i think i found a sport that i like.

we aren’t big sports fans over here at the davis house.
we follow tennis a little (and josh likes crew)
but when it comes to the super bowl and all that,
we don’t really know what is going on.
but….. i think i just fell in love with hockey.
we went to a capitols game with some friends last friday night
(they played toronto’s maple leafs, 6-1)
and guess what? it was amazing.
mostly, i just loved all the hockey fights.
we counted a total of 4 on the ice.
it was awesome.

*you might not be able to tell in this picture,
but i wore earrings on friday night. hooray for fulfilling new years resolutions.
even if i felt like a dork all night AND had swollen ears the next day.
checking it off my list of things i accomplished. wahoo.
  1. how fun!! i just love hockey games, the fans get so riled up :) you two look so cute…where is that dress from?? love it!

  2. I have the same problem with earrings. I can only wear hoop earrings. If I wear any other kind my ears swell up.

  3. Stefanie

    Hockey is the BEST EVER!! I agree I like watching the fights. Unfortunately we will be rivals…we are HUGE Detriot Red Wing fans, but that's ok, I'll still read your blog!!

  4. Now you've got me wondering about this sport. I'm thinking I should go see the Admirals play.

  5. My boyfriend plays hockey and it's become one of my favorite sports too. I love how fast-paced it is!

  6. Jen

    I love hockey for that exact reason! Our household is all about the sports though. :-)

  7. I recently got into hockey myself since I'm in love with a Canadian. Hockey isn't big at all in France, but I fell in love, too ! I even blogged about it a few weeks ago ;-) Glad you guys had fun !

  8. That's what happened to me. Except it was baseball that I fell in love with after going to a Yankees game.

  9. my husband plays.. with my urologist.

    he started at 26 years old and loves it :)

  10. ellen

    When I went to my first hockey game (Boston Bruins) I said I wasn't leaving until there was a fight!

  11. Victoria

    You look lovely :) x

  12. Magen

    i am a resent lover of hockey too…the boy i nannied played so i heard about it all the time…i recommend checking out smaller leagues so you can sit closer… good youth leagues are just as exciting as professional and yes, the fights are the best!

  13. I feel like a dork too when I wear earrings. AND my ears get swollen because it has been so long. I can't even think about using the dangling ones because that just screams pain. I bought some dangly ones…I have worn them twice. Anyway, I feel the same pain you do. I wish I could pull it off.

  14. besswess

    Without the fights, hockey would be a little boring. I can't believe you were able to see 4! Btw….love the earrings. You need to wear them more often.

  15. i love hockey too… never been to a game though. i just notice that when flipping through channels on TV, hockey seems to stay when i find it.

  16. Yeah? Hockey?! And because of the fights?! How very unpredictable of you!

    I can't get into sports either… I like football for the dips and opportunity to chat with the ladies of some of our dear friends! Maybe I'll give Hockey a whirl… you never know! The Canadian girl in How I Met Your Mother always makes it look entertaining!

  17. VERY nice hockey ensamble! yay for you! and as a canadian, i definitely approve ;)

  18. emily

    the caps are awesome. it's the fans that get me.

  19. I'm glad you fulfilled one of your resolutions. I never fulfill mine. Sigh.

  20. I'm glad you fulfilled one of your resolutions. I never fulfill mine. Sigh.

  21. Talana

    And they look lovely on you!

    congrats for staying on top of your goals!

  22. Hi! I just recently found your blog.

    I live in Minneapolis, so hockey is a big deal here. It's fun, and quite entertaining to watch.

    I am horrible about wearing jewelry, too. What a good resolution :)

  23. I love Hockey! I've always wanted to go to a game. perhaps I should add that to my list.

  24. Alex

    I love this post! My boyfriend bought us hockey tickets this weekend for our anniversary. I've been counting down ever since and already picked out my outfit! I used to be frightened when they fought but now I cheer them on too. Enjoy the rest of the season!

  25. ells

    aww yeah! ive been only to one, but it was amazing. its so exciting! but they dont have them relly in england, im jealous of you being able to go to them!! ells, xo


  26. glad you found *your* sport. :) we only follow soccer in my house (hubby is brazilian). and as for the earrings, yay for checking off your list!!!

    its pretty good looking on a husband.
    (hockey, not earrings.
    but your earrings do look great.)

  28. Alina

    Congrats on the earrings!

    You guys should really get into sports, its so much fun when you're watching a team your passionate about! Once you get the rules and magic behind football you'll be hooked, the only sport I'm not into is hockey, but I'm sure its fun to watch all those fights, lol.


  29. Carly

    I don't really like sports either but i am the biggest Capitals fan. Hockey is the best in Washington DC!

  30. Carly

    I don't really like sports either but i am the biggest Capitals fan. Hockey is the best in Washington DC!

  31. Yay for finding your sport! Hockey, especially Caps hockey, is amazing! I'm so happy that you both enjoyed it – and the fights indeed! I have yet to watch my favorite RED team play in person, but I try to catch all their games on TV. :)

    And yay for fulfilling new year's resolutions! I do hope your ears are feeling better!

    Yays all around! :D

  32. Sarah

    it was the fights that got me into hockey too. and my fanatic red wings fan of a friend, but mostly the fights.

  33. I LOVE hockey! It's really the only sport I actually enjoy seeing, and it's so much better in person.

    The fights are my favorite part too :)

  34. Before I met my husband, I would go to one or two Nashville Predators games a season. Along came Sean and now I am an avid hockey fan! We even have season tickets! The games are so much fun…I love the fights too! So glad you two have found a sport to enjoy together. :)

  35. Barbara

    Yay hockey! I've been to a Capitals game and I thought it was awesome. My husband plays hockey and I still know nothing about it. Actually, I haven't even seen him on skates. Maybe he is messing with me ;)

  36. Agreed: the fighting is my favorite part. (And I'm not usually a violent person–I guess all the padding makes it seem safer?)

  37. Shauna

    good for you for wearing earrings!!! My holes have covered up a long time ago. it will probably be a while before i venture to wear earrings again.
    Hockey is fun! especially the fights. :)

  38. leahrae

    What types of earrings are you trying?
    If I wear gold sometimes my ears swell.
    If I wear crappy silver, they also swell.

    Sterling silver is usually a good choice.

  39. brooke

    i am with you on the earrings lady!!! i cannot wear them as my body completely rejects metal!!! so i can't sport the fun stuff…and also i too feel silly like i wasn't invited to the earring wearing society club…but you looked super cute!!! as always…which probably sounds creepy coming from me…a long time reader but new commenter…

  40. Jessica

    Love hockey! My cousin used to play and always bribed me to come to his games by promising to start a fight. So fun!

  41. holtkamp

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  42. holtkamp

    hockey is so fun to watch! isn't ovechkin amazing?!

  43. Emily

    Glad to see you're getting into hockey! It's a sport much better watched in person than on the tv. Go wings!

  44. Amanda Y

    You look so pretty for a hockey game-love it! Yes, hockey is a great game!

  45. My husband keeps wanting me to get into hockey – maybe I should try. I only like baseball =-)

  46. im not a sports fan either but i do love watching hockey. i agree: less boring than other sports because of the fights! p.s. i'm a huge earring fan so glad you've joined the world of earrings

  47. Amy!

    That is so funny.. We aren't big sports nuts over here either! I was starting to think we were the only ones?!! Thanks for sharing that :) Hockey does rule though.. I am from Canada….so naturally I love it! HOW FUN

  48. I love hockey too, but only in person. My husband and I would go see some local games in Portland, OR while we were dating. We loved seeing the fights, is that terrible? :) I remember being totally into the game and looking over to see our seat-neighbor (a young girl, like 5!) ogling my man! Little girls just LOVE him!!

  49. kirsten

    earrings – very nice!!
    I've only been to a Sioux game in ND…it was pretty exciting! I jumped every time the puck hit the boards in front of me…like ten feet in the air. ha.

  50. my josh is a HUGE caps fan! we went to about a dozen hurricanes games last year and completely fell in love with them. i mainly watch the fights (kuddos) and the crazy fans, but its still so much fun. you guys are adorable as always:)

  51. yes HOCKEY games are the best!!
    so exciting! congrats on wearing earrings! they are not so bad after a while!

  52. Raquel

    LET'S GO CAPS!!!

  53. i used to really like hockey. my fam used to have season tickets for the san jose sharks. and my FAVE part were the fights. so silly.

    other than that, i agree tennis is fun to follow but crew = torture. tell josh to teach you how to erg and then let me know what you think of it.

  54. Amanda

    You pull off red lipstick so well! Jealous! :)

    Hockey games are a blast. I have no clue what's going on as far as the rules and the plays, but the fights are entertaining.

  55. Sarah

    I think hockey is a great sport to watch because it is so fast-paced. It's not a high-scoring game, but it's a high-intensity game, so you never know what could happen, and the game can change in a matter of seconds. Fun. :)

  56. Meghan

    Umm, you look so cute at a hockey game!!! I love it!

  57. Maddy

    Swollen ears are the worst! I think they look cute on you :)

    p.s. I have never been to a hockey game, maybe bf and I will have to go to one.

  58. Courtney

    SO FUN! My boyfriend plays pro hockey and I live for the weekends when Im able to go visit him and watch him play!!! The fights are great and I love seeing that red goal light come on! Glad you had fun!

  59. He he he! I'm not much of a hockey fan either, though I do hail from Toronto, Canada, home of the Maple Leafs.

    Watching them get into scuffs is quite exciting.

    Keep having fun!

  60. Ugh! Y'all are just way too cute for words.
    I like basketball… none of the standing around for hours at a time like football and baseball. Like the fights, I like action!

  61. Ger

    Oh my poor Maple Leafs. They got destroyed! Glad you had fun though, coming from a Canadian, hockey is great!

  62. janis

    fantastic blazer lady!!

  63. Brittan

    same thing happened here! i was never really into a sport until my boyfriend took me to a hockey game… now i even watch it on tv when i'm home alone!

  64. Annie

    never seen ice hocky but across the pond we have a hellish thing called hockey which is played on grass – even when the grass is covered with ice. It is PAIN.

  65. Alex A-G

    I went to that same game! The caps are always so much fun to watch!

  66. I'm usually not a sports fan, but I did get pretty pumped up at the few hockey games that I've gone to. lol

  67. HR

    YAY! I love hockey. It's a great sport – and there are a ton of women who love it. :) Check out the Scarlet Caps at http://scarlet.capitals.nhl.com/ (totally not an advertisment :) Just sharing!)

  68. Jessica

    Hockey is great! It's fast paced, you get to see guys beating up on each other. It's not too hot and generally decent food. Plus hockey fans are fiercely loyal!

  69. Ah, I would have to agree with your conclusion! Hockey was the only sport my college was good at, so rather than packing out the football stadium, we sold out the hockey games! Cute outfit, too–I always wore sweatshirts and gloves when I went to the games!

  70. Love Hockey! My husband plays. But I must say…. I dislike the Capitals (mostly because I can't stand Ovechkin). The Pen's are my team!

  71. I love a good hockey game! Being Canadian though, that's just a given. And the fights are always the best part. The fights, the rivalry, the building excitement… ah… the joys of hockey. :D

  72. You look lovely :) Hooray for aggressive sports – they always bring about a little excitement!

  73. C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! Gah I miss home! I love the Capitals! Wanna hear a fun story about the Washington Capitals? I was born in 1976 – around this time original home of the Washington Capitals and the Washington Bullets (not Wizards) teams was "The Capital Center". My mother worked there. She was the first employee to give birth. So when I was born she was sent a dozen red roses and champagne from the owner of the Capital Center and I was sent a dozen pink carnations from the Washington Capitals Hockey Team :) How cool is that? (It's my only claim to fame).

  74. I love hockey! I didn't know about it until I moved ot Nashville and now I'm a Preds fan! I saw the Capitols beat us once! :)

  75. amanda

    hockey is a blast. no doubt about that. i love cold weather sports. as well as baseball.

    i like that you wore a dress to a hockey game. showin' your style no matter where you are. represent, girl!

  76. amanda

    mmm. and now as i look closer, i'm thinking maybe it's not a dress? ho hum. either way, love it. ha.

  77. katie

    cute dress, and the fights are always my favorite part of going to hockey games as well :)

  78. I think watching live hockey is the best. In high school I had a friend with tickets right behind the goalie…we got to see all the best fights. Super entertaining!

  79. we are hockey seaon ticket holders…. hehehe but we are Duck fans!

  80. stacy

    yeah! yeah! i'm a toronto girl who actually works in The Air Canada Center where the Leafs play!

    Glad you enjoyed it = great sport!

  81. Amy

    Go Caps! We were |this| close to going to a Caps game, but werent able to go in the end. We love going to the local Richmond renegades games though- so fun!

  82. good choice! my bf loves hockey and i, tennis. but we've come to enjoy both now. hockey live is super fun!

  83. ♥Lola

    haha you loved the fights :) What's crew?

  84. P-Cute

    you couldn't be cuter! i know this because i am canadian but you can just call them "The Toronto Maple Leaf's"… tee heee… "toronto's maple leafs". too cute :)

  85. i love hockey too! ice hockey is so fun to watch, i think it is mostly because of the fights. ha! cute outfit! love your earrings!

  86. woo toronto! not because i am a fan, just because i live here lol

  87. i think it's funny, that you hate earrings.
    you're so glamourous. it seems like it would fit the bill! ;)

  88. i love your top…or dress, cant tell. where is it from??

  89. Elise

    soo cute! and hockey is one sport i thoroughly enjoy as well! the games are so entertaining… especially those fights! :)

  90. Abbie L.

    Hockey is the one sport I LOVE on tv and love even more in person. I can pay attention to it the whole time and I yell and scream! GO PENS!

  91. tess_a

    bah i love hockey! ive never been to see a game though..lame

  92. Mallory

    i'm the same with sports. hockey is the only sport i'll agree to attend if asked. & once i get there, i always end up having a great time. but i only like it in person… i never think i'll like a sport enough to get into watching it on tv… nope! oh well! more time for reading and movies and such.

  93. i go to school in boston–we have no football team, and any other sports team is really kind of disregarded, but you get disowned if you aren't obsessed with our hockey team. so i've come to love it as well haha!

  94. Zuzuli

    Hockey is amazing! (coming from a Canadian who lives and breathes it for 8 months of the year!) Glad you enjoyed your first game :)

  95. Zuzuli

    Hockey is amazing! (coming from a Canadian who lives and breathes it for 8 months of the year!) Glad you enjoyed your first game :)

  96. Zuzuli

    Hockey is amazing! (coming from a Canadian who lives and breathes it for 8 months of the year!) Glad you enjoyed your first game :)

  97. Zuzuli

    Hockey is amazing! (coming from a Canadian who lives and breathes it for 8 months of the year!) Glad you enjoyed your first game :)

  98. omgoodness – I totally fell in love with hockey too last year when I went to my first game! It was like watching UFC on ice – loved it.