where’s the car?

somewhere in that pile of snow is our little beetle.
she has had one rough week.
on friday, a big mean SUV hit her
because the driver wasn’t paying any attention while making a left turn
(yes, i was driving. but no, it wasn’t my fault.
also, no one got hurt… just our car– unfortunately.)
and then on saturday, the snow piled on her so high,
we thought her convertible top just might cave.
(it didn’t.)
josh did most of the labor clearing her off.
but sister bekah and i DID help a little.

next christmas, we’re asking for a garage.
  1. janis

    oh poor beetle!
    i'm glad you guys were able to uncover her. looks like it was a lot of work!!

  2. Goodness! I can't believe this happened to your poor little girl. I am glad to hear that you are okay thou & all my wishes that she will be too.

    …Happy Holidays! :)

  3. It looks soooo coldy boldy. And here I am, complaining about the temperature in the office, in Mesa AZ.

  4. haha. looks like you were unwrapping an early xmas gift!

  5. Sum

    So much snow! Looks like fun!

  6. jlc

    You + Your sister = TWINS!

    Glad to see you helped out Josh with the shoveling!


  7. holy moses. I don't think i'm ready for that kind of snow.

    ummm. yeah that's your sisters name.. BEKAH! I want my hair to be like hers… :D

  8. I dug out my VW today as well. It took almost half an hour. It's amazing to think of all the snow we have. Glad your beetle is okay.

    Happy Christmas!

  9. Meghan

    Oh man! Poor little guy! Glad everyone is ok!!!

  10. oh my goodness. how do you manage to make shoveling snow look so cute!?

  11. oh my goodness, poor beetle…it's suffered quite the ordeal! glad ure okay!:)


  12. oh wow! haha love the garage comment :)

  13. oh my gosh poor little bug!

  14. my dream car!! I had to sell mine when we had our first. booooooo.

    even seeing your pictures still makes me miss snow.

  15. la

    oh my!

  16. Your cute fits your personality!! So cute!!

    I got my DIANA F by the way!! thank you for the recommendation!!! I'll make sure i'll send the pics your way when i get them developed!!! :)

    Happy Holidays!!



  17. wow! glad the roof didn't cave in. that would've been horrible.

    also…i really like josh's hat. looking stylish whilst shoveling snow :).

  18. Angie

    WOW! You got a bit more there than we did in the big apple. Josh is a good husband to dig it out for you. And I am very glad the roof didn't collapse. I would've been so nervous about that.

  19. Rachel

    your husband is very brave and has a cool hat. =]

  20. Oh NO..glad you were ok! Poor little beetle! My beetle has been snowed on quite a bit this year too, but nothing like that!That is amazing! We have a garage.. but I have too many treasures in there to park my beetle in it! ;) My husband asked for a clean garage for Christmas! whoops! Have a Merry Christmas!

  21. Emily

    Oh my look at all that snow! I really want a white Christmas but not like last year's! Last year we had so much that we actually had to cancel one of our family gatherings. :( I am glad that you were not injured when you were hit. That is so scary!

  22. aw, poor little beetle. so sorry you got in an accident. they stink! glad you weren't hurt.

  23. oh my goodness! your poor little car! glad to hear that you got her out safely…and hopefully she gets fixed from the accident soon!

  24. that looks SO FUN. i'm super jealous of all that snow. I MISS OURS!

  25. Yikes!

    That's more snow than I'd ever know what to do with.

    This year, I'll be thankful for my 75 degree Christmas in Sunny Phoenix!

  26. Yikes!

    That's more snow than I'd ever know what to do with.

    This year, I'll be thankful for my 75 degree Christmas in Sunny Phoenix!

  27. Maddy

    I can't even get over the amount of snow you guys got. It's incredible! Hooray for the Beetle being uncovered :)

  28. laura251

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures! I adore your choice in winter wear. Love from the girl who has only seen snow once, when it was dirty and melting. (I live in Australia!)

  29. Brittan

    holy cow that is so much snow!

  30. Helen

    awww poor car! gosh i would be terrified it would cave in.

  31. Saskia

    Wow!! You guys have had so much snow!! The whole of the UK has gone into meltdown over perhaps 10% of the snow you've had!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Saskia x

  32. boots

    wow super snow- i am surprised that little baby made it – what a trooper.

  33. Whoa. How long did that take?

  34. Seyma

    holy crap!!!

    literally, where is that car? :)

    i miss that kind of snow though..

  35. jones

    poor little VW. Our car was enveloped as well. fortunately, there's hot chocolate to reward the physical labor!

    Happy Holidays.

  36. Poor little car! I love that you have a VW. Me too! I have a rabbit.

    I am glad you are ok after the accident.

    Happy holidays!

  37. jen

    oh. my. gosh! That is unbelievable! That's also pretty impressive that you guys were able to dig it out.

    Hope you have a beautiful Christmas!

  38. Leslie

    Seriously, I was so thankful for a garage after that storm. My heart went out to everyone that had to dig their cars out of the massive heaps of snow.

  39. i'm so sorry about your poor car. i hope she will be better soon!

  40. emily

    i have to admit, i did have a moment of worry thinking of your convertible in the snow. glad she's ok.

  41. Diane

    Random… Are you tights Cynthia Rowley??

    So cute!!… I love that you're cleaning off snow in a dress, coat, tights, and boots… So you

  42. WOW! and we're in norfolk too so let us know if you need any help!

  43. holy sh*t!! I thought Canada has it bad!

  44. Marcia

    Stupid truck driver! poor little bug! the roof is okay right? There's a topic on the forums where people show their Beetles covered in snow. Your photos would top them all!

  45. Wow thats crazy! Makes for some great pictures though :). I live in Utah and have only had church cancelled once because of the snow and it was about 15 years ago. People ceilings in their houses were caving in….crazy stuff! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  46. Hanako66

    awwww, poor little thing!!!

  47. Poor little beetle! Glad you weren't hurt when the car was hit! I kind of envy all of that snow and I kind of think it would be a big pain in the a**.

  48. Every time you post about snow or great weather up East I'm jealous. Well, this past weekend I was home in Maryland visiting my father and I was witness to the BLIZZARD OF 2009 – or at least that's what they were calling it on the TV. Insane but I'm so happy I got to witness it first hand. Sure I might have been snowed in but it was quality time with my dad. I'm glad you guys were able to dig out! ox MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  49. Seems like hard work but at least now it's usable :D

  50. cute, haha! is bekah wearing two caps? ;]


  51. @cerealjoe, haha, no, but when you point that out, it looks like that, though! it's one cap! haha!