i’ve had this roll of film from the diana+
in the car for months and just now developed it.
i’m sort of really liking what the bitter cold of the car
did to the films edges. what a lovely little surprise.
  1. G

    I recently acquired a bunch of expired 120 film for my Holga. I wonder if that combined with the cold would turn out something special? Thanks for the insight. I'm going to try it. :)

  2. Echo

    I havent seen that happen with photos before…I think I am going to leave my film in my car now ;)

  3. WOw! Pretty cool effect! Congrats on hitting the 3000+ followers mark!

  4. I have a bunch of film to get developed too (from my holga) and I am hoping for some surprises as good as yours! :-)

  5. Melanie


  6. You are so stunning! Although you know that already because the last 100 people just told you! Loving your photography and all round creativity. Very inspiring.

  7. beth


  8. beautiful! i've had SIX ROLLS of diana+ film waiting to be developed for the last YEAR. its my new years resolution to get them developed. i like the edges. good stuff.

  9. i hope that wheni get out of highschool (gag) i can be that AWESOME (:

  10. anna

    You make simple things into beautiful pieces of art my dear.

  11. Sum

    You and your husband are pretty. Just like a dream. I love the way these photos turned out, too.

  12. Your cardigan/shirt/whatever that is is amazing. I have a thing for polka dots! And the frosting on these pictures makes them look like they're from another time. Awesome.

  13. Lyndee

    I have a technical question for you. I've recently bought a diana and I took her out for her first little spin and found that no one in my small town develops the film. Where do you get you film developed? Do you have to send it out? If you have the time shoot me an email at [email protected]. I'd appreciate it so much!

  14. Courtney

    oh goodness, LOVE these! Makes me want to finally develop the last roll of film from my diana that I took months ago!

  15. lovely surprise for some beautiful photos!

  16. lovely surprise for some beautiful photos!

  17. lovely surprise for some beautiful photos!

  18. wow! these are stunning! i love the look!

  19. Hanako66

    oh they turned out beautiful!

  20. Rudi

    You two are my dream couple….

    Also, your husband is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

    And also, I really wish my diana photos turned out so amazing. Mine always look really, really bad.

    love, rudi