1. Hope you, Josh and Kingsley have had a wonderful Christmas :) xx

  2. joolee

    Too cute!!!! Almost makes me want a puppy…but I think instead we'll settle for baby #3 – due next year! :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Cortney

    That's one lucky puppy to have a nice home for the holidays, so many animals don't.

    I second the nice tights comment!

  4. I still can't get over how cute Kingsley is. And him next to that mini tree is hilarious.

    I can't wait to hear more about him.

  5. Aw!!! Your little puppy is so cute!!! So adorable. Oh my gosh. and I love the angle of your photo:)

    Hope you had a happy Christmas!

  6. cara.

    oh cutie pie little baby! i love him.

  7. I love the name Kingsley!! I used to have a flying squirrel with that name!! :) Merry Christmas

  8. bbb

    what an adorable new furbaby!

  9. Erin

    Awww, he is so cute. I had a Pomeranian with that name. I have a soft spot for it.

  10. Abbie L.

    Aw! I love the name Kingsley! Perfect for an English Bulldog.

  11. Blicious

    he's perfect!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!

    congrats! <3

  12. Sara

    Sweet mother of mercy. That is the best dog.

    I love the whole card, but that puppy is fantastic. Great name, too!

  13. Erykah

    Merry Christmas!! Your new puppy is adorable. AND I LOVE your stockings! Please share where you got them?? =)

  14. lavelle

    happy christmas!!

    and he is too cute for words


  15. Very adorable new edition!

  16. danielle

    i can't get over how adorable this puppy is…
    i'm crazy for the king! :)

  17. Sum

    I love your Merry Christmas cards! I'm in love. How do you have the cutest fonts?

  18. MegRuth

    So jealous! That's what I wanted for Christmas. Maybe Christmas 2010!