clean wrinkles. and other stuff.

josh snapped these while i was wiping down kingsley’s wrinkles the other day.
(something we have to do everyday for our little bully. he’s learning to like it.)
i’m posting them because i am annoying and think he is the cutest.
in other news,
we have nicknamed kingsley, ninja.
because we’ve decided he would make the worst ninja ever.
josh has a birthday this saturday!
i am more excited about this than he is.
we deep cleaned our closet.
this means you can walk inside it and see the floor.
(i am a messy one to live with.)
it was 67 degrees outside yesterday.
unfortunately, it didn’t last long.
i got a letter in the mail from my almost 12 year old brother
and i couldn’t believe how beautiful his cursive handwriting is.
he’ll have to teach me how to improve my scribbles next month.
18 days until utah.
i just might make a paper chain count down for our house.
i’m that happy about it!
  1. Awww Ninja he looks adorable!! No wait we just doesn’t look adorable he is adorable and cute, cant wait to see the outfit both of you are wearing to the birthday party and I cant wait to see Utah updates how fun am in love!!! Take care darling your amazing!!

  2. you're adorable and so is mr. ninja. :) spending time with my family makes my heart happy too! you should totally make a count-down!

  3. Can I just say that I think your little family is sooo cute!

    I've been trying to talk myself into getting bangs for so long and your cute hair was the final push i needed and i LOVE IT!!

  4. Rachel

    I love it when you have to groom your puppy and he struggles the whole time! My dog, Cowboy, used to struggle at bath time, and then be so tired he'd fall asleep while I was brushing him out!

  5. Haha I'm messy too :) Oh well!

    Cute pictures! They're never annoying!

  6. Ali

    Wiping down his wrinkles.

    That has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

  7. Uh-oh. Be prepared to never call Kingsley by his name again. Once you start with the nicknames you never go back.

  8. Katie

    Kingsley is the cutest thing ever!

  9. I giggle everytime I read about his little wrinkles! It's hilariously cute that you have to wipe them down everyday.

    PS Where do you find such lovely tights? I always lovelovelove the ones you've got on.

  10. Naurnie

    he looks like he's giving you the hairy eyeball in that one picture!

  11. yeah for your brother rocking the cursive! it is a dying art, as you've mentioned before i think (?) anyway make that paper chain! having something to look forward to makes the whole world brighter!
    and by the way, lucky kingsley got the best mama on earth.

  12. oh naomi!!!

    how ADORABLE is Kingsley!!!
    also, i'm thrilled you are excited to be in Utah with your family. i'm encouraged that you like your family that much (:

  13. Liz

    aw you have to clean his little wrinkles every day? That is so cute and funny! 67 degrees?… so jealous. happy almost birthday to josh! I'm sure you have something fabulous planned!

  14. Tori

    67 degrees in DC? It's not even that warm in our part of Arizona! And I support your paper chain making idea. It will make the waiting more enjoyable.

  15. Lisa

    kingsley looks like he has so much character – so cute!

    you just made me want a make a paper chain to count down to a trip i'm taking this month. that makes it even more fun for counting down!

  16. I can't believe how cute it is to watch someone wipe down a dog's wrinkles.

  17. cute!!

    you should make a chain. it would be fun to count down.

    i'm going home to utah soon as well, and CAN NOT wait!!

  18. ashlina

    wow. DC must be so beautiful right now!!!!!
    lucky girl.
    kingsley is the cutest! i just cant stand it.

  19. the husband just revamped out closet. and i was ever so pleased. seriously, you could never see the floor before. and he couldnt handle it any longer. so he built an extra bookshelf thing in there for shoes and all my crap. its amazing. now there is peace in the closet. i love peace in the closet. and i love your posts!

  20. Yay for all these new develoments. You are not annoying in the least – he's the cutest. He might not make a stealthy ninja, but he sure would make a cute one!

  21. laura

    Kingsley is so cute. I don't like dogs (am scared of them) so if I think a dog is cute, it's a huge compliment!

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a 42-inch letter, I think one would look great on your wall! I don't know if you enter giveaways, but I think you should enter! :-)

  22. oh goodness. what a cute one he is….do you have big plans for josh's birthday?

  23. Shannyn

    So funny! My boyfriend's roommate has a bulldog and his name is…Ninja. =)

  24. Shannyn

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  25. Shannyn

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  26. jordan

    so… how gross is cleaning out the wrinkles? i was talking about these puppies with my boy the other day, and he acted like i was crazy bc i would have to clean out the wrinkles.

  27. Maddy

    Yay for cleaning, good letters and vacations! And of course, little Kingsley. I heard from your Twitter he may be sick, I hope he's better and completely not sick :)

  28. carly.

    how old is your puppy??
    he still has such a cute puppy face and i've been reading your blog for a few months and my guess is he's under a year but will he get much bigger?
    he's sooooo fucking cute.
    excuse my language

  29. C$

    He's too cute.

    Paper chain countdowns are fabulous. I may or may not have made one 104 rings long to countdown the number of days until I see Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden. That's normal…right?!

  30. Arti

    my birthday is this Saturday too!! how exciting :]

  31. Morgan

    he really is the cutest though!!

  32. cara.

    everyone loves that ninja. he's so cute.

    and i like that you're messy. my love seems to think everyone is really clean and organized like him. i keep assuring him there's more of us out there than them. thank you for that affirmation! (:

  33. Your fur baby is absolutely adorable!! I want to take him home with me =D

  34. Riley

    Your Kingsley is the cutest thing! :)
    I dont blame you posting all his pictures, he is just to darn adorable.

  35. So cute! You totally should do a paper chain countdown… then everyday when you take one down you can do a lil dance of happiness to go with it! :)

  36. Meg

    these are all fantastic random details. you've got lots going on right now! and kingsley (excuse me, ninja) is never annoying – only adorable!

  37. Jessica

    this post is precious.
    …just saw your tweet about kingsley…I will be praying for your little family! I hope he gets well super quickly!

  38. your dog is adorable!! love the pictures.
    and i live in salt lake… where in utah are you going to be? hope you enjoy your visit :)

  39. ninja? I just laughed out loud. and I'm at work. oops! :)

  40. Teach him to skateboard, and make videos! YAY!

  41. Angie

    Yay for trips to Utah! 18 days, that is so close! My countdown stands at 37 days at the moment. So exciting! Happy Birthday to Josh on Saturday.

  42. emily

    hooray for utah! i'm excited for you guys.

  43. Caty

    Confession: I am obsessed with those handwriting books made for elementary kids to practice on (the ones with the dotted outlines). I try to practice my very-less-than-perfect cursive all the time. :)

  44. Jane

    I'm not much of a pet person…but I think you are slowly making me want a puppy. His face in the left photo seriously cracks me up…he looks so sly.

  45. Britty

    I LOVE paper chains, my roommate and I just put up one counting down until our cruise in May. We rip a piece off every night and play a little song on my guitar and sing some silly song involving the word "Cabo" or "Mexico"

  46. maybe you said this already, but why do you have to wipe down kingsley's wrinkles?

  47. Rhianne

    hehe, I have to wipe my parents king charles spanial's eyes and ears everytime I go home and he pulls the exact same slightly fed up but tolerant face :) cute!

  48. I should follow suit and clean my room too (it would be nice to see the floor) – I'm also a messy one to live with! Make a paperchain! so cheesy yet so much fun! :-)

  49. You guys are so cute taking care of the little one!

  50. Alianna

    I am in love with his face in the first photo; so adorably grumpy!

  51. Awww.. I hope he recovers quickly. Our dogs are like our kids too!
    We have two yellow lab mixes. They are both adopted so we didn't get to pick their names. We nicknamed Buster aka Busta' Rhymes & Buck aka Mr. Pickles or Pickles.. They answer to both & when my daughter doesn't want Buster to look at her or hear what she is saying she calls him Curly tails! ;) Ninja is super cute!

  52. Hanako66

    aw ninja…i'm thinking about the little man

  53. kate

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