1. lahmode

    Definitely something I could get used to…

  2. Michelle

    Nothing better than a warm fire on a cold night! Especially when you have someone to cozy up to ; )

  3. this is why i love winter :)

  4. This is so beautiful. I love how your wreath sits on the mantle too:)

  5. Mandi

    Want to know something silly? I used to hate fires when I was little because the crackling always startled me. :) I've since gotten over that.

  6. Lainey

    Gorgeous picture. I love all of the little details. And this makes me wish I had a fireplace so badly. Have a great holiday!

  7. s a m

    you mantel is so perfect and personal! love.

  8. I want to move back east simply for this.

    : )

  9. jaime

    i LOVE your blog! i am so happy to have stumbled upon it because your blog is truly a treasure.

  10. love your blog as well :) it's a very very nice blog! best wishes!

  11. I agree.The colder outside it is as you snuggle up in front of said fire, the better

  12. cleanest fireplace i've ever seen!

  13. I feel you're feeling better. So happy for you. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  14. ah, can't have christmas w/o it. We got ours installed in May and haven't quite mastered how to get it lit w/o filling the room with acrid smoke…

  15. Seyma

    wow!! that is quite a photo!! i miss those days so much.. we used to have that with my family when i was little :(


  16. Meghan

    This makes me so happy!

  17. chr15

    All you need is a toasting fork with some lovely hand baked crusty bread on the end.

    The gorgeous smell of that fire toasted bread would set of that sound perfectly.

  18. gosh you have good taste Naomi. love all of your little things on your mantle. did you make smores with that fire? i would.

  19. Brittan

    what a cute mantle! my apt in nyc is my first to not have a fireplace and i miss having one so much. yours looks so warm and inviting. can we share?

  20. mrs.mfc

    Jealous!! I wish we had a working fireplace!!! We have to put candles in ours so it looks somewhat cozy.. trust me- not the same as a fire!!

  21. love what you've done with your mantle!

  22. becca

    your post about the puppy in the mixing bowl came up on my link to "popular items" in google reader. that is incredible.

  23. you are right…I am calling PG&E; right now for them to come light my pilot light…

  24. slightly obsessed with how adorable your mantle is!!
    i wish our fireplace worked. it would make the room so much cozier!

  25. ooh, i'm jealous! a crackling fire sounds LOVELY right now:)

    love the mantle by the way!

  26. Hanako66

    more wood is being delivered this afternoon yay!!! we have been out for a few weeks!

    i posted about what i did in DC today if you want to see!


  27. Sum

    The heading of this sounds like a poem. I love it.

  28. Your wall is the perfect shade of green.

  29. this made me all cozy inside:) and it makes me rediculously antzy for next year this time when i'll be married and hopefully takin pics of my husband in front of the fireplace! ee! i heard there's even more snow headed your/my way so stay bundled, merry christmas to you two!

  30. Allison

    Love it. :D Merry Christmas- and I love your cute wreath!

  31. I love your blog! it's so cute i love the fact that you talk about your family and!you have such fabulous content! you are so creative and amazing love your blog!! have a great day!

  32. merry christmas!

    i always read your blog but never comment. i decided to now.

    have an amazing day tomorrow!


  33. xavia

    lovely, lovely, lovely.happy holidays!

  34. Emmy

    Yes I completely agree!

  35. What a lovely little fire :) I absolutely love all of your photos and decorations on your mantle. They are so cute!

  36. em

    your hubby looks like don draper in this shot! i love it, it looks so cozy :)