josh and me, and little kingsley.

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last night when i opened my email, i found this sweet drawing
of josh, kingsley and me by the talented victoria
who obviously has some beautiful skills when it comes to drawing.
it was such a sweet surprise and i can’t get over it.
thank you so much victoria!
  1. Sam

    That is so incredibly cute!

  2. This is so cute. Love it.

  3. Jenni

    Oh my this is amazing! Seriously love your little family there. If I was you, I'd have this hanging up above my fireplace right now. What a beautiful graphic.

  4. uh, I want someone to draw me something cute like that! adorable

  5. Chelsea

    very, very cute. i like the little heart!

  6. hahah! wow thats really nice of her.
    the three of you are awesome.

  7. Anna

    this is wonderful! how sweet!

  8. Meg

    that's so cute, you are the most adorable little family!

  9. Ms. P

    Haha what a cool drawing! Love the blog.

  10. Darling!

  11. ♥Lola

    That is such an amazing drawing :)

  12. That is SO cute!

  13. Kingsley makes me cry with happiness every time I look at this blog.

  14. Rhianne

    Wow, that is amazing, how lovely of Victoria :)

  15. Micaela

    SOOOOO FRIGGEN cute and looks just like you guys!


    yes, absolutely a doll of her to make someone else's day… to make yours.

    love love love it. xo

  16. loupita

    Aww, this is super cute. :)

  17. Maddy

    So very cute! I love little Kingsley in the back there. What a lovely family :)

  18. Meghan

    What an adorable drawing – I am sure you will cherish it for years to come!!!

  19. amanda

    ah. i am pretty sure that is one of the best things ever!

  20. CAPow!

    very cute!

  21. yay! that is so cute. i love it. totally your little family. because i know you guys so well and all!

  22. Lindsey

    wow! that is so awesome!!! i love it!

  23. Lindsey

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  24. p+e

    How fun to have such lovely fans!!

  25. Lauren

    ahh thats so cute! You two are adorable. I want your life! haha

  26. Lauren

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  27. Morgan

    so adorable! she's definitely talented.

  28. Ashley

    This is incredibly awesome! What a great family portrait!

  29. Emma

    i love it!!

  30. alexita

    hah! cuute!

  31. Lauren

    SOOO cute! I wish she sold prints of some of her work on etsy.. At least I didn't see a link anywhere.

  32. alexita

    btw, love your blog! how did you do all the script and fonts on it? i need inspiration!

  33. Treacle

    What a great drawing!

  34. Emily G.

    Absolutely amazing. (:

  35. so cute, wish i could do something of that sort to give to you!

  36. Heather

    How cute! I love it!

  37. ali

    this is awesome!

  38. Ali

    This is perfect for you guys! LOVE it.

  39. Oh! Such talent. She did a great job. It looks just like you.

  40. Sum

    LOVE it!

  41. Hanako66

    that's so cool!