kingsley update.

it breaks my heart to see kingsley hooked up to an IV, isolated in an oxygen tank receiving breathing treatments with some stupid cone on his head so he won’t pull out his IV. but the good news is, he’s eating again and finally responding to us when we visit. we can’t wait to bring him back home from the pet hospital.
also, thank you thank you thank you for sending good thoughts and positive energy his way. it means a lot.

such a brave little king.
kingsley, i love you.
*and these were taken with my iphone so sorry for the quality.

  1. Glad to hear the little King is doing better. How heartbreaking. I hate being away from my cat, so I can imagine what you are going through!

    x, ash

  2. leigh

    so glad to hear he's doing better, hope he gets to go home soon.

    poor little buddy.

  3. Emily

    Prayers and thoughts for you guys and your little king! He's such a sweetheart and I know he will get better soon!! Take care!

  4. lynette

    oh what a sweetheart!
    he'll be home with you soon!

  5. seakisst

    Aww. Poor baby. I hope he's better enough to bring home soon!

  6. Bless his little heart and yours!!! I hope he gets to feeling 100% soon. You and yours are wonderful pet parents! This will be a great lesson when you have human babies of your own.

    Get Well Soon Kingsley we are all pulling for you! oxox

  7. awwww, what a champ!

    So glad he's feeling a little better! I bet you can't wait to see him bouncing around like a puppy should!

  8. LauraAnn

    Awe! His picture in the oxygen chamber with the cone around his neck breaks my heart! Poor little guy!!!!! I am glad to hear that he is doing better and eating again!

    Hopefully you are able to take him home soon so that you can love on him and spoil him!

  9. coltempo

    sorry to hear kingsley's sick, but happy to hear he is on the mend! we went through the same thing with our dog, gibson, back in september: we took care of him at home and nursed him back. it was MISERABLE but we're so glad he came through it to be digging up our yard today. kingsley will be fine, and if you have any dog-with-pneumonia questions just shoot me an email!!

  10. Poor little guy!! Sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping he gets well soon!

  11. those photos just break my heart…sending even more love and good thoughts your way

    from me & roxy :)

  12. Moocy

    Your little pup is definitely in my thoughts. I hope he has a quick recovery time and gets to come home soon!

  13. Big big hug towards him, cause he has to be and will be strong, knowing you care!
    I know how it its to cry and suffer for someone beloved…

    So >:d<!

    A Dreamer.

  14. Dawnica

    i can tell he has sad little eyes! not his usual perkiness. poor baby, i'm sure he'll get better soon

  15. Michelle

    Those photos broke my heart. I hope your little man gets better really soon.

  16. Poor Kingsley. :-( But, I'm so glad he's doing better and he'll be back home getting into the fireplace before you know it! If nothing else, I've never seen a puppy look so cute in one of those cones.

  17. Omg I totally want to cry! These pics are breaking my heart! I hope he gets well super fast! That poor baby!

  18. I am so sorry to hear about Kingsley! I do hope and pray that your lil' king feels better real soon. Having two furbabies of my own, I know how worrisome and stressful it can be. :( Be strong, Momma Naomi and Poppa Josh!

  19. krysti

    He will be in my thoughts! Get well soon little king!

  20. Sara

    He looks so pathetic, poor thing.

    He looks resilient and ninja-like, so he'll probably bounce back in like, 4 minutes.

  21. Erykah

    I'm so sorry your pup is sick, but glad to hear he is doing better. We have two pups we adore, and having to go through that is SO sad. Praying for you guys!

  22. Louise

    Oh bless him, I just want to give him a big hug! He does look very brave and I am so pleased that's he's eating again and responding to you. My thoughts are with you all. Stay strong xxxx

  23. Blicious

    awwwwww poor guy!!! im so happy that he's getting better! he'll be home in no time! :)

  24. M and C

    breaks my heart. glad he is improving.

  25. Poor guy ;( I'm glad he's feeling better. I hope you guys are too… thats no fun . As sad as he looks, he's quite cute. Soon enough you'll be able to take him home! ;)

  26. Kathleen

    So glad he is doing better! Your fam is still in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

  27. I've had a pet in the dog hospital before… it is truly heartbreaking. Those photos make me want to give little Kingsley a BIG hug… I'm glad to hear he is recovering well, hope he can come home soon!

  28. Jenae

    Aw, it breaks my heart to see him like that (makes me want to cry). I'm so happy to hear he's eating again. I keep praying he gets well ASAP!

  29. Naomi, this made my eyes water! I adore dogs so much and hate to see them in any kind of pain. It's so heartbreaking!
    Our Cairn was throwing up all day Tuesday, he's doing better, and now our Westie has been throwing up since last night. Seeing them going through just this 24 hour bug is horrible! And seeing baby Kingsley with the IV on his little arm made me melt. He'll be fine and back to normal in no time! It's just gut wrenching to have to see him this way, for sure!

  30. Whitney

    Poor little peanut! He looks pleased to be in that cone :)
    Hope he feels better soon

  31. Anna

    so glad to hear he's feeling better! xox

  32. aaaaawe, poor baby! I hope he gets well soon!

  33. Sloan

    Such a courageous little man. Glad you got him to the vet when you did.

  34. Poor little guy. I'm happy to hear he's improving!

  35. orange

    these photos break my heart for you two. as i said yesterday i bet he is a fighter!!! here's to hoping the kingsley is home with you very, very soon.

  36. Myra = dog lover
    Oh my goodness. This is a heartbreaking picture, but I know your little king needs it… god speed his recovery! I sometimes feel more sympathy for sick dogs than people (depending on the condition) because I don't think dogs understand… they can get confused and feel like they did something wrong. BUT, it is so wonderful that Kingsley has such a loving mom & dad!!

  37. Mandi

    Poor doggy, he looks so sad! I will keep on praying for him…

  38. this makes my heart hurt! super speedy recovery wishes for king' coming your way! love!

  39. these pics really broke my heart! I'm glad he's doing a bit better though! I've never known about doggy ICUs…I am a nurse in a people ICU :) so this was really interesting for me to see….I hope he continues to get better fast!

  40. Jr. Mint

    Oh these pictures are heartbreaking! Poor lil guy! Glad to hear that he is doing better.

  41. almalu

    Oh poor little thing!!I hope he'll be bette soon!!!:)

  42. Deb

    OH. your little babe is breaking my heart:(:(:( hope he'll be walking the streets of the city very very very very very soon. hugs!!!

  43. Jenn

    These pics break my heart!! Poor little pup. I bet you have an expensive vet bill! I recommend pulling out a pet insurance policy at VPI Pet Insurance! We learned the hard way $2700 later! boo!! :<

    Glad Kinglsey is feeling better!! I love him!

  44. aww poor thing!! im glad kingsley doing better

  45. okay. this definitely just broke MY heart and kingsley isn't even my dog!! i have a dog named oscar (we call him oskie) and he gets sick very often so i definitely feel your pain. thank God that kingsley is feeling better :) :)

  46. oh my goodness, the poor baby! I am so glad he is home and feeling better!

  47. leahrae

    These make me want to cry. My bun was at the vet to get snipped and he looked much like Kingsley in the cone.
    So happy to hear the wee one is coming home!


  48. oh my, this breaks my heart he is such a cutie<3 i have a pup too and get so worried when shes not eating or somethings wrong. He is just a adorable tho

  49. Just came across your adorable blog–so fun to read–but this is the saddest posting I've ever seen!! :(

  50. Kim

    I'm glad he's home, these pictures are terrifying!

  51. Hanako66

    poor little guy. my heart is just breaking for you.

  52. Sarah

    oh my gosh my heart is broken looking at these. He's a tough pup, here's to a speedy recovery

  53. Angie

    i read your blog backwards and was so sad to see this post of your little puppy! i'm glad to see he's doing much better now! oh, how our furry little angels become so special, sweet and dear to us!

  54. AJD ∞

    Oh my goodness! This breaks my heart! Jumping around from entry to entry on your blog is very entertaining. It's so cute!