this week i’m realizing…

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…just how envious i am of families that live near by each other.
our little home is suddenly so quiet
and not nearly as entertaining as it was last week
when my twin sisters were here.
we really miss them.
and tonight, i really just want to sit down with my mom
over some of her homemade bread pudding and… talk.
stupid east and west coasts.

if you live near your family,
will you do me a favor and take FULL advantage of
spending time with and hugging them in person for me?
cause if family lives close by you,
you’re really lucky. and i envy you.
*polaroids from last weeks extravaganza with sisters.
and yes, i am SO thankful the twins chose an east coast school.
it’s nice having them just a few hours away…
but still, i’m greedy and want to see ALL of my family
more than once or twice a year.
  1. aw, i'm sorry! i miss my family a lot right now, too! that just means that we have wonderful families, and for that i am grateful. :)

  2. I know what you mean. My husband and I live out of state from the rest of our families.

    We're the out of town auntie and uncle. I get very envious of the in town ones.

  3. thanks for writing this. i needed it today. i stayed close to home for college {and I thank God everyday for that decision because shortly after I moved to Berkeley my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor} but I sometimes get too easily frustrated with the fact that I see them so much. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be off on my own being an adult. But family is really the most important thing isn't it. I really am blessed to be able to see them whenever I want. so thanks again for reminding me!

  4. Maddy

    I am an only child, so I have always been really, really close with my parents.. I live about 5 hours away from them now and I miss them a lot even though I can still see them on the weekends if I had time. It must be a lot harder for you :(, BUT you have a wonderful life on the east coast (it seems, at least!) & eventually will have a wonderful expansion of your family too :)

  5. you know what, i never realized how much my family means to me until my dad had a stroke this past october. i guess i just took advantage of them always being there, and even tho i loved them to pieces, i didnt give them my full attention. now that this has happened, family has become such and incredible part of my every day. im so sad your family is far away:( boo east and west coasts. god bless lady. sorry for the novel;)

  6. Janssen

    I feel just the same way. Even Texas didn't seem NEARLY so far away from Las Vegas and Utah.

  7. erin

    i could not agree more. making the move from north carolina back to the northeast has made such a huge difference. my sisters are all still about four hours away from each other, but four is better than 12 or 18 or more! sending you warm thoughts. the few days after a visit are always the hardest. xo.

  8. Not greedy! You're right — having family nearby is wonderful. My sister recently moved back to NC from the west coast, and after my daughter was born two years ago, my parents moved nearby. It's really nice. And,I do feel lucky. Hang in there!

  9. oh I feel you on this. I have been so sad since my family left after thanksgiving… it's so hard!!!

  10. Grace

    I know the feeling. My family is in California and I'm in DC. I haven't been home since last Christmas. Thankfully my parents have come to visit a couple times. I can't wait to see them again and look forward to moving back home soon. Let's invite a teleporter! *hug* I hope you get to see your family again soon.

  11. I'm just learning the importance of having family near by. We just moved away from mine, and I've been so lonely in my life. My siblings are some of my best friends!

    You're sisters are darling. What a beautiful family you have. I'm sure they're feeling v. lucky to you have you as well!! :)

  12. Bekah

    You read my heart with this post!! I live in Southern California, my dad lives in Missouri, my sister lives in Virginia, my grandparents live in Texas and my mom lives in Florida. I frequently find myself praying that one day I will live close to at least ONE person in my family. Hugs to you!

  13. truer words have never been spoken. I miss home so much (I used to live right outside DC in Maryland and moved to Alabama 5 years ago). Being away from family and friends is always hard especially this time of year. ox

  14. YES, this post is so, so true!

    I'm been so blessed to be so close to my immediate family all my life. I'm so extremely thankful for that. I'm not sure what I would do without being close to each…

    Thanks for the reminder to stay thankful to Him. ♥

  15. Taylor K

    Ugh. I feel you sister! My entire family is home in southern california and I'm the only one living 6 hours away in phoenix. I ache for them. :( sometimes I feel like I'm 60 hours away from them!

  16. Don't worry – I'm coming down in 5 days!

    But truly, yeah, I feel the same way. Especially right now.

  17. I can so relate. All my family is out west too. I really miss them.

  18. deidra

    When we were living in DC and had to fly home for one very short wedding weekend, I told my husband that I wished there was a way we could have DC and Utah/Idaho at the same time, without a five hour flight separating them.

    Now that we're in Utah, I'm soaking it all up before grad school steals us away from our families again.

  19. @

    iiiii KNOW! i definitely know what you mean! my family is all over and i'm the farthest away with a little something called the pacific ocean between us.

  20. Laura

    Sad. This time of year is always hard being so far from family. The ocean is BIG!

  21. ~L~

    I feel ya.

  22. Anna

    oh i know how you feel. i'm missing my family so much since moving to DC! they're all the way in texas and it feels a million miles away! luckily i'll be back for christmas. i hope you're planning a trip soon!

  23. Miss T

    I wish my family lived closer too! It's hard to be so far apart.

    Love your polaroids, you guys look like you have so much fun!

  24. Glimmer

    My advice is to make sure to move close to your "tribe" before you start having children, if you plan to do that. Because if you think you miss the family now, you will ache for them then. And question your sanity for ever moving away.

    The time in the big city as young marrieds is a wonderful adventure. Up to a point. The truth is I stayed too long and now we're stuck for at least six more years anyway. Then I am headed back south.

  25. that's not GREED, that's necessity! i am glad you are realizing this, life is short and you should spend it with those you love most, MOST of the time!

    so – my point is – and i hate to say it but WEST COAST RULES! maybe move back out west and be closer to your family. do it the old fashioned way…native americans would never have dreamed of spending months, years, lifetimes far from their families and tribes. I believe in the power of that closeness.

    in the meantime you are lucky to have such a loving bond that keeps you all really TOGETHER in the heart! love you for it!

  26. janis

    i hear ya. my whole extended family lives outside of province or out of country. and i so often miss having aunts + uncles + grandparents + cousins close at hand. i've NEVER ever had a big huge thanksgiving full family dinner…

    but i am pretty close to my immediate family right now…and for that i am thankful!

  27. Meghan

    ugh. i hate that feeling. and am so blessed i'm surrounded by my fam bam. but thanks for the reminder to cherish them…since they are so close.

  28. tawny

    yes! yes! yes!

    I have 5 sissies and we all live houses away…such a blessing!!

    I MAY have to move soon (out of state..yikes!) and my HEART is sooooo sad knowing what me and my kids NOW might miss…

    Thanks for the reminder…you are all beautiful girls! And someday, someday down the road, you MAY all be back…(that's what we did! love it!) Good luck!

  29. I am in the same position as you! I moved away from home (not as far as east and west coasts of the US! but from south to east in Australia) and I miss my family and friends sooooooo much sooooo often!! *pouts*

  30. Sometimes when we are all up doing homework late at night, we make s'mores over our stove/in our toaster oven… they are the best :)

  31. tawny

    Okay sorry.

    SO forgot to say (which makes me FEEL better if I do move…)

    That near of far, my sis's and bro's will ALWAYS have my back. They will always be there for me..
    Their love and support is unconditional…just like your fam for you. That's amazing!

    k, that's all!

  32. Hanako66

    i can't even imagine how hard that must be!

  33. Mandy

    ah wise words naomi.
    i live on the west coast, my family on the east (in australia). all 5 other siblings, parents and nieces and nephews.
    it's amazing what you take for granted!
    i guess one of the blessings is that you are so thankful and happy when you see them again.
    love to you gorgeous girl.

  34. Oh how I am missing my family right now too. Actually there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss them, just some days more than others.

    Sarah, Ohana Mama

  35. xxJackie

    So crazy you posted this. The same thoughts have been running through my head all week long…. oldest sister, sweet niece & darling nephew live in California, mother is in Georgia and I am in New York with the rest of our little family. Middle sister just informed me after a two week visit that she has decided to relocate to California in a few months as well.

    If I could have just ONE wish, I'd hope for all of us to be together… an hour would do. Unfortunately, Skype will have to suffice.

    Wishing you a little family reunion this holiday season <3

  36. Frau

    I have four sister 3 one east coast and one on the west. I'm currently living in Germany and I miss them terribly. I'm excited for Christmas I will see one but your right to cherish the time you have together. I love your photos and blog, really fun!


    Try living in London, with your family in Vancouver..
    So sad.
    I would give anything to sit and chat with my mom right now too.
    However, it does make the time together all the more special.

  38. This post struck a chord with me because I've lived far away from my family for a decade now. It's hard.

  39. This is exactly how I feel right now! I love living overseas, but being 8 hours away from my family (by plane) means I miss out on every.single.thing that happens outside of the Christmas Holidays or summer. I wish they would all just move here :)

  40. i agree! i feel so blessed to be close to my fam now:) even though they do drive me crazy at times haha but i love 'em all:) i totally understand how u feel, because i was away for awhile for school. love ur pics! ur twin sisters are adorable!:D

  41. Hermione

    I know exactly what you mean! It would be amazing to just be able to pop over for an afternoon tea or something at your family members', or do those spontaneous things that you do when you are nearby. But the times that you are together are so special though, so that compensates a little bit!

  42. Yep , no place like home (with family) …
    I live far away from them but manage to see all of them every 2 months or so .
    I feel lucky because i've got reliable friends here, they're always there. It's not like being with relatives (or sister) but it feels good to have them .

  43. I know how you feel. After 3 years apart from my family I came back home to Paris and I've been enjoying time near them for 2 years now. But I'm moving back to Canada next year and it will definitely be hard not seeing them every week =(

  44. Amanda

    oh, i am feeling the same way this week too. after seeing my mom, dad & lovely sister for thanksgiving, now i miss them more than ever!

  45. wow i totally agree with you, my family lives all around the world, my nan lives in wales, my uncle lives in Norfolk, my cousins well 1 lives in Norfolk, and 1 lives in spain, my lovely god mother lives in london and my aunty lives in sandiago! so don't worry your not alone on that one, im going to go see my nana before christmas so exited for that! i wish i could see them all the time too xx

  46. .

    families are the most important thing. i live in australia with my parents and one of my older brothers, but my sister and her family and brother and his family all live in europe where we used to live.
    all you can do is treasure the memories you have of times spent with eachother and look forward to the times when you get to see them again.
    …even if it is only every couple of years.

  47. I would miss my family terribly if we left. Well, when we leave… we don't want to raise our daughter here… crime is on the rise. :-(

  48. oh god, you're totally right on that!! i'm with my husband but it doesn't count for sure!! i miss my parents and my siblings so much!! and i'm unfortunately away from them all :(

    love all the pics!! you guys are so beautiful :)


  49. Melanie

    i know exactly how you feel. i live in london and all my family live in sydney.. a very long way away. i often wish we could teleport to see each other!

  50. Cassie

    I know exactly what you mean because my best friend, her husband and two adorable boys live far away from us and it is very hard with the demands of everyday life to stay in touch as often as we would like.. But we are very very fortunate, on the other hand, that we live in the same village as my husbands parents, his brother and family, auntie and uncle and cousins. Although this is a little confusing for the poor postman with us all have the same surname!

  51. Carrie

    :( I'm sorry. I do live close to my family, but only for about seven more months. After that I'm jetting off to Germany for TWO WHOLE YEARS without them. (My fiance is in the military. We're getting married over the summer.) I don't know what I'm going to do without them. :/

    Here's to hoping you get to see your family again really soon! ;)

    Happy Almost-Christmas time! :)

  52. I'm an only child and live in the same town as my parents because I cannot imagine living away from them (yet).

    Thank you for posting this! I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to be able to meet my mom for lunch or coffee, or have my dad help shovel my car out of a snow drift if need be.

    It looks like you had a wonderful visit from your sisters, and will hopefully get to do it again soon.

  53. so so so true. my family lives 500 miles away and i'm so jealous of my boyfriend that he gets to just drive over a bridge and be with his family. although i'm lucky how much i get t fly home and see my family. and when i'm home its alll family time.

  54. Rose Red

    I know how you feel. I have six siblings, the youngest is six, and I feel like I'm missing their most important moments. It's hard being the oldest.

  55. Lindsey

    I completely understand. I live in Reston and my family is in Southern California :-( It's so hard being far from your family.

  56. I can definitely relate to this. I moved to Utah from Missouri about 5 years ago, met my husband, and realized…he lives in UTAH and will NEVER leave. It's so hard knowing that my family is growing so much back in Missouri and I miss out on everything. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling the same way cause it's not fun. Not fun at all! I hope this next year brings more family time for you and yours.

  57. A.

    Congrats on the mormontimes article about you and other Mormon bloggers. We love reading your blog, so thanks for posting!

  58. Rhianne

    sigh, I miss my family and sister too – will you see them over christmas? I hope so. We're going home for 10 ddays and I can't wait!

  59. I totally hear you can relate! I moved to the East Coast last year and I miss my family terribly!

  60. Lauren

    100% agree. I'm in kansas my family is in California.. It's like slow torture. You don't realize what you have until it's gone

  61. bread pudding + mom chats = two of the very best things in all the world.

    hope you get to experience both soon.

  62. keli *

    I couldn't agree more with this post. I am east coast and terribly miss my west coast sister. it does make visits extra super special though!!

  63. I TOTALLY understand. Like right now my sister is having a baby in Georgia and I'm in NC going CRAZY wanting to be there. poo. I miss them madly.

  64. that is so tough i'm sorry! moving away from family makes you appreciate them like crazy.
    hang in there sweets :)

  65. G

    This post really touched me. I have lived in Arizona now, for 4 years. My family, all of them, are in Utah. It never really gets any easier, does it? Tonight, I'll be thinking of my mom and her tamales. :)

  66. CAPow

    I'm the opposit: I live close to my family, but I'm not as close to them as you are to yours. I'm jealous of you.

  67. Right there with you. Yesterday was one of my hardest days – with all of us strewn about the country – yet. My parents gave us wings and for that we are so lucky. But every day I wish we had billions of dollars or some kind of time traveling machine to get us together every night for dinner. Or for a moment to squeeze. Laugh. Whatever is needed. Family is best. Ever.

  68. Right there with you. Yesterday was one of my hardest days – with all of us strewn about the country – yet. My parents gave us wings and for that we are so lucky. But every day I wish we had billions of dollars or some kind of time traveling machine to get us together every night for dinner. Or for a moment to squeeze. Laugh. Whatever is needed. Family is best. Ever.

  69. Naomi, I TOTALLY understand.
    I've only been away frm my family since September but it's so hard.
    Mine are on the other side of the planet, no the other side of the country.
    It really sucks.

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  71. Your sisters are hotsie totsies.

  72. i know what you are talking about. i have one sister live with me, but the rest of my family lives outside the country. i miss miss miss my mother a lot of times. i am grateful for the internet and making it possible to connect so easy nowadays. but nothing beats in person interaction with your family.

  73. Sum

    I am really loving all these Polaroids! My favourite is the first one. I'm jealous of the artistic photographs and how beautifully composed each picture is with all you beautiful girls! This has made me realize that I do need to appreciate I see my family everyday. Will do. Thanks for the reminder, Naomi! :)

  74. This post spoke so close to heart with what I've been feeling lately! I definitely understand the east/west gap… I go to school in Boston, my family is back in San Diego. Sometimes all I want is to escape all of the stress, people, COLD, and just sit with my mom and a cup of tea. It makes you appreciate those moments so much more, which maybe is a gift in itself. Still…wouldn't mind having more of them :)

  75. christy

    I am very lucky to live right next door to my sister and her family and also within an hour's drive of all my five other siblings and my parents. I love them.

    Hey, saw you guys in the Deseret News yesterday. Nice! I always wondered about the "Taza" nickname. Now I know! Cute.

  76. Try having your family in another country like mine!!!!!

  77. kwistin

    Thanks for this reminder. I actually just moved back home to save money, since the Y is so close. It's a nice reminder of how lucky that really is and how blessed I truly am. :)

  78. aw, you ladies are all so cute. i have three siblings in utah and i always miss them so much. so i know what its like to have siblings for a holiday, then leave… it is really empty feeling.

  79. Kristin

    I LOVED living in DC, but there is something to be said about being near your fam. I am very grateful that my Mom and little sis are a mile away and can spend all the time with my little dude that they want. I do STILL miss DC though. Ah ha

  80. Chessa!

    sigh..I know it must be so hard. I feel so lucky bc my sister lives a short subway ride away and my parents live a quick drive away. we see each other all the time and I can't imagine it any othter way.

  81. i feel your pain. i live in scotland with my great hubby and i love the experience, but all of my family is back home in utah and it is actually physically painful at times how much i miss them and just miss home in general.
    it teaches you gratitude and appreciation like nothing else though!

  82. couldn't agree more with you darling!. I wish my whole family (and Mexican families are big) were here with my in China; specially during these holidays.


  83. I miss my family as well!! More than anything in the world. I haven't seen my parents and my sister in a year and a half. I had a baby nine months ago and they haven't met him yet :( We are all going to visit them in a week!! yay! I can't wait! It is tough being away from the people you love.

    I love your blog and the fact that you are always reminding your family how much you love them! Keep up the good work, Naomi! xoxo

  84. alY joY

    naomi-where/how do you purchase your polaroid instant film?? I am looking into purchasing a polaroid instant OneStep, however, the film looks very expensive. If you can give me any advice, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for all of your inspiring pictures, words, style!
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  85. Katrina

    Hi!! I just bounced to your blog and loooooove it! Especially when I read this. Family is a special thing to be treasured. I gave my 4 sisters a big hug on your behalf. :)

  86. Britanny

    just came across this blog and i've been reading all these older posts because I love it so much!! I think I'll stop here tho, time for bed. But just wanted to say this one is EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now, living away from my family. thanks for sharing:)

  87. Lucy

    i think i'm finally catching up…
    i currently go to BYU-H and am 5,000 mi away from home. after six months, i am finally going back home for the break and am SO excited. who knew a couple of months could seem like forever. however, i can't really complain. some of the international students here can't afford to go home and stay here til they graduate. i'm a very lucky duck.

  88. Glimmer

    This is the thing I learned after "running away from home" (Alabama to D.C.) at age 26. It was wonderful for quite a few years. I had a magic childhoood in the rural south. But my imagination was fed by books and I wanted more. So I got my wish.

    Then I became a mother. While I was on maternity leave, I should have arranged a job transfer back home. I was the one who really wanted it. I could have done it, I think. And my husband, who isn't from the south, would have accepted and grown to love it. But I didn't, and I'm sorry.

    I made sure to take my son there for weeks at a time, especially in the summer, where he seemed to turn into a little Tom Sawyer. Farms, fishing, swimming in the pond. But be became a teenager and grew to resent the time away from friends in northern Virginia, which is his home after all.

    I should have should have should have. So, learn from this. If I have one piece of advice for those whose hearts are still "home" then this would be it: Go home before you have kids. You need your tribes especially, then. Your children need them.

    P.S. As my son nears college time, his eyes have starting looking to the south. He told me recently, "I love visiting Alabama now. All that space. I feel like I can breathe there." So, maybe we'll all get back eventually. Fingers crossed.