1. janis

    o naomi. your little family is just the cutest. it's sure a good thing you found a puppy who likes getting his picture taken!

  2. Frau

    You have the cutest little family! My pup see the camera and hides.

  3. Katie

    i want your hair. it's so gorgeous.

  4. Riley

    aww im dog hates getting her picture taken your lucky Kingsley likes it.

  5. What a cute little family! My parrot refuses to pose for the camera, or perform for the video camera. She talks and dances away, but as soon as the video camera comes out she sits perfectly still and doesn't say a word until it's switched off! x

  6. You three are the cutest family ever.

  7. Cathi

    Kingsley is a very lucky puppy!!
    Hmmm…sometimes I feel like I have extra skin too. LOL

  8. Bridget

    so cute!

  9. F i K a

    heyy..I just found your blog from Delightfully Tacky's..I'm soo glad that I found your blog!! It's soo inspiring blog :)

    I have a couple blog too..but it just to share our little story (me and my boyfriend)..I think I will learn much frm your blog ;)

    both of you look soo great together, esp with the puppy!!

  10. maryp

    your little family is so cute! I only hope I can be as lucky in coming years, getting my own family :o)

  11. Such a cute little family! Glad you had a happy weekend.

  12. Hillary

    That is so adorable!

  13. Your family is beyond cute =-)

  14. Kari

    Is it just me, or does it look like Kingsley is SMILING in the bottom left picture?! ADORABLE!

  15. Alianna

    You guys are just adorable!

  16. brigitte

    This is so cute!

    What an adorable family you have!


  17. I can't say anything I haven't already said about your puppy. These daily pictures give me my fix of puppies for the day though.

  18. Victoria

    Aww cute :)

  19. E.F.G.

    kingsley is adorable! it almost makes me want a puppy…

  20. haha, you look like you're going to take a bite out of your husband in the last photo.

    Kingsley is ridiculous…. I just want to give him loves!

    And re: the previous post… don't you love when you can brag about how good your pup is?! That's one of my favorite things to do…. I just can't help it.

  21. kingsley is growing fast!!

  22. Ali

    Just when I think you guys can't get any cuter..YOU DO!!!

  23. he's getting so big!!!

  24. Micaela

    you Davis' are darling. xoxo

  25. Megan

    Ahhh sooo cute!!

  26. so adorable!! lovely little family. xo

  27. You people/canines are so cute! I read in your other post that Kingsley likes to sit right in the fireplace…our bulldog does the same thing, only we don't have a screen so he rolls in as close as he can get :)

  28. most adorable little family ever!

  29. hi, i just found you blog and i cant lie, i adore it!
    i your puppy is very cute and i too do that i dont mean to but i turn every conversation into "my dogs" and i love to show them of.
    well i just wanted to say you have a great blog and its super inspirational and i love how you show your Faith :)

  30. Kingsley's face totally says, "Yeah, Mom and Dad are pretty much in love with me."

  31. that extra wrinkle of skin just made my morning, haha. im telling you riley and him would have a ball together! i can't believe how big he's gotten just in a month, not even. i admit i can't wait to see full grown kingsley, i have a feeling he'll steal our hearts all over again.

  32. Kathleen

    This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Love the last picture bottom right, super adorbs!

  33. manthony

    so absolutely adorable. this is contributing to my recent raging case of puppy fever… eeeek!

  34. Hanako66

    you guys are all goofy, and little kingsley is so serious. ha! i love it

  35. love it! I miss picking up my Baci like that. he's a chocolate lab and a big 70 pound ouf now. he does still try to sit in my lap though…and I let him. :)

  36. ahhhh, his extra skin! that made me giggle. sososooo cute. he's quite charming :)

  37. lexan

    this is adorable!

  38. Anna

    oh you guys are just the sweetest!

  39. heather

    oh my goodness, he's going to get so much bigger after growing into all that skin!! what a beautiful family. :)

    ps. check my blog. i gave you an award! :)

  40. tRiSh

    awww too cute! all 3 of you!