i’ve noticed…

that this face keeps showing up when a picture is taken of me.
what am i doing?

…and because my eyes disappear when i laugh,
there are far too many photos of me like this too.
oh, such a rockstar.
  1. Lainey

    You look adorable! Absolutely adorable!

  2. Julia

    laughing is the best! shutting one's eyes because you can't contain your laughter is even better!

  3. ok you are gorgeous and i am new to your blog and i also love your dog.

    that's all.

  4. Colleen

    I have that shirt too! It rocks, just like you :)

  5. sam

    hahahaha remember how i ask myself that EVERY time i see a picture of myself? well, i do ;)

  6. …and yet you're still gorgeous in every picture.
    lucky lady.
    and lucky josh.

  7. Maddy

    Hah! This happens to me all the time, my eyes disappear when I smile/laugh too. You look adorable still, though!

  8. Yeah, I've never noticed that happening to anyone else!

  9. You're laughing! That's a good thing. You're so cute with all those freckles.

  10. Mandee

    you're part asian!

  11. Jenni

    a. that cheescake looks DELISH
    b. that face is too funny. keep it around, it means happiness and joy.

  12. love ur blazer! where is it from?

  13. Lauren

    so cute. loving the pink lipstick. glad kingsley is getting better!

  14. Congrats on having your king back! Where is your hair piece from? It is adorable!

  15. Danielle

    You are stunning. I agree with Julia and Jenni – you are full of happiness, joy, laughter and love. Best way to be xx

  16. Jennifer

    Love the outfit by the way.

  17. Cynthia

    yet you look sooo happy. i love!

  18. Julie

    I love your blog and you always have the coolest pictures… BUT, out of all the blogs I visit, all your pictures load the slowest…

  19. Allison

    Same thing for me!! Well, at least it can console you that you don't actually look strange- you're always beautiful! :D

  20. My eyes always disappear in pics too!

  21. Oh it's a happy face though. My istsers eyes disappear when she laughs. She looks like a happy anime character, I love it

  22. Meghan

    I do the same thing when I laugh, but I think it's endearing:)

  23. Tayler

    nahhh you're a babe!
    where is that blazer from?

  24. But darling you look so adorable doing it!! And can I just point something out I love the blazer so vintage and fantastic! And the headband amazing am hungry now! Need to read you next post it looks good!!…Love dye♥

  25. ♥Lola

    So gorgeous! Love that lipstick colour :))

  26. love the coat!

  27. leahrae

    Naomi, you are the cutest.
    Where oh where do you get all your awesome outfits??
    You are like one of my most favourite bloggers out there. Share your secrets!!

  28. Sera

    my eyes always disappear too! cute picture!

  29. you're such a rockstar…pictures are cute!!!

  30. That cheesecake looks delicious!

  31. i keep spotting this tweed blazer your wearing and quite frankly its fab.
    and congrats on kingsley coming home :)
    PD x

  32. Emily G.

    I always close my eyes when I laugh! You pull it off in a way only a rockstar could.

  33. Ha! I LOVE that you posted these photos. You are such a sweetheart x

  34. I've decided you need to run a post (or a whole series of them) on how you do your hair How do you get it to a) stay up and b) be so cute! I need tips =).

  35. britt

    you are too cute. i love all your outfits!!! and your cute hairpice! where is your cute shirt from ?
    ps, wanna be bloggy buddies?? i think we would make fabulous friends!

  36. britt

    oh my! is that the original? cheescake of course! from the cheescake factory? my absolute fav! loves!

  37. Hanako66

    i love it! (it's because josh makes you laugh so much:)

  38. Karen

    Love the details of your shirt and that face looks happy to me. Can't be a bad thing. :)

  39. it's awesome! and it shows your personality! ps. you have perfect teeth!!!!

  40. INKY

    You still look lovely. I most especially love your red lips! :D

  41. HollyG


    How do you do your hair like that?? I think it's the same way you do it in your headband pics. My hair's a bit shorter than yours, but I'm dying to try it!

  42. you look happy, embrace it! i have a habit of dropping my jaw & opening my mouth in photos. i've almost completely forgotten how to smile normally!

  43. Hannah

    where is this jacket from?! it is what i have spent the best part of my 23 years looking for!