i love kingsley. but what else is new?

what i love about kingsley:

  • his puppy kisses, puppy breath, sweet nudges
  • how he insists we rub his tummy first thing every morning
  • that he’s excelled in potty training with the puppy pads
  • how sweet his little snores sound
  • that he doesn’t cry or bark at our bedroom door when we go to bed for the night
  • that he lets me wipe his wrinkles down everyday without fussing about it anymore
what we’re working on:
  • only biting chew toys. never hands, feet and most importantly, my frye boots.
  • staying out of the fireplace when a fire is going (why does he love to sit inside the protective screen and watch the fire? scary)
  • staying in our carrier and not crawling onto my lap when i’m driving the car
  • no barks to get onto the furniture
what i’m working on :
  • resisting the urge to turn every conversation into a “kingsley” conversation with friends and strangers
  • feeling ok with letting him stay home for a few hours on his own
  • not letting him up onto the furniture when he barks or cries at it (i give in very easily to his barks and cries)
  • putting my shoes away
  • being patient while we work on “not biting”
gosh, do we love this little guy.
  1. New dogs definitely take work but it's worth it in the long run : ) He'll only be THAT more adorable! Is it possible??

    Ps – cute blouse!

  2. Sweet! I definitely talk about Harlow a lot. Right now I'm getting her used to the carrier for the airplane. Maybe we'll run into you and Kingsley in UT!

  3. erin

    such a sweet pup. love these photos of you two.

  4. kelly*

    he's adorable! i can't wait until we get a house we aren't renting and can get a puppy!! i love how puppies are comparable to babies…

  5. He's so darling!!! xoxo

  6. ♥Lola

    He's so gorgeous! My puppy training is still in progress, but so worth it :)

  7. Celeste

    he is so cute! i can see how much joy he's brought to you and it's lovely

  8. i hope these kingsley posts never end! he is way too cute!

  9. Jenni

    Love. <3 I have no words, this is just way too cute!

  10. Erin

    You are so beautiful and your puppy is so cute.

  11. Maddy

    Leaving them alone is always the hardest part! You guys are doing great!

    p.s. love your shirt :)

  12. I think I love Kingsley more than my cat. (Don't tell the cat…)


  13. Riley

    He is such a cutie! <3

  14. He's soooo precious! Now I want a puppy!!

  15. Chelsea

    he looks so sweet!

  16. Casey

    Awww, I really enjoy puppy love! I am re-living my first few months with my dog through you :)

  17. I think the only appropriate phrase is 'awwww'!

  18. anyone who has a dog will completely understand your puppy love :).

    it's kinda like having a baby. people with babies talk about their kids non-stop, so there's no reason those of us with fur babies shouldn't be able to do the same :).

  19. Victoria

    I'm guilty of all those things and I know deep down I spoil my doggies too much. But it's so easy to do! xx

  20. I am in dire need of a puppy.

  21. Dara

    you're such a good little mama, taza!

  22. Kingsley is AMAZING one of the best looking little puppies I have ever seen aw those wrinkles and puppies smell lovely too! I would love a puppy but never going to happen as I cant settle in one country/job/city! :-S so it's not fair on a pup aw but he's soooo cute! I do have a lil boxer dog who lives with my aunt and uncle she's my adopted dog :-) xxx ps does Kingsley do those adorable big ol' sighs like a lot of pups do? like they have had a hard day?! haha. Aw.

  23. Sara

    It must be reassuring to wake up every morning, panic for just a second in case Kingsley got less cute over night and then quickly breathe a sigh of relief when you see that smooshy face.

  24. Tori

    I've had my dog for almost a year and it's still IMPOSSIBLE for me not to turn every conversation into an "OMG CAN I TELL YOU HOW CUTE MY PUPPY IS?" Thank God most people are willing to humor me …

  25. Meredith

    Our dog is two now, and some things,like no biting and fetch, took us forever to teach him, but once he picked them up, he was great. Plus, it's really cute now when we say "No bite!" he licks us instead. We did give in to the furniture thing, though, and our sofa regrets it…

  26. he is so adorable. if i ever get a dog it will definitley be an english bull.

  27. kathryn

    I love kingsley too!

    And is that an urban outfitters dress? If so, I almost bought it a while back. It looks great on you.

  28. Deb

    aww – pooter! there's nothing wrong with having "his" section of the couch, is there? :) just ask my 60 lb black lab mix!

    the shoe chewing however – oh dear!

  29. Jennifer

    Your dog is adorable!

    I am still training my pup on the no biting hands thing. It is all a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

  30. selene_m

    I know exactly what you mean about trying not to turn every conversation topic into puppies!
    Right now, I'm trying not to make every post on my blog about my new Goldendoodle, Liffey!
    It's so hard 'cause she just arrived on Tuesday…good luck to us both!

  31. Amy

    i miss the smell of puppy breath!

  32. Oh keep it up! My little dog is kind of naughty because we didn't train him very well when he was little! He's still precious too though!

  33. Katie

    Hi Naomi!

    I got your message for my headband!!Thank you for letting me know!Maybe I wrote my email wrong?God knows!Anyways thank you and I'll let you know when I get it!

    Kingsley is adorable, I love the way my doggie smells too!


  34. What a fun experience! Lovely pictures. I love how you describe things. :)

  35. Claire

    Your puppy is too cute! My brother has a full grown english bulldog and she is so chubby (but still very cute). She also really loves shoes and she immediately goes for your feet when you walk in (to lick them). My brother has to keep her pinned up in the kitchen when he's away so she doesn't go after every pair of shoes in the house. She's so silly.

  36. Hi Taza,
    De-lurking here. I love your blog, and your Kingsley posts kill me (in the melt-my-heart kind of way)!

    I'm sure you've had tons of advice, but I'll share one tip. You might try a quirt bottle of water to help with staying off furniture. It seems heart-breaking, but it might be the tiny, fairly-harmless cue little King needs. He probably won't like a little quirt in the face, but it won't hurt him. And hopefully, he'll learn that couch=squirt.

    Read a little about my doggies here if you're so inclined.

    And p.s. Don't give up on the furniture battle. You'll be glad you kept that rule. (take it from someone who did not stick to that rule.)

    Squeezes to Kingsley!

  37. Colleen

    He's precious, so jealous – my tiny NYC studio and 100-hour a week job stop me from getting a bulldog puppy. Enjoy him!

  38. Drea

    I had to work on the same things when we first got Viva. Shoes were a big thing, but now I remember to put them away and when I forget she knows not to chew them up. It's been over a year and I still hate leaving her home for too long and I talk about her constantly, but so do my friends so, oh well. :P puppy kisses are the best!

  39. Aww, look at those sweet, soulful eyes! He's precious! It looks like he's already grown so much in the last few weeks you've had him. xo, J

  40. he is so stinking cute it kills me! and even though it's dangerous, i think it's so funny how he likes to watch the fire! haha!

  41. What a sweet puppy mom you are. It gets easier. Although my doggy still makes me sad whenever I leave without him – I wish I could stay and cuddle him all day!

  42. Meghan

    Oh, I just can't get enough of Kingsley! He sounds like such a wonderful puppy:)

  43. same thing with my baby…. i make every conversation about him :)

    i just started a blog that i think you'd enjoy…

    yourethehoneyandthemoon.blogspot.com, feel free to check it out!

  44. I'm pretty sure that every time you post new pictures of Kingsley, I call my husband over to the computer to look at them, while squealing, "Isn't he the cutest?!"

  45. Rudi

    Awww he's getting so big!! What a little darling!


  46. Cathi

    Hopefully you won't have to discover how a good cobbler can rebuild a shoe that a puppy has chewed. We weren't so lucky with our puppies.
    Kingsley is adorable not matter what he does…right?
    Oh how I'd love to cuddle him!

  47. Donna

    girl, you need a REAL baby! ;)

  48. Jen

    Don't worry… the urge to talk about him all the time subsides in a few months. When we first got Morris, I talked about him CONSTANTLY! I think mostly because I wasn't living with him at the time. But now, I only talk about him with my fellow dog-parent friends when they bring up their "children."

  49. awwww more adorable-ness! Love it.

  50. This post made me smile so big. New pups are the best. I love how you are keeping everything in perspective. You are such a great mama!

  51. I love your bangs!

  52. Louise

    Aw he is adorable! He just gets cuter and cuter. I love that last pic of you and Kingsley :) xx

  53. Johanna

    He is very cute! I know what you mean, trying to not talk about your dog in every conversation. Sometimes, I worry that I bore people by posting too many photos of our dogs, but they occupy my mind so frequently, I can't help myself.

    My little Italian Greyhound loves fires! He's tiny and has a very thin coat, so warmth is his favorite. It frightens me. He'd try to get inside the fireplace, oven or steamy dishwasher if I let him. !!!

    I've reared two puppies in the last year 1/2, and both had penchants for biting. Like, play biting. Ow! Feel free to ask for advice. :)

  54. I love how fabulous that red lipstick looks!

  55. lynette

    Haha! I love puppy breath too!
    He is adorable – I'd be gushing too :)

  56. Vent all your Kingsley talk here – I'm eating it up! He's so darn cute. Stay firm with the furniture if you don't want him all over it. Think of it is this way it's hard to hear the cries but in the end it's less confusing or hurtful to him if you're firm right off the bat – he'll learn his place and be a better doggie for it :)

    He's such a looker! (aka Heartbreaker!) ox

  57. Oosh! I got a six week old puppy on Friday. I agree with all of the above!

  58. Oh my gosh!!! He is soooooo cute!! My 15 year old "pup" passed away in august and I keep saying I don't want a new dog but looking at this lil guy makes me want one! Aww, he looks so lovable and sweet!!!

  59. He is by far the cutest little thing! I wish you guys nothing but the best with him.

    And how could anyone resist the sweet little cries? Too cute!

  60. Blicious

    precious!!!!! HE IS SO ADORABLE!

  61. emily

    sorry if i messed up the training process by letting kingsley bite my hands. i just didn't know what to do with all that attention :) hope you had a good weekend.

  62. Mrs T

    He is SO adorable!

  63. Krysta

    Puppy breath will one day turn into stinky dog breath. But I NEVER get tired of frito corn chip paws. I don't know why but I love em.

  64. Not to ignore Mr. cute puppy, but how do you get such nice shiny hair?

  65. Hanako66

    puppy pads are lifesavers!

    you will get used to the shoes…any time i leave the room, i pick up all chewable objects and move them to higher ground! it's second nature now!

  66. I'm glad his potty training has been going well! He seriously is too cute…I love all the pictures you're posting!

  67. Oh my- I would have a heart attack if my puppy went after frye boots!
    He's so adorable though :)

  68. carla

    Oh…..my……gosh! I'm in love….he is so cute! I have an English Bulldog too: Romeo. We LOVE him to death. (even though, I could give you a list of things he's chewed up) Congrats on your new baby!