i wonder…

how many more times i’ll be able to pick up kingsley like this.
he’s getting so big. so fast!
  1. LuliBags

    He looks so cuddly!

  2. Louise

    Aww he's adorable. Those eyes! xx

  3. Krysta

    haha. It gets a little more difficult (and awkward) as they go from pup to big pup. But I can still pick up my 3 yr old bully and snuggle. And they will forever be lap dogs!

  4. Pamela

    I'm not a pet owner, but he melts my heart! He's too darn cute!

  5. Morgan

    Love your marigold skirt!

  6. Britti

    This pic is heart warming!

  7. Jay

    I'm happy so see how much you enjoy your puppy!! Having pets and loving them are everyday blessings :)

  8. aha my dog was supposed to be 6-8 pounds…she is now about 18….yaaa lol

  9. and she is totally not a fatty-i guess her weight was just waaay under estimated.

  10. I will be sad for the day when you can't and he'll no longer be called a puppy.

  11. lynette

    Oh I love that painting! Who did it for you? I know you've talked about it before, but I cannot remember the details. Beautiful pup too :)

  12. Emmy

    He is getting big! But still so cute.

  13. Here's what I wonder, what do you teach?

  14. how does that work with your flight? will he fit in a carrier under your seat? or, did you buy him a ticket for his own seat?!

  15. carly

    harper decided a long time ago that he was too "big" aka too long to pick up… now he squirms all over the place (and gives lots of kisses) until you put him down.

  16. What a sweet picture! And completely off topic, but is that painting behind you one by Casey? She's my new favorite artist. :D

  17. i had a few doggy dreams last night. oh how cuddly he looks. you have such a sweet pup!

  18. @anniecristina, yes, the painting behind me is by Casey O' Connell. She was so sweet to gift it to me for my birthday last summer. It's a wall graphic of "when freckles collide."

    and since i am a dancer, i teach dance, to answer your question, @yoursister.

  19. I love kingsley he is soooo adorable! Amd yes they grow really fast awwww! Can I just say tour outfit looks amazing and your art painting am in love with! Take care darling have a brilliant day!!

  20. Melissa

    You have the cutest style! And Kingsley is making me want a puppy. =)

  21. aww so sweet! Puppies grow up much too fast!

  22. 2nd Girl

    Awh, even when they're massive, which Kingsley will never be, they still manage to get cuddles by lying on top of you on the couch..forcing you down to the ground for hugs and kisses, and in the case of my lab..sneaking to my bedroom during the night, crawling up into the bed, under the covers and lying on top of my legs….to a non-dog person it sounds disgusting but I love her for it…Anyway, hope you, husband and Kingsley have a good week with.. :)

  23. he is getting SO big. its crazy! i would say you got about another month…

    I am still so in love with that painting behind you. Very cute skirt by the way.

  24. Meg

    aww but he still has that cute new puppy face!

  25. What a cutie! To both of you!

  26. monique

    he is too cute. i still try to pick up my pup on occasions, just to snuggle…love seeing other dog lovers :)

  27. i'm loving your outfit! adorable photo. xo

  28. Victoire

    ADORABLE! haha looks like the doggy has asian eyes (yes, I'm good at being racist towards my own race :D)
    such a cute picture!

  29. Morgan

    Too cute! I love the outfit mustard is my fav!

  30. that was a sad day for me – although my dogs are in denial and still try to jump up on me at all times, but my husband still carries them, in all of their 30 pound gloriousness, like they are little babies

  31. you are adorable:)
    that is one lucky dog.
    ive never known one loved so much!

  32. katrina

    i love your outfit & your puppy!

  33. Cathi

    Soon Kingsley will be picking you up!!

  34. Jen

    He is getting big! It's sad when they get really big and you can't hold them like you used to. :-(

  35. aaww this photo is so precious! :)

  36. I echo so many here, cute outfit… still trying to "hone" my personal style in my 20's. I have always just purchased items I like, problem is, they don't always together. Some preppy, some t-shirts and jeans, some bohemian… I have a similar body structure as I can tell from your photos and such.
    I'd love to see in a future post where you shop, like top 10 fav stores or something.
    You always seem to hit the nail on the head. I want to be sort of colorful classic, if that makes sense. J. Crew meets rock 'n' roll meets pretty meets Mad Men meets ivy league meets frilly. That all seems to contridict, but if you know who this implorable (but alluring for her fashion sense) person is, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.
    Someday, I'll get there. Any tips you have for us would be great!
    That was SUCH a long way of saying you always look cute!

  37. Jenni

    Oh my he is getting so big. What a cutie.
    And your outfit and home are just so cute. Love everything about it!

  38. Ah! I LOVE Kingsley! And Casey's paintings!

  39. Sum

    I love all the colours in this picture. Adorable!

  40. kez

    Ridiculously adorable! I've been reading your blog for almost a year now and its truly wonderful! My friend and I aspire to be like you & Husband! hee hee In fact she is getting a step closer this weekend with her wedding!
    We both adore bulldogs and I cant tear myself away from your adorable little man.. he is to precious!

  41. That print is so much bigger than I imagined it when you first posted it. It's lovely…and so is the little ninja :)

  42. Natalie

    I have that skirt from Anthro and must say it is one of my favorites.