the sisters are back!

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my beautiful twin sisters just finished up their first semester of college
and are spending a few days with us in DC
before they fly home to utah for the holidays.
i dropped them off to go explore a few museums while i taught yesterday
and they came back with some very cool photos from their adventures.
love them.
see their faces here and here and here.
  1. So glad you got to see your sisters!

  2. Those are really awesome pictures. Looks like you're all very artistic.

  3. fuukster

    Lol, some of my most cherished memories are from last winter when I visited my older sis in DC and she left me to explore the museums while she worked! After a crazy semester at school, wandering around the various museums on my own was like therapy.

  4. Yay! The best thing about the holidays is getting to see family =-)

  5. Alina

    awesome pictures!

  6. jones

    love the pom pom hat. need to find a pom pom hat…

  7. tawny

    Oh happy joy! What a great day..sissies…the best!

  8. Cristin

    Cute blog!! i had to stop and tell you that we have those statues at the nelson art museum here in Kansas City! :) Have a good weekend!

  9. love that museum! I need to actually go to it, my fiancé and I walked by it en route to my surprise proposal @ the Smithsonian butterfly room last summer

  10. Jenni

    Your sister love always brings a smile to my face. Can't wait to hear about the adventures you all have this time around.

  11. i could use some good museum time…and those pictures are very cool

  12. oh i am always so thrilled to see my sister! its such a precious time for us both when we actually get to spend some time together.

  13. horray for the extra boost of holiday cheer that being around family brings! i bet it is totally brightening your day!

  14. Seyma

    oh Taza!! those pics.. i die die die..

    gald to hear you have your sisters by your side.. i have mine too :)

  15. Its lovely to see family at this time of year. Fantastic pictures as well.

  16. I just wanted to let you know I got your headbands in the mail today. They arrived on the day last day of school before winter break (I teach, too — high school English), and were a welcome surprise on an otherwise hectic day. I can't wait to wear them!!! I'll be back with pictures, natch.

    I hope you have a great weekend with your sisters! :)

  17. Jacque

    Love the pictures!! Your sisters are so cute!! I just discovered your blog! It's really cute!!

  18. Blush

    I feel so outta the loop. I didnt really know of your blog until my good friend joni (who loves you ) talked about it! I do love the candid random goodness {B} you are beautiful too btw

  19. Beautiful blog. I seen it from runningfiance, and glad I found it. Very different from the norm. And that's always a good thing :). I will be following.

  20. Maddy

    Great photos! Glad you got to see your sisters again… maybe with all these storms you'll get to see them longer! Enjoy your snow day tomorrow & your time with family! :)

  21. love the first picture! your sis looks so very chic!

  22. Your sisters are as talented as you are. I really like these pictures, a whole lot.

  23. Chessa!

    are you guys snowed in? eek! enjoy the winter wonderland:)

  24. you always sound extremely happy whenever you speak of your twin sisters, its kinda infectious :) youre such a wonderful sister and all the more love to you!

  25. Hanako66

    i can't wait to go back to dc again to visit more museums!!!