1. Oooh….I'd want this tote and I don't even have a bulldog…yet! ;)

  2. Maddy

    You're so cute! Besides loving everything about your outfit I also enjoy that you love telling people about your dog as much as I love telling people about mine! Having a dog is such a joy!

  3. Sera

    haha, love your slyness! so cute!

  4. Love it!

    Love those tights too!

  5. Michelle

    so cute! I'd do the same thing!

  6. if i ever see you carrying this, i'll be sure to ask about it so you can talk about the King.

    so sly!

  7. Jenni

    Oh that bag is just much too cute! Like you needed another reason to talk about your baby boy Kingsley. <3

  8. so cute.
    you've inspired me to find a canvas tote with weiner dogs!
    brilliant idea…

  9. Hehe that's awesome.

  10. Lindsey

    Oh I have to get one of my dog!!!

  11. Casi

    I think there should be a daily pic of kingsley. Looking at pics of him make my day! :)

  12. wow….you seriously need to have a baby or something.

  13. selene_m

    You are a shopping genius to find this tote bag of a bulldog dressed as a king!

  14. "i'm so sly" – YOU KILL ME! that is the cutest way to put it, who wouldn't want to blab with you?!! under any excuse!

  15. janis

    what a proud mama!

    and how do you have such ridiculously great teeth? gosh!

  16. Sarah

    I love you and your awesome blog, Naomi.
    But maybe it's time you and your cute husband think about going off that pill and getting some kiddies already. You'll make a great mother.

    This was not supposed to offend, FYI. Sorry if I'm too up front.

  17. Bridget

    cute cute cute. so are the tights. now where would i find myself a cool pair like that?

  18. emalie

    omy gosh that is so perfect!

  19. tiffany

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  20. Hahah I love it!!! I am so happy I came across your blog, I have really enjoyed reading your posts =)

  21. loupita

    Aww, that's so cute. LOve your outfit, too. :)

  22. denise

    you have such a beautiful smile – o yea & cute pup too! :)

  23. LOVE the bag! Congratulations: one goal down!

  24. Alicia

    such a cute tote!! i love it!

  25. Dear Taza,

    I hope you keep your bangs because I think they look perfect on you.

    Jolie Jamie :)

    ps. Cute bag!!

  26. ugh. you're always dressed insanely cute! love the tights and your slyness! :)

  27. Emily

    Ok you were wearing a black pair in your Christmas pic. WHERE are you getting those adorable tights?! I love the tote too.:)

  28. Cortney

    Regarding the tights and everyone wanting to know where to get some- maybe it's just here in Texas, but generally I've not found it hard to find similar interestingly patterned tights at pretty much any store that carries female accessories- even the Wal-Mart down the street from my place has lots of colors and designs, and they're only around $3. So to all who want to get their hands on some, you probably won't have to go far :)

  29. i think my tights in the pic were from H&M; last year. but like cortney said, you can find patterned or flowered or colored tights just about anywhere. i've gotten a lot of mine at Target or UO or H&M;.

  30. Rudi

    OOOhhhhh!!! Cute Cute Cuuutttee!!!

  31. Creative! And sneaky. :D It's a great idea, says I!

  32. Naurnie

    so precious. great way to sneak that little booger into casual conversation! you're such a cute dog mama.

  33. lula

    All your pictures makes me want doggy so bad! Your such a good mommy, parents always find a reason to talk about there baby!!!

  34. ♥Lola

    Oh that is so so cute :) Love it!!

  35. i loooove this bag! it's so perfect for you! :)

  36. Claire

    Ah! That tote is perfect! What a great find.

  37. you are so funny!

  38. Come live in Athens – everything is Bulldog here. Well, it's BullDAWG. College town school mascot craziness.

  39. what a perfect bag for you! ;) I love it! We miss you two ;)

  40. if only they had a bag like that with a cute scottish terrior on it

    Wow, you are have so much clothes on…arent you hot!! I live in australia and i walk around in singlets with no shoes on


  41. Brooklyn

    So adorable! I want one!


  42. Bekah:

    Such a cool bag. I love your blog. I've been a closet reader forever. I'm Kate Lines sister.

  43. Dawnica

    where on earth do you get your lipsticks??

  44. you are so cute! you are going to make an amazing mom one day. i love how much you adore those 2 boys of yours.

  45. Sarah

    ahhh I NEED this bag!!

  46. this bag is adorable! and what a cute outfit!

  47. rad tote!
    i had a similar bag years ago with a french bulldog on it, i was wearing it since it completely fell apart.
    i am so happy for you guys that you found your little puppy! he looks amazing.

  48. Hanako66

    i've been toting around a "pugs not drugs" bag so i know the feeling:)