better weather, please don’t go away.

the weather has been a little warmer around DC these past few days.
this means kingsley doesn’t shiver and shake while we’re walking
which means we get to take longer walks together.
we are both beyond excited for spring!
  1. lovely photos!

  2. Seriously, this morning's walk to work was the best all week. The other days I've been pathetically attempting to run/walk around grates in heels while looking casual. FAIL.

  3. gorgeous! you have really made want to visit D.C.!

  4. erin

    love these shots of your neighborhood naomi! lovely.

  5. Oh! I love the paper lanterns in the tree! Beautiful!

  6. I love DC. It's tres fabulous.

  7. Emily

    I feel the same way here in Ann Arbor. I had a lovely walk to classes today with the sun out and some birds chirping.

  8. I wish I had a tree with balls in it in my neighborhood.

  9. Um, that sounds awkward. I guess I should say "paper lanterns."

  10. love these pictures, especially the balls in the tree!

  11. looks so darling. i wanna come!

  12. i love the colors of the homes in DC.
    makes for great photographs and probably lovely strolls with kingsley.

    this reminds me that i need more polaroid film.

  13. I thought the same thing this morning! It's finally in the 60's which, to a South Florida resident, still feels like the North Pole. I can't wait to see you post pics of the cherry blossoms! :)

  14. Tia

    Bring on the sunshine!!

  15. what a gorgeous neighborhood you live in!

  16. same here in toronto-its been sitting at the 0 mark all week, instead of about -15!! so my dog is definitely enjoying being outside for a bit longer !

  17. Nice pictures! It looks lovely there

  18. emily

    LOVE these polaroids. you've motivated me to go out and take some. glad kingsley is not so shivery these days :)

  19. i have to go to DC sometime soon with my jaybugie she'll enjoy running around at the national mall :]

  20. Yes! Stay away cold weather!! I'm so ready for the sun to pop back out and stay for a while… But not July heat… March heat would be perfect.

  21. Your pics are so inspiring for me to get out more…i too can't wait for Spring!

  22. LuliBags

    I love the colours of the houses!

  23. Send some of that nicer weather my way – I want some of the snow around here MELTED.

  24. 7upkels

    beautiful pictures naomi!

  25. Kimmy

    beautiful polaroids! utah's a little warmer too, let's keep up this pre-spring weather!

  26. Spring already? We're still awaiting the worst of the winter for February!

  27. Your pictures REALLY make me want to move to DC! It looks so lovely.

  28. Are those chinese paper lanterns in that tree? Gorgeous!!

  29. Annie

    For some reason, your pictures of houses are the best. I LOVE them. And DC seems to have some damn cool houses. Hope it gets warmer soon – I too am freezing my tits off, in the UK.

  30. I am so glad that I am not the only one excited for spring!!!

  31. ♥Lola

    The lanterns in the tree are gorgeous! I'm the opposite, I can't wait for winter, it's far too hot in Australia at the moment.

  32. Maddy

    I'm excited for spring too! I love that photo with the lanterns in the tree :)

  33. Lisa

    this neighborhood looks so splendid!

  34. Ok. I'm in spired to get my polaroid out. Have you started buying new film again? I can't stand the price. Bah.

  35. Sum

    Why do you always take such lovely Polaroids? It's making me jealous! haha Love the pictures. Warm weather is always nice, too.

  36. Marcia

    Are those photos taken in DC? If so, what area? I will be visiting DC in May :-D