um. adorable.

and yes, puppies and dogs are the only thing on our mind right now.
there is no talking us out of it.
and thanks for all of your dog recommendations, tips, and advice.
photos from a forward mom sent us.
  1. haha cupcakes? this dog so clearly belongs in your family.

  2. Liz

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  3. Liz

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  4. Liz

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  5. Lindsey

    Hey I just wanted to say that I have an English Bulldog puppy and a little baby boy and it's awesome! English Bulldogs are soo good with kids. My dog loves my baby. I got my puppy off of in Utah. I know you are from Utah but don't live there. You could always fly home a bring a puppy back with you!

  6. Amber

    That is just too adorable! Makes me want another puppy. Our puppy isn't a puppy anymore :(

  7. Michelle

    so cute! I love love puppies! Especially when they are doing such adorable things!

  8. Oh wow, this is amazing. I wish I could do this with my puppy. But he wouldn't be able to handle the sugar high.

    Thanks for posting- made my day!

  9. omgosh, this is too adorable! love it! gluck with ur dog search:D can't wait to see what u guys get!:)
    Cleaning out my closet:

  10. That's SO cute it's kind of crazy. :)

  11. haha omg love this! so adorable and funny! :)


  12. muse88

    So adorable! I love it! x

  13. OH MY GOD! this is so cute i want to cry!

  14. um so yeah im like aching inside now!!! too bad im allergic! so i dont know if there is anything better than puppy+cupcakes. nope didnt think so.


  15. so so so sweet! and i'm loving that the pics came from a forward from mom…those are the best. :)

  16. Diana

    These are adorable photos!!!

    P.S. You two need a Frenchie (French bulldog). I have a sweet frenchie whom I wouldn't trade for the world!!!

  17. this is absolutely adorable! Messes make for wonderful adorable pictures!! <3
    hope he didn't become too addicted to the batter! lol

  18. emily

    you can even bake with your miniature puppy!

  19. Moocy

    So Cute! His expression after climbing in the bowl is priceless. :)

  20. awww, puppies make my heart melt. Especially when they have so much extra skin… ahhh, love it.

  21. Selma

    This is so super cute!!! Ahhh….

  22. Carin

    These pictures are adorable!
    I am happy for you!!!
    We just added a puppy to our family-
    and we are so glad we did!!

  23. OMG! I have a boston terrier and i will say that short snout puppies are seriously the best! especially when they snore in your ear when you're sleeping! Good luck with the puppy when you get it!

  24. Sera

    SO cute! i wish my family could get a puppy this year, they bring so much joy :) .. good luck in your search!

  25. play date soon? with pup, maybe?

    SO exciting! we've wanted a dog for so long, too!

  26. Seyma

    omg!! that is so sweet :) i'd love to have one right now.. but especially that one :)


  27. cutest.thing.ever!!

  28. Last night we had sparkling cider to celebrate my acceptance into the MBA program (yay!) and I let my puppy sniff the glass. She went wild and tried to stick her whole face into the glass. She's a pug, so of course that wouldn't work.

  29. Hey girl! Puppies are the best! But I'm not sure if I would go with an English Bulldog. We were going to get one and decided not to because of the shedding and they can have severe breathing problems. We went a chihauhau instead and I'm not sure they are for everyone either. Haha.

  30. Cathi

    so adorable! :)

  31. Megara

    ah such a cute puppy! i want him so much :)

  32. oh this puppy reminds me of our german shepherd when he was a puppy except he enjoyed hanging out in our laundry baskets.

    have you considered a french bulldog…they are the sweetest things!

  33. How adorable! If you like small dogs, Yorkies and Maltese are beyond cute. My mom just got a Silky Terrier and he is beautiful–slightly bigger than a Maltese, and terriers are supposed to be less needy.

  34. Oh my goodness! I am speechless by cuteness!

  35. oh my gosh I am squealing…too precious!

  36. Aw! what a great choice! they are so adorable! love his eyes! aw!

  37. Cute? Doesn't even begin to describe it!

  38. K

    Beyond adorable. We have to puppies and they are the greatest thing ever! You'll love being a dog person!

  39. This is why I LOVE doggies! Could they be any cuter :)

  40. Amanda

    wow – that is precious!!!

  41. LOL! That's adorable!

  42. My goldendoodle would love to do this – It would be the perfect Christmas present! He'll probably just get a bunch of extra carrots instead, though!

  43. Soooooo adorable! I want that puppy!

  44. Giovanna

    omg, these photos are killing me. killing me with cuteness. i can't take it.
    can't wait to see what you end up getting!

  45. Emily

    Oh my! SO cute!!!! I wouldn't want to be the one who cleans up though.

  46. How adorable! I love, love my kitty but sometimes miss the unconditional love of a dog. Nothing like it. Here's a good D.C. rescue league if you're looking to adopt.

  47. CAPow

    So cute!! You're making me want a puppy!

  48. I'm with Erratic Traveler — go with a rescue league. So many dogs are put to sleep for want of owners! It breaks my heart. :(

  49. So cute! You will love having a puppy, they make life SO amazing and fun!

  50. Is it terrible that all I could think of was how awful it would be to clean all that up?

  51. Linsley

    PLEASE think about getting a beagle!! They are little nuggets of L-O-V-E!

  52. Emily

    soooo cute!!!
    i wish i could hide a puppy in my apartment!

  53. i seriously can't wait to see your little pup!

  54. Jackie

    oh my, this is beyond all things adorable! It made my day. I miss having a pet around; crummy apartment rules.

  55. omgoodness – that is the cutest!! I so wish I could have one in my little NYC apt!

  56. 9na

    Åh, what a cute poppie… I want one!!! For Xmas!

  57. Hey beagles are the sweetest, they like to go wondering off if you let them but if you keep them safe and snug and on a leash outside, there is none better than a beagle. Our baby girl is named Roxy Belle. She was Roxy but my husband really liked Belle so we gave her a middle name and it stuck, sometimes she gets called Roxy sometimes Belle or Roxy Belle sometimes….other names ha ha

    Hope you find a puppy you can love…..enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

  58. Awwww it's a pup-cake!