kingsley is an english bulldog
but maybe he could be mistaken for a french bulldog
if we got his ears to stay in this position:

nah, just kidding. we don’t want to change a thing about this little guy.
and yes, we’re still gushing.
  1. aww what a cutie! x

  2. Haha. Hilarious.

    You're taunting me with all these adorable puppy pictures.

    I'm wanting one so badly!

  3. Your making me wish that Ted and I had a puppy!

  4. Meg

    awww he's so cute! enjoy these times when he's little, he'll grow up so fast :)

  5. kirsten

    i love that you love your pup so much!!! we love our little animal, too – that's the way it should be. :-D

  6. Emily


  7. I can already notice he's getting bigger. Before long he won't be a puppy anymore. Sad. But I'm sure he'll still make an ADORABLE dog at any age.

  8. WAY too cute.
    Just far, far too cute lol

  9. aww how cute! i also just want to say that i love following your blog. it's just so happy!

  10. Lauren

    He is just SO stinking cute!!!

  11. oh my gosh i want a puppy right now lol

  12. aaaaaaaaaaahhh he does look like a frenchie when you do that!! have i mentioned how adorable little kingsley is??? He's just darling… but you probably already knew that!! ; )

  13. pen.ny

    Oh, I'd be still gushing too. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  14. Jay

    He's a lovely little fellah :)

  15. And rightfully so! He is positively adorable!

  16. he has the most adorable eyes I've ever seen!

  17. Melinda

    So cute! We do that to our lop ear rabbit all the time too :)

  18. Jenae

    He is just sooo adorable! I can see why you're gushing. Whenever I look at my little pup (even after having him for a year) I still smile because he's so cute & take millions of pictures of him still.

  19. logan

    I really can't stand how cute he his. It forces me to show all my friends his pictures like I'm a doting grandma or something.

  20. ktbwood

    adorable dog! makes me miss mine!

  21. i'd still be gushing too! :)

  22. I am LOVING Kingsley!! oh, and husband's shirt! YAY

  23. LuliBags

    I love his little paws! Lx

  24. He's absolutely precious. I imagine you'll be gushing for years and years to come.

  25. Ahh, I'd still be gushing too! He's such a little cutie!

  26. AmyK

    I wish my hubby liked bulldogs. He says they drool too much when they get bigger. They do drool a lot, but they're cute. And they can be VERY sweet!

  27. laur

    he is too cute!

  28. Melissa

    How can you NOT gush!!? What an adorable little puppy!

  29. Celia

    he's so cute!!!

  30. emily

    ah ha! there's that invisible string :)

  31. Michelle

    I looove French Bulldogs! But Kingsley is perfect as is!

  32. He is SO SO SO adorable! I would be a proud parent, too!!

  33. Amber

    I am really enjoying reading and seeing pictures of Kingsley. He is precious and makes me want a puppy so bad!

  34. kathryn

    Josh looks like such a proud papa! So cute.

  35. will you paaalease send kingsley to me so i can dog-sit? i just really love him. thanks.

  36. Barbara

    Furkids are the best! What a cutie!

  37. Giselle

    so precious. this brings back wonderful memories when my good friend, summer, got her english bulldog right around kingsley's size. sweet sweet sweet!

  38. Karen

    So cute! So cute!

  39. jordan

    ugh…i'm not much of a pet kind of person, but these photos are definitely making me long for a puppy.

  40. ah ! puppies are just the cutest creatures in the whole world. you are such an adorable little family!

  41. Jamie

    my hubby and little girl just LOVE your dog. i have to pull up your blog daily just so we can gush over him too! and guess what?! we are going to the pet store tonight {just to look…}! ; ) yay!

  42. Liz

    Oh. His little face just makes my heart skitter. He is just adorable. I wish my dog Mabel would tolerate a new member to the family. But, honestly, she barely tolerates the mail man. :)

  43. oh my goodness. he's so. darn. cute.

  44. Ivy

    hopefully you'll never stop gushing! we still gush over our pup 2 years later. sometimes i wonder if people think i'm crazy, but i don't care! pups are THE BEST.

  45. Caroline

    His whole body is so wrinkly! I love it!

  46. haha he looks like the little monster dog-thing from lilo and stitch with his ears up

  47. Ger

    adorable! and I love your table

  48. His expressions are priceless in these pictures!!!!
    #1- Okay, Mom and Dad, just one more picture with my ears up
    #2- That's better. No more torture!!!!
    haha, what a stinking cute fella!

  49. I'm still gushing, and I don't know you or your dog.

  50. Ditto on all the Kingsley compliments!

    I love your kitchen table and chairs!!

    What's the story on Josh's t-shirt? It looks cool.

  51. CAPow

    he DOES look like a french bulldog when you hold his ears up!

  52. i just… want to squish his little face. he's too adorable for words!

  53. Apt. #34

    eek, I've been in the market for frenchie for two years. Stop with those posts because you're convincing me to take the plunge and do it.

  54. that face is amazing

  55. Love seeing pictures of Kingsley. He is such a cutiepie!

  56. hahaha. just too cute!

    ps. i read on your twitter that you were babysitting and kingsley was getting jealous….

    when my parents adopted my baby brother my dog would growl anytime i went near the bassinet!! he was so jealous it was hilarious!!…

  57. thobeka

    i want 2 just like him!!

  58. Rhianne

    I'm still gushing for you :) I think my boyfriend is getting fed up of me telling him how cute Kingsley is, teehee :)

  59. Too cute! He is getting bigger!


  60. nifer

    Haha, I love the look on his face in the second picture. My caption: "Would you just let me be? Stop playing with my ears!" LOL

  61. Melanie

    he's super cute. looks like he's grown!

  62. Kiasa

    I know this post is about Kingsly and Josh, but I LOVE your table and chairs!

  63. Amy Doll

    Kingsley is so cute!

  64. Sara

    I wanna squish his face. You know, in a good way.

  65. SOOO cute! He is absolutely adorable!

  66. Hanako66


    he looks like a little trouble maker in the second photo!

  67. It's been since just before Christmas when i last came for a visit to your blog. I love your little Kingsley! He's adorable! We have a dog too and I just can't imagine living without the little guy. They truly become family. Enjoy!

  68. Cathi

    Oooo…I'm coming out of the lurking shadows to say French is good but I love the English Kingsley!!