1. awe! you are super sweet. you should come to my end of the woods…we have lots of snow here in B.C.!

  2. I LOVE snow! It is always magical!!

  3. naomi, i really love your blog…
    i want you to come to brazil…

    hugs from brazil

  4. We got some too. So exciting. For the children… Not so much for me! : )

  5. Michelle

    Snow is in the forecast for us in CA! I am *so* excited… I hope it actually happens!

    Snow is so magical

  6. it is snowing like crazy up here in Logan town. you cant even see the road

  7. geo

    you are right, saturday was beautiful and here in bethesda was better than dc. for once I was happy to live far from the town.

  8. weather man says we MIGHT see some snow mixed in with rain in San Francisco!! Some may blame climate change, but i say bring on the snoww!

  9. Agatha

    Whatt?? I have little to no snow and I live in BC too! :(

  10. buhdoop

    A miracle happened and it snowed in South Texas. Everywhere except in my city. I was bummed, I miss snow so much.

  11. We're getting our own little snowstorm back here in Utah! Come and visit sometime!

  12. Cassie

    Love that you are excited by the snow! I too would relish just this little bit if we were lucky enough to have any at all in England xx

  13. ohhhh I want snow aswell.. NOW!

  14. Frau

    At this point I'd take snow over rain any day. I used to live in SLC and I miss the snow terribly. We are going there for the holidays and I can't wait. I feel like if it's going to be cold it might as well snow!

  15. Sum

    Yay! I'm glad it's snowed in DC! It's snowed in Utah! Finally! Snow everywhere!

    By the way…here's a little award for you on my blog. More like a tagging. You're it. http://bit.ly/5GcsED

  16. I do miss snow! That was a great thing about living in the NE. London isn't a snowy town though I think there was a slight flurry the other day. Enjoy – snowfights, snowmen, and warm cider. Yay!

  17. Jenni

    Girl – I can't even think of anything upbeat to put here. I'm not a fan of snow by any means. I'm just thankful that we haven't got any around here yet (Michigan).
    I hope you enjoy yours though :)

  18. Abby

    nh was touched by the snow fairy this weekend as well – so excited!

  19. Meghan

    I just woke up to snow in Chicago! YAY!

  20. Serena

    We got tons out in Fairfax! It was magical. :-)

  21. Larissa

    oh..i´m so jealous!
    I want some snow for my own here in Germany..but it´s still too warm :(
    but congrats for your snow :)

  22. Lindsey

    Aw, my fellow Utahn, ending up on the opposite coast. Thanks for your love of the greatest snow on Earth…I miss it this time of year.

    I blogged a bit about it, then saw this post and wanted to be sure to include your post in mine!

    It's been a while since I've been blogging, but what a way to come back!

  23. your blog is really sweet. reminds me of my husband and i :).