1. Ashley

    So beautiful! I think I need to go swimming with my hubby soon… Love this!

  2. I love all of her work. They are just so sweet, & cute, & romantic. This new one is beautiful. I wish I could buy one of her painitings one day.

  3. that is just amazing. her new paintings are breathtaking

  4. I'm not an arty person. But I love these.

  5. 7upkels

    i like that. a lot.

  6. Louise

    Oh wow, they are beautiful, especially, "But we don't dance". So romantic :)

  7. Court

    These are beautiful!!!!! Thank you for suggesting them!

  8. Lindsey

    Yes! I love how she e-mails me when she puts out new pieces! What a sweet and talented artist.

  9. i'm obsessed. she's so amazing!

  10. Nickey

    She reminds me of a modern-day Gustav Klimt. Gorgeous.

  11. LuliBags

    Nickey – I agree entirely, I was just about to type that and saw your comment!

  12. Oh My! This collection is mesmerizing I think I feel butterflies in my stomach I feel warmth in my heart! I want to run and hug something! I love that all of these pieces represent one thing and one think only and that love, and like Jakie Deshannon said “what the world needs now is love sweet love” right great post!! take care sweet heart = -)

  13. Echo

    I think Great Expectations was my favourite. Thank you thank you thank you for the introduction :)

  14. Echo

    I think Great Expectations was my favourite. Thank you thank you thank you for the introduction :)

  15. 2007- "pen pal" is super sweet

  16. oh my gosh this is incredible!!

  17. Alex

    I want it! Do you think she'll sell a print of it soon? Thanks for the update.

  18. so gorgeous. she's so talented

  19. Her work is so inspiring. Whimsical yet lasting. Amazing.

  20. Thank you so much for introducing me to her! After your giveaway, I started to get her newsletter and I so look forward to it. She's amazing.

  21. so so pretty!! :)

    xo, katie

  22. Liz

    looks like a whimsical, romantic fairytale world… I love it!

  23. Maddy

    Wow! I love them. I can't wait to buy art when we finally settle somewhere for awhile :)

  24. Amber

    Wow… breathtaking! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Alex

    Her work is incredible! I would so love to own one.

  26. Jenni

    Wow these are great and super unique. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Lovely & simply oozing with amazing-ness!

  28. *Lesli*

    Love. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Lindsey

    Hm…VERRRY Gustave Klimt.

  30. I am still so jealous of the person that won this giveaway when you did it. I have loved her work ever since and you are right, her new work is amazing! There are so many of the paintings that I love; Deep Down, But We Don't Dance, Round Two, My Sugar, All In…ah they are all inspiring! Thank you so much for introducing her work to me. Someday I will have one of these hanging on my wall :).

  31. LOVE!!!

    He's got such a unique style! Lucky you to have one of his pieces!

  32. Her paintings are beyond beautiful and so unique…thanks for sharing this!

  33. Em & Gar

    A.mazing. completely inspired. must purchase one ASAP. :)

  34. Beautiful! I want one!

  35. Blicious

    AMAZING!! i am dying to have one!!

  36. It's funny how the things I look at you always end up posting about! I am in love with Casey's work! Please do a give away again of her stuff and pick me! My studio walls are very bare!

  37. I would agree…Beautiful!

  38. do you have that one? i love it. i want it. you can't do this to me…hehe xoxo

  39. Chana

    She is amazing! I want all of them!!

    Freckles Collide is still on my list to purchase…but one of these could take its place!

  40. IIDA

    Beautiful. The colours are wonderful. And the finer strokes, like the eyelashes for example, are simply exquisite.

  41. I have never heard of this artist and I'm so glad I did. Thank you! She's amazing. I hope I can one day score this print .

  42. I have been in love with her work since you posted about When Freckles Collide last year! I love all of her pieces but my personal favorite is But We Don't Dance. I want that one for my house so bad! Love her new ones as well though!

  43. Ria

    wow. this is so beautiful and inspiring!

  44. Beautiful, lovely paintings! Those colored bubbles are enchanting. Love this artist's style. Thank you for sharing!

  45. Morgan

    the underwater kiss is so beautiful!

  46. sam

    Love those colors and the imagination.

  47. It reminds me of the movie Water Babies. It's beautiful.

  48. thanks for introducing us to this artist's work – so, so lovely.

  49. becca

    This painting actually reminds me of you and Josh! You even have a yellow swim suit I think (does that sound creepy that I remember what kind of swim suit you wore last summer from photos?)

  50. Sera

    absolutely beautiful, i'm in love!

  51. Amy B.

    I've been so taken with Casey's stuff since I first saw her work on this blog. I can't get enough!

  52. thanks for sharing! very inspiring! love "The Things We Carry" … the patterns are just fantastic! xo

  53. Michelle

    I am seriously obsessed with these!

  54. Britti

    Gorgeous! Really.

  55. Casey's painting are really beautiful ….. hopefully there will be one up on the wall of my own place this year

  56. tess_a

    these are the most amazing things ive ever seen in paint on a wall!! it just makes me giddy in side..love em

  57. almalu

    she's amazing!!!it's true!