best cupcakes, brownies, pies and cookies in DC right now. why are you so awesome?
dear radio station,
isn’t there something besides lady gaga to play?
dear josh,
i’m still sad you refused my brilliant birthday party idea for your big day this saturday. i will continue to bring this up for months.
dear ladies of the world,
do we really have to shave our legs so often? i’m tired of feeling guilty about rarely shaving. let’s stop this madness.
dear pneumonia residing in my puppy,
leave. forever. and never come back.
dear readers,
thanks for being kind about this blog turning into a kingsley blog. and for being so supportive and kind while he’s been so sick.
dear readers (again),
have you checked out the mini DC guide yet? my post about things to do in the district here, places to eat in the district here, music venues here and a few of my favorite DC shopping spots coming tomorrow.
dear pet insurance,
it’s such a shame we didn’t meet a few days earlier.
dear fondant,
you are very hard to make. and you make me feel like i have zero skills.
dear weekend,
thank you for finally getting here. hopefully i’ll enjoy you while catching up on all my missed zzzzzzz’s from the week.
photo of me holding a baked and wired cupcake
taken by the lovely rebecca reed.
  1. Love your "little letters!" Such fun to read your blog! Get better, Kingsley!!

  2. I really want a cupcake. sigh.
    I didn't shave my legs for a month and a half. I have no shame or guilt.

  3. i think i have found the best cupcake shop in toronto (discovered them in the summer and definitely a returning customer!)-i ventured for a walk today and ended up getting a heavenly red velvet-my hand was absolutely frozen while eating it on my way home, it's like -21 today!!

    also, i have always wanted to try to make fondant, but have yet to get to that.

  4. it's winter. i wear lots of tights. therefore, why the need to shave all the time? yeah, i feel guilty, too… but it's such a hassle. ;P

    i LOVE that photo!

  5. Holly

    I love this idea. Will you hate me if I shamelessly 'borrow' this idea for my own blog? :)

  6. I have an epilator. I just have to remember to do something about my legs every few weeks and I'm golden. I love it!

  7. Wow the media saturation that is lady gaga transcends nations? Thats crazy. So over it

  8. Love your little letters! I hate shaving my legs! Luckily my leg hair is blonde and thin and my fiance doesn't mind!

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  10. pen.ny

    oh MAN it's wonderful to meet another person who hates shaving their legs as much as i do, blehhhh. winter is worse, i start to look like a cave woman. ick!

  11. Kathleen

    This is an adorable post! And yes, can we take a break from shaving? I have been shaving only the parts of lower leg that peek out when I wear leggings…it's been an indecent amount of time…ugh.

  12. Amen to the no leg shaving! I hate shaving. I rarely do it.

  13. Carm

    shaving legs and underarms is a conspiracy by the razor companies! I read about it in a women's history book that in 1917 or something Gilette decided to double their market and convince women they needed to "smooth" their underarms… prior to that no one in North America did. (of course, shaving and hair removal has quite a long history) but check it out: "Why Women Shave Their Legs and Underarms" –

    We all know the power of advertising. At the turn of the century, for example, the South African Diamond company, DeBeers, created the image that the diamond was forever and therefore would make an excellent wedding ring.

    Another marketing campaign around this time convinced the women of North America to shave their body hair. Notably, women in the other parts of the world do not engage on masse in this ritual. Even in French Canada, the habit is not largely undertaken.

    It all began with the May, 1915 edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine that featured a model sporting the latest fashion. She wore a sleeveless evening gown that exposed, for the first time in fashion, her bare shoulders, and her armpits.

    A young marketing executive with the Wilkinson Sword Company, who also made razor blades for men, designed a campaign to convince the women of North America that:

    (a) Underarm hair was unhygienic (b) It was unfeminine.

    In two years, the sales of razor blades doubled as our grandmothers and great grandmothers made themselves conform to this socially constructed gender stereotype. This norm for North American women has been reinforced by several generations of daughters who role-modeled their mothers.

    Sorry. Didn't meant to write a novel. You just gave me reason to look this up. :) We MUST resist. If only I didn't now "prefer" that clean shaven look.

  14. Natalie

    Dear Naomi,

    Three things: 1) skirt twins, 2) fondant and I have been forced into involuntary servitude (Yet, I believe there's something in the constitution about that; 13th amendment-ish?), 3) I eat cupcakes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner – the bitter truth.


  15. Maddy

    I saw your tweet earlier… you can buy fondant at Sam's Club/Costco usually as well as online!!

  16. thank you. i am going to join you in the leg shaving rebellion.

  17. sheena

    we laughed so hard at pet insurance! and then $1400 later after our dog broke her leg….we were no longer laughing….it is so worth it!

    not shaving legs = that's what tights are for….right??

  18. benson

    :) our dog needed THREE hip operations (yes, yes…only two hips..but, she's an overachiever) and after $8000+ we think she's pretty perfect (that was 9 years ago…she's now a healthy 10 year old) wish we would have had the pet insurance as well.

  19. Emily

    What was your birthday idea? Hope Kingsley gets better soon!

  20. Love cupcakes! And they look so cute don’t they? Sometimes I feel bad when I take the first bite hahah!! And am so glad Kingsley is so much better he has to be we love him! And Rebecca great photo its go cute Naomi you could tell her I said that!! Well darling you need you rest! Great post…Love Dye♥

  21. maryp

    down to shaving. in winter anyway. that's why fashion came up with leggings and tights :o)

  22. I love your little letters posts. They're probably my favorite :)

    P.S. That picture is lovely.

  23. Sara

    I'm outing myself here:

    I will shave my legs once a week when I have a reason.

    Other than that, they basically go as long as the seasons.

  24. Emmy

    So with you on the leg thing! It really is such a pain.. and in the winter, well it rarely happens.

  25. Amy

    I'm (fairly) new to DC and have very few "spots" but I absolutely adore Baked and Wired. It's so delicious and funky!

  26. YEAHHHH CARM! That is exactly what I was going to say! The need to shave has been FALSELY CONSTRUCTED! and it is high time that women rebelled. i haven't shaved in so long that i now think it feels weird and sort of babyish/disgusting to be completely hairless. although i do give in sometimes and shave my legs but only in the summer when they're tan!

  27. hey thats not fair, i could never get enough gaga! i love her. :)

  28. ):
    i hope kingsley feels better!

    best wishes(:

    xo, lupita.

  29. dearest naomi,
    a) i'm jealous of your wonderful outfits.
    b) i only accept kingsley speak if there are photos of kingsley in the post.
    c) fondant is not delicious enough to be worth all that work.

  30. oh mann i can't imagine the pet bills. i wish i had gotten pet insurance too for my doggie.

  31. mommara

    I love your love letters. I may need to write some myself. Your puppy is the most precious ever. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  32. You tried to MAKE fondant? Why? Unless it was the hard to find/buy chocolate variety. Good effort either way.

    And Lady GaGa should seriously be written about with quotation marks around the word Lady.

    Sorry, that was kinda mean. She just doesn't act very lady-like, ya know?

  33. you are such an inspiration! i'm glad kingsley is back home where he belongs! you are a rockstar and i am a pirate. happy weeeeekend! aloha friday!

  34. dear naomi,

    i sooo hear you on pet insurance. our chloe has glaucoma and cataracts in both eyes… and her nickname now is "mortgage" or "car payment". *sigh* what we'd do for our furbabies.

    Love the lovely letters…

    xx Vivian

    Visit me @

  35. megara

    Okay, just found your blog? Assuming your from Utah? Me too! If you're not that's cool too. Anyway, I already love your dog. My husband and I have a dog too, and pretty sure we give him more attention than we give each other. Anyway, I'll be reading for sure!

  36. Love your little letters….and Kingsley is just the cutest thing ever. So glad he was able to come home!

  37. These are my favorite posts of yours.
    and i am excellent at making fondant and i am by no means an excellent baker.
    what recipe did you use? i make it out of marshmallow and powdered sugar.

  38. Helen

    I hate shaving my legs too. I epillate now but it's still such a pain.

  39. So sorry your puppy is sick! Don't worry, I shave my legs once a week but thats if I'm not too busy. I'm not an every-dayer…thats way too much time. Have a great weekend!

  40. i dont shave my legs.. it only makes my hair grow thicker and longer. keep safe! :)

  41. Jay

    I enjoy your little letters :) And I totally get the puppy love, even if I'm more of a cat person, so you just keep blogging about your little darling :)

  42. Belle

    You're so adorable!
    Aw I hope the little guy is recovering quickly!! xx

  43. Love that Kingsley is home.

    Super jealous that you are always pictured with the most delicious looking desserts yet you are so thin and gorgeous.

    And when I finally make it to DC I will be using your miniguide for sure.

    x, ash

  44. Yes, yes we can stop worrying about shaving our legs.

    In fact, last night was the 1st time I shaved in about a month. Literally. I know, it's a little overboard, but hey- I'm trying to channel the inner amazon woman in me.

  45. Jessica

    As soon as I saw the picture, I said, "Baked & Wired!" I lurve their cupcakes! Especially their strawberry…my husband and I took a stroll along the Georgetown canal and ate Baked & Wired cupcakes in the Spring. I love those type of memories!

  46. emily

    i rarely shave too. esp in the winter. that's what tights are for right?
    and i'm still glad kingsley is home.

  47. dear naomi,

    love your little letters. they are the best and always brighten my day. i forgot how much i love reading them.

    dear little ninja,

    get better soon. we all love your adorable pictures and can't wait to see more.

  48. Wait, I want to hear what your idea was for Josh's party!

  49. jones

    I love your little letter posts! And baked and wired is amazing. I basically work next door and it takes heaps of will power to avoid eating a raspberry crunch bar and/or a strawberry cupcake everyday.

  50. I couldn't agree more with some of those letters. Well said.
    Have a great weekend (I'm so glad it's here!!!)

  51. Spags

    I shave my legs very rarely in the winter because:
    a.) it's freezing here in michigan and i strongly believe it keeps me just a little warmer.
    b.) my dear, sweet boyfriend doesn't mind and furthermore, never seems to notice. bless him.
    glad there are more of us out there.
    and i'm glad your puppy is home. he looks like just about the sweetest puppy in the world.

  52. Tori

    "dear ladies of the world,
    do we really have to shave our legs so often? i'm tired of feeling guilty about rarely shaving. let's stop this madness."

    You don't have to shave your legs ever, if you don't want to. I shave when I'm obligated to wear a dress or skirt WITHOUT panty hose. (Rare.) Other than that, if your boy doesn't care, why should you?

  53. Kelly

    Ohhh shaving is no fun! In highschool I actually started a club called GAS… girls against shaving. (probably not a good acronym) We didn't shave all winter and we looked like hairy beasts in the spring. Hmm.. I guess thats why I was never in the popular group!

  54. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but never posted. I had to send well wishes to your little furbaby. I hope he gets much better, he is just too cute for words!

  55. I'm not a fan of shaving either…even though it feels so nice to be smooth

  56. Sonja

    poor Kingsley. i hope he gets better soon!

  57. Forget shaving in winter, that's our reward for having to put up with freezing winds & dripping noses! Let those hairy legs run free I say.


  58. Allison

    Love Baked and wired cupcakes! Hands down the best! Also I'm obsessed with Kingsley too! Keep us updated and sending lots of love your way!

  59. DON'T MAKE YOUR OWN FONDANT. It is tres hard and NOBODY does it, not even the fancy shmancy wedding cake makers. NOBODY makes it.

    Please go and buy some for a baking supply shop.

  60. Lauren

    Love the picture. Hope Kingsley is feeling better!

  61. I gotta find out what radio station you listen to. I love Lady Gaga!

  62. i agree! so tired of lady gaga. every time that voice comes on….the willies!

  63. Loving your posts on 21st & Ivy. I spent ONE day in DC & am dying to return.

  64. $mith

    Yes, why should we have to shave so often–especially in the winter? I never felt badly about it until I got married. My husband says he doesn't mind, but I can't help feeling that guilt!

  65. Ariel

    your mini guide to dc is great! we are visiting in august and i'm looking forward to trying out 2amy's :)

  66. love your little love letters and i sooo agree with you on gaga!!

  67. this is the most perfect way to write a blog. ever.
    PD x
    ps. i love kingsley

  68. Brittany

    this photo is beautiful!
    also, i've been loving your DC guide this week.
    i'll need to take another trip out east soon!

  69. Sara

    wow, can i just say that you and josh are the cutest couple ever? and kingsley puts UGA's bulldog mascot to shame. in fact, we need a new bulldog (UGA VII died, so sad), so you should totally get kingsley in on that action.

    i found your blog yesterday (my mom insisted that i look at the cute pictures "of this adorable bulldog on a blog," and since then, I have read your entire blog thus far. yes, that's really creepy, but i'm not a creep. i promise.

    i'm looking forward to future entries!


  70. Michelle

    I agree with the leg shaving so much. I'm starting to hate it. Actually hate it.

  71. Dear Naomi,

    There is no real reason to shave your legs so often. I'm sure Husband won't complain.

    I am having cupcake jealousy, but it's tempered because I'm happy to the King back at home.

  72. I'm so glad you don't shave your legs much either. Its winter so I'm down to about once a week. Sexy!

  73. Heather

    I am loving your posts on DC! You have some places hubby and I have yet to try! :)

    It's been too long since he and I have spent time at Eastern Market! I am so ready for Spring and weekends spent downtown!

  74. Morgan

    That cupcake looks DEE-VINE!! I wish I lived in DC so I could partake of some of those goodies!

  75. I couldn't agree with you more, Naomi! Why are we expected to shave our legs, sometimes we get too busy, or just honestly cannot be bothered to do it! Give us a break! haha :)

    I hope that little kingsley gets better, and that he stays that way forever! I went into a pet store the other day, and the owner had a picture of the same dog on her shirt, I automatically went 'KINGSLEY!' He's just the cutest. :)

    Hope you're well my darling, thank you for providing me with my favorite blog to read! :)

    ps. Happy Birthday Josh!

  76. My electric razor has been a lifesaver. I can't believe it took me so long to get one. After watching husband use his on his face for years, it dawned on me… why can't I have one for my legs? Now I can shave as little as I please, and when I want bare legs, it takes me like 3 minutes. Love it. And no more razor burn, cuts, or ingrown hairs.

  77. siovhan

    I'm glad I'm not the only one wishing that the radio played something/someone else. (Or someone talented.)

    And poor Kingsley. I sure hope he gets better soon. His sad eyes make my heart hurt.

  78. commenting on your comment to the ladies of the world, it reminded me of this song:

    "When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run" – Pedro the Lion.


    i know exactly how you feel!

  79. Marcia

    Thank you for the links of what to do in DC!

  80. i haven't shaved my legs since mid october. my excuse is that its winter and my legs are always covered. i do this every year, but this might be the year that they stay hairy through summer. we'll see. razors are expense and i am cheap!

  81. I love your little Kingsley Blog! I am so happy he is back at home with you guys.

  82. HAHAHA…its so funny that i just read this entry. My BF and I were just talking about my legs and the last time I shaved… I say rock on. Its the middle of winter and I wear Pants EVERYDAY of my life!!
    By the way my BFF got me hooked on your blog. Loves IT!!!

  83. I think you definitely off the hook for shaving when it's below 40*. I live in San Diego so it's still very much necessary. Boo ;)

  84. Hanako66

    i really can't wait to visit dc again!!!

  85. Em & Gar

    I'm with you 110% on the "end women opressed by being forced to shave" thing. really. I'm kind of a yetti in the winter, and I don't even mind. That's what tights are for! xo.

  86. You should check out .. Best radio station in the WORLD!