happy new year!

we are thrilled 2010 is here!
  • looking forward to lots of “kingsley” things.
  • excited for 2010 travels to utah, florida, NYC, and cabo, mexico.
  • fulfilling new goals and exciting work projects
  • exploring DC more and being more adventurous
  • maybe exercising a little
  • giving more hugs to people and not feeling awkward about them
  • developing myself more spiritually– strengthening my testimony of the gospel
  • celebrating birthdays, a 3 year wedding anniversary and other special holidays
  • planning a costume party for kingsley’s 1st halloween birthday (eeeek!)
  • moving forward with other personal goals and dreams
  • embracing everything else that’s thrown at us this year– the good, the bad….all of it!
bring it on, 2010!
we love you already!
*p.s. we die over kingsley’s turtleneck (thank you sarah and dmitri)
and his obsession with sitting beside the fire for hours watching it crackle. he’s a goof ball.
  1. kuddos to fulfilling new goals and work projects. josh and i just listed our goals we have together and we are so excited to get them started. good luck to you guys for the new year! xo

  2. Well isn't Kingsley just the cutest. thing. ever. I love your goals for the year, and hope you guys have a great 2010!

  3. molly

    if we ever got a dog, that's what my husband wants. kingsley is spot on adorable.

  4. carly

    oh he looks so studly!

  5. What a great list! 2010 sounds fun already:) Happy New Year to you!

  6. Kari

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  7. Kari

    I just recently stumbled across your blog–and I'm already getting blog envy! ;)

    I love your genuine style (and not just in fashion–'cause your obviously adorable in that area)…

    I think you're a great example of living young LDS life to the fullest! That's what I try to do :)


  8. Amy

    so cute! i love the turtleneck.

  9. I do have to say that Kingsly looks rather regal (in an English sort of way) sitting in front of the fireplace with a turtleneck on :)
    Nice goals!!

  10. Ashley

    I love every single roll on Kingsley! He is so darn cute.

  11. Oh my gosh. An argyle sweater on your adorable dog= two of my favorite things in the world. Thank you for this picture.

  12. Gabby

    Oh my goodness, that dog is too cute!

  13. i'm totally an awkward hugger too. i never really hug people because of this, but i'm working on this too. good luck with giving more hugs this year :).

  14. adore Kingsley! TOP 5 cutest dogs i've ever seen!! good luck in 2010!

  15. Stevi

    That is the sweetest picture I've ever seen. LOVE the sweater!

    Good luck on all your adventures and goals for 2010!

  16. you have so much puppy excitement ahead of you!!! it's the best ever.

  17. amanda

    i'm not the world's biggest fan of dog clothes…but kingsley definitely works it well. what a little stud!

  18. Anne.

    THE ARGYLE! <3333

  19. so a) I want a kingsley of my own so very badly b)what camera do you use it is amazing c)I commend you for your goals and for wanting to strengthen your walk that is one of mine as well d)what's your fave spot in DC my friends and I are going there for a birthday at the end of the month :-) <3

  20. Lori

    OMG an argyl sweater. How adorable is that.

  21. Sum

    Little Kingsley is darling in his turtleneck! I loved your list. I need to do the same thing, too. Strengthen my testimony.

  22. allison

    I was watching americas funniest home videos tonight and there next contest is on bulldogs. Obviously its the simple process of submitting a video of something your dog did. I am not sure if you guys would be interested in this at all but I do read your blog from time to time and when i was it I thought of kingsley

  23. Chloé

    i am the same with hugs! i love all your goals. and i am so in love with kingsley. his sweater is perfect for him!

  24. Britty

    I think I just died from all the adorable….He's so cute. Your year sounds like my year to come. Even down to going to Cabo!!! You are great Naomi, keep on keeping on!

  25. Soo sooo adorable! And we look forwad to reading more Rockstar Diaries, Kingsley stories, and fabulous photos in 2010!

  26. what a cutie pie! he is so stately. you have a wonderful list of goals. happy new year!

  27. Cathi

    what an adorable photo of Kingsley! Great list of goals for the year! Happy New Year!

  28. Kera

    i must add my sentiments and say that he is rather handsome. happy new year to the three of you!

  29. siovhan

    so cute! that dog is the highlight of my day! i just saw his playdate pictures with stellie–so cute. me and my bff at work melt over all the kingsley pictures you put up!

  30. Annie

    whoop! trips sound v. exciting – I too am excited for travelling this year :)

  31. Cathi

    Kingsley is so dang darling!!
    My grandbabies must be goofballs because they too re mesmerized with watching the fire.

  32. omg. the sweater. i heart it.

  33. Ashley

    Kingsley is ridiculously adorable & is breaking down my firm "no pets" stand.

    Happy 2010! :)

  34. Oh my he looks so cute! He is already such a classy gentleman if I do say so.

    You're 2010 goals are great. I am so excited for what this year will bring!

  35. He looks so sophisticated in his little sweater! What a little dude!

  36. seriously. what a cutie pie. I die everyvtime I see a picture of him coming across my google reader. :)

  37. He is dang cute!
    Happy New Year!

  38. Kingsley is so adorable. I'm in love & want a dog now too!

  39. cute. cute. cute. – and i hope you achieve everything you set out to do!

  40. Rudi

    That little sweater is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I always freak out over dog clothes- my mom think I'm crazy but I don't care what she says. A cold puppy deserves a sweater!

  41. happy new year to all 3 of you….2010 is going to be the best!!

  42. Happy New Year! I never would have guessed you would be uncomfortable with hugs. I have the same issue that I'm trying to get over as well.

  43. what? a little puppy sweater? how absolutely adorable!

  44. oh my heavens! that is the cutest picture, it makes me giggle:)

  45. Ariel

    i love his fancy sweater! and i even kind of like your dog {i'm so so so not a dog person…}.

  46. Sarah

    Keep these adorable pictures coming!! Happy New Year to your new little family!!

  47. Could he possibly be any more adorable?

  48. Kiasa

    I'm trying to decide which is more adorable…the wrinkled pooch or your complete giddiness over him. So fun!

  49. Bryan

    kingsley is so adorable. i'm using this photo of him as my wallpaper.