i think i found a sport that i like.

we aren’t big sports fans over here at the davis house.
we follow tennis a little (and josh likes crew)
but when it comes to the super bowl and all that,
we don’t really know what is going on.
but….. i think i just fell in love with hockey.
we went to a capitols game with some friends last friday night
(they played toronto’s maple leafs, 6-1)
and guess what? it was amazing.
mostly, i just loved all the hockey fights.
we counted a total of 4 on the ice.
it was awesome.

*you might not be able to tell in this picture,
but i wore earrings on friday night. hooray for fulfilling new years resolutions.
even if i felt like a dork all night AND had swollen ears the next day.
checking it off my list of things i accomplished. wahoo.
  1. Jen

    Oh I heart hockey! I'm wearing my Boston University hockey sweatshirt right now!

  2. Totally off subject, but I just have to say how much I enjoy your blog. And ask one question…Would you be willing to let us know what you are wearing in your photos sometimes? Love, love, love your style!

  3. I can see the earrings and I think they look lovely! If your ears are sensitive to them, dip them in Neosporin before putting them in your ears. It helps. :)

  4. Girl, hockey IS the best sport ever! I love going to games, it's my favorite thing to do!

  5. Melissa

    just discovered your blog. love it! glad you have fun at the caps game. i love them too. i think it's funny that this is the only sport (that i know of) where the refs don't interfere with fights until after someone is the clear "winner."

  6. hockey is the best sport, simply for the fights. That probably makes me less of a woman, but whateves. I love it!

  7. Hanako66

    hockey is so much fun in person!!

    hoping that kingsley and you guys are holding up okay!

  8. sara

    I'm sorry if you're creeped out by me being this far back in your blog.. i just discovered this darling daily-write up, and have to say that your life is pretty much magical!
    That aside.. where on earth did you get that amazing blouse!?!?! I know the store wouldn't have it anymore, but I think it is just amazing!!