have a great weekend!

hope you have a nice warm weekend!
we hope to spend the majority of ours outside
before it gets cold again….
and our giveaway winner is tim corey:
tim, please email me your contact info!
thanks for playing, everyone!
  1. Finally, things are starting to warm up.

    45 is the new 75!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Saskia

    Have a wonderful weekend too Naomi!

    It's warming up here in the UK too… thank goodness!

    Saskia x

  3. Sarah

    Aww, another lovely picture :)
    Have a great weekend Naomi!
    It's rainy season now in Indonesia, so it's raining everyday but I love it :D
    and congratulations for the winner!

  4. autumn

    aww. as much as i wanted to win, i am glad this guy did. how sweet!

  5. -L-

    This is a bit random, but speaking of warmer weather…
    After your Dominican Republic trip, a lot of people were asking you about where you bought your swimwear. I couldn't find the answer (though I remember you did answer it!). Would you be so kind as to remind me? <3

  6. Meg

    I have to ask… where did you get that adorable yellow sweater? I've admired it everytime I see it in a a pictures on you! Thanks!

  7. Meghan

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. im def gonna enjoy the weather this weekend :] hope you have a great one to!!

  9. Sum

    this picture is happiness! truly, true love.

  10. INKY

    You look so happy :)
    An awesome weekend to you both!

  11. You guys are too adorable. We only had to wear one short coat in London tonight! It's a whole 6 degrees warmer, which makes such a difference!

  12. Hanako66

    hope your weekend is amazing!