1. Maddy

    So happy your little guy is home! He looks so cute snuggled up with his toy. Wishing for a speedy recovery :)

  2. Jenni

    Thank the good man above. SO happy to hear that you baby is home again where he belongs.
    ps- this might be my favorite photo of him ever. Super cute. <3

  3. Lisa

    So happy for the three of you that he is home. Those pet hospital pictures were some of the saddest – yet still somehow impossibly cute – pictures I've ever seen.
    Get well soon Kingsley.

  4. Anna

    hooray!! i'm so happy for you guys! what wonderful news!

  5. 2nd Girl

    It's so good he's home. I had pneumonia a couple of years ago and it took a long time to recover so allow him lot's of time to sleep and rest..still sending all the good thoughts his way…have a brilliant weekend and enjoy Josh's birthday..and be as happy as you can be..x

  6. Cathi

    Welcome home Kingsley!
    Be well sweet puppy!!

  7. Alianna

    He'll be 100% in no time! He looks all cuddly when he's bundled up with his teddy.

  8. I'm really happy for you <3

  9. meghanb

    YEAH! I'm so happy your lit'l buddy is home and healthy. All the best!

  10. junebug

    Home and in a nice, sunny spot. Hope his recovery is speedy, complete and irreversible. Welcome home, Kingsley.

  11. Aww, I'm thrilled he's okay and back home :)

  12. oh my gosh i could squeeze that nose and those ears all day!!

  13. Hurray! So glad he's home and on the mend!

  14. Aw, little pup =( I love seeing pics of wee Kingsley

  15. A.D.

    So glad he's home! This photo is still so heartbreaking though – he looks way too cute to be sick at all. Hope he feels 100% better soon!

  16. Hanako66

    thank goodness!!!

  17. Sarah

    Oh thank goodness!!!