happy birthday!

…to my man,
best friend,
love of my life,
partner in rockstar crime,
and dear sweet husband.
i love you so much, josh!
happy 27th!
  1. It feels a little funny to leave your hubby a Happy Birthday message, but since I am one of the first, I am seizing my chance! Happy Birthday!

    I really dig your blog… Don't hate me for plugging mine :) http://www.thegooddistrict.com

  2. Happy Birthday Josh, although I dont know you guys, i feel like I know you guys, so enjoy!

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  4. SoFiA

    happy birthday!

    have a great weekend you two!

  5. a very happy birthday to josh!
    have fun celebrating, lovebirds!

  6. (and apparently i don't read my own comments. fail.)

  7. sarah

    joyeux anniversaire, josh!
    i hope you enjoy your 27th year!

  8. yay happy birthday!!

  9. why did he refused your brilliant birthday party idea foe his big day this saturday. please continue bring this up for months.Hope hes not reading this naomi hahah!! the inportant thing is that both of you are toghether…Love dye♥

  10. Emily G.


    joyeux anniversaire!

    feliz cumpleanos!

    happy birthday, josh! have a great 27th year!

    [also, very curious about the nixed birthday party idea]

  11. yay! happy birthday, josh!

  12. this is very special. happy birthday!

  13. Yay! Have a very happy birthday!

  14. britt

    oh yay! happy birthday josh!!! hooe you have the best birthday ever! kinda cool or maybe weird you might think that all these strangers are wishing you happy bday! hope its happy!

  15. Frau

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope Josh has a wonderful birthday weekend!

  16. Karen

    Happy birthday! :)

  17. katha

    It's your rockstars birthday: so have a fun day with lots and lots of cool things to do, a happy day full of laughts and all over just a rockstar day (with hopefully a better feeling little kingsley!)

    Best incident: it's my birthday as well, no kidding. If that's not something — having on the same day as your rockstar!


  18. Juultje

    Happy Birthday!!! Have great one.

  19. Celeste

    happy birthday josh!! how are you guys celebrating?

  20. María

    Happy birthday josh! :)

  21. Britti

    Happy Birthday and all good wishes! Be richliy blessed, Josh :)

  22. Happy birthday Josh!!!!

  23. Jay

    Happy birthday rockstar hubby!! Hope the 3 of you have a lovely weekend :)

  24. Jenni

    Woo Hoo Happy Birthday Josh. Hope you two rockstars have a great day celebrating.

    ps- behind Josh in that photo a man is pulling a bone out of his mouth or something, haha.

  25. Emmy

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a great one.

  26. Morgan

    Hooray for birthdays! Happy Happy Birthday!

  27. kate

    happy birthday josh! i felt as if i had to comment, because it's my birthday too! aren't all the best people born on january 30th??

    all the best to you and taza and kingsley!

  28. happy birthday to your sweet husband! life is so much more fun with a good partner by your side!

  29. Kari

    First–I LOVED your "little letters" post below. GENIUS. And adorable ;)

    Second–is it okay that I get more excited about my husband's birthday than he is? One time I threw him a FIESTA with enchiladas, Mexican train dominoes, pin the tail on the burro, and so on. ;)

    I'm excited to see how you two celebrate! I just love your blog!!

  30. He has the best little smile here! You two are just about the most gorgeous things in the whole "blog"dom! lol~ Happy Birthday to Josh. Soo glad Kingsley is home with you guys to help you celebrate! What did he NOT want to do to celebrate his birthday? Inquiring minds want to know! lol~

  31. Happy Birthday Josh! Have a spectacular day with Naomi and Kingsley! Hope you have lots of surprises awaiting you!

  32. amanda

    happy birthday to your hub!

    i hope you two had a blast celebrating 27 years.

  33. B

    Have a wonderful birthday Josh!

  34. Karina

    party at your place? :D

  35. happy birthday josh! ;)

  36. Happy Birthday to him! You guys are the cutest.

  37. Ashley

    Happy Birthday to Josh! Hope it's as good as whatever he was having at Shake Shack in that photo! Yummm…

  38. Stefanie

    Enjoy ur life right now!…im telling you, make that best out of every day! and live life to the fullest!

    p.s. say hi to naomi and kingsley for me :)

  39. Oh, my gosh! He's just a baby! Happy Birthday.

  40. Lex

    happy happy birthday. i don't know you either. but i love this blog!

  41. 27 Rocks! Have an awesome year and beyond.

  42. Cynthia

    Happy Birthday! It's snowing in DC too, that rocks!! haha I live in Va that's how I know

  43. dbbg

    happy birthday josh!

  44. Happy Birthday to the Rockstar hubs!

  45. CAPow!

    happy birthday!!

  46. Rhianne

    Happy birthday Josh – I hope you all had a great day :)

  47. lexan

    happy birthday!

  48. lexan

    happy birthday!

  49. Hanako66

    aw, happy birthday josh!

  50. Anne

    [email protected] Birthday, Josh! You and my husband are practically the same age- he turned 27 a few days ago! All the best!

  51. Sum

    Happy Birthday Josh! Hope it was the best for a rockstar like you.

  52. Astrid

    Happy birthday! Birthdays are so important. It's the anniversary of the day you began life. What is more significant?

  53. Diana

    happy birthday to your husb!!

  54. Natalie

    le dorable.

    that is what you two are.
    two partridges in a pear tree.

    pears are mm.

  55. awe happy birthday! 1/30 was my birthday as well!

  56. malia

    oh happy birthday, josh! hope you had a fabulous birthday. it looks like you did though. :)