a trip to the beehive state is what we’ve been needing.

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i have this holga blown up and framed in our front room.
it is of my sisters and me in nyc summer of 2008.
i look at it every day and miss them.
we just booked flights to spend 10 days with family
in utah mid february! and, we’re bringing kingsley with us!
i got so excited last night that i cried.
i can’t wait to see everyone!
minus the twins who will be at school :(
i love my family.
  1. It's funny how people are so excited to head back to Utah when I am so excited to get out of here. I wish I liked it that much.

  2. Frau

    Great picture! We just spent 3 weeks in Utah visiting family and friends..it's the best medicine. Have a wonderful time.

  3. yay!!!! come to provo and play!

  4. such an awesome picture.
    yay for family!!

  5. Am planning to go to Utah to visit my cousins girlfriend! But I really hope you and “The King” that’s what I call him and josh have sooooo much fun, it is a pity that the twins wont be going =-( take care sweet heart and make sure kingsley stays away from the fire hahaha!! well have a brilliant day!!

  6. Ebony

    This is the funnest picture :)
    My family live on the other side of Australia and I miss them terribly.
    I'm so happy for you!

  7. everyone's been crying a lot lately!!! we thought our town was haunted or something, the way the tears have been flowing for both happy, sad, and everything-in-between reasons. anyway, this momentous occasion does call for some tears of joy. i know you're going to have a blast and just melt into the world of your home for ten days! heaven! i'm happy for you.

  8. INKY

    I looove your outfit! :)
    You're all such beautiful girls.

  9. Ooh, have fun in Utah! I miss that place. :( I hear they just had a bunch of snow–maybe it'll still be there for you to play in! :)

  10. just a question, but it that on 9th street near the corner of W. Houston in the west village??? I think I see my old apartment in the background.

  11. Emma

    such a gorgeous photo. Time spent with the family is always the best!

  12. Aw what an awesome pic!

  13. love it! The beehive state is my favorite place to visit (on account of so much amazing family there). We're going to visit in a couple of weeks – I'm so excited!!

  14. Maddy

    That's so exciting! I'm jealous you get to bring Kinglsey, our little baby is way too big to go on a plane :(

  15. Micaela

    such a GREAT picture of you girls.

    this is the first time i've been away from my family and it's so hard. :(

    i'm excited for you because now i REALLY know how great it will be when i can say the same thing. xoxo

  16. I love that pic! You look very model-esque.

    I want to vacation for 10 days!!! Sigh… Wah.

  17. ah! i just booked two weddings, in arizon-ay!

    which means i also get 10 days with my mom and sisters! woot.

  18. Jessica

    i've loved utah ever since i moved here about 3 years ago. happy to hear you love it like i do!

  19. what a great photo! I wish I could get my holga to behave so well..
    have a fantastic time with your family!

  20. It's so awesome to "know" someone who's just as crazy about their family as I am. :) I can't wait to go home and have a family reunion this March! Everytime I think about it, I do a little dance in my head, complete with jumping around and clapping uncontrollably! Have fun on your vaca! And ooooh, Kingsley's going to have so much fun! :)

  21. Em & Gar

    !!! if you have time to be in our neck of the woods, we would love to get together! perhaps kingsley would like a play date with sprinkles? :) We've got a fenced yard…let me know. xxxooo

  22. Jennifer

    Aww, such a good picture!
    your skirt is also really pretty!

  23. haha the beehive state, love it!

  24. Britty

    I want to have cupcakes with you!!!! Seriously, you are my Idol and your coming to Utah. It would be fun for sure!

  25. Michelle

    So cute! I want to visit my family so bad, I totally know how you're feeling.

  26. I love visiting family! have so much fun and can't wait to see your take on some snow-filled pics!

  27. I'll switch places for a month with you! Haha. DC is a short drive to Boston (where my family is) and you can take my place in Salt Lake. Haha. Today is like the first sunny day we've had in what feels like 9 years. Thank goodness you have family to bring the sunshine. :)

  28. you'll have to be sure and let us know how flying with kingsley goes. i want to take lulu everywhere with me but i haven't tried flying with her yet. keep us posted and have a great trip!


  29. aww how fun!!! hope you have an awsome time with your family!!! and kingsley :]

  30. Sum

    Beautiful Holga! Looks like a dream.

  31. it's very snowy here (yuck). Dress warm!

  32. I bought a Holga today. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what kind of pictures we get from it!

  33. precious photo…i just love your blog. the pictures are so dreamy and you are very beautiful. thank you for all your inspiration

    shelley swanson