sugar cookies.

i made sugar cookies tonight all by my lonesome self
even though i don’t like sugar cookies.
it’s such a festive activity to cut out christmas shapes from cookie dough
and decorate them all pretty.
i really love the little traditions the holidays bring.
can’t wait to make sugar cookies with my kids (or dogs) someday.
  1. Michelle

    I know! Sugar cookies are so festive and pretty and fun to make!

    I just wish that I actually liked them….

    Yours look awesome! I like the snowman

  2. Love these pics! I bake every year for the holidays, but I haven't made cut-out sugar cookies to decorate in many years. Tonight I pulled out the cookie cutters from my childhood, made the dough and icing, but was too tired to roll out the cookies and bake them. I'm so excited to get up tomorrow and finish making my cookies. Then my husband will eat them all, because I'm more of a chocolate girl ;)

  3. Pretty pics!!

  4. i made sugar cookies by my self last week too. i was listening to christmas music and dancing in the kitchen and then my roommates came home. it was pretty funny

  5. Really love these shots, Naomi! Way to get into the Christmas spirit. :) Just a few more days!

  6. Ah no! I love sugar cookies, when it comes to sweet they're my kryptonite!

  7. Victoria

    homemade dog treats cut out like santa and angels sounds adorable and

  8. Hey I made Sugar Cookies tonight too! Mine aren't as pretty as yours are, but it is a lot of fun. Now I am going to gorge myself with them…lol

  9. careymc

    I did the same thing over the weekend. Love to decorate them. Hate to eat them. ;)

  10. your camera is incredible! can i ask what brand/type it is?

  11. i love this! such beautiful photos!

    happy holidays!! :)

  12. beautiful photos! I make Christmas goodies every year, but I haven't made cut out cookies in a long long time. Yours are gorgeous…and delicious too, I'm sure :)

  13. OH! You can send them to me!

  14. c'est la vie,

    actually, i took these with my iphone. hehe.

    thanks everyone! come to my house and you can eat all our sugar cookies! josh doesn't like them either.

  15. Seyma

    aawwh, they look so cute :) like cartoon characters:)


  16. Jenni

    You don't like sugar cookies? Girl you don't know what you're missing. Seriously, they are delish. My favorite cookies by far.

    I love these photos you took. They are so magical. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I bake every year for the holidays and this too was my year of baking alone! The boyfriend is already in NY and the family is doing last minute shopping. So last night I sat in my kitchen with a glass of wine and decorated 2 dozen sugar cookies! It was actually kind of nice :)

    I love your angel cookie cutter!

  18. Lori

    Great pictures. And, I love sugar cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles.

  19. I just love the first picture, it makes me so happy. Ill send you my address you can mail those cookies to me, k? =)

  20. Great pics! Love the B&W.;

    I too can't wait to make cookies with my kiddos some day… I tried to get the dog to help last night as I was doing the exact same as you, making cookies by my lonesome (more gingerbread). She wasn't too keen on helping though just eating dough. tee hee hee

    <3 cheers to cookies, puppies & babies someday! <3

  21. Oh, I love *sugar cookies*! These look festive + darling! Happy Holidays to you and your prince! xo.

  22. Sum

    you need a love, Taza bakery shop! Filled with lots of cupcakes and cookies. these look so good! At first, I really thought you used a cookie cutter outside in the snow! I love sugar cookies.

  23. Vanessa

    I don't really like sugar cookies but i love the pictures you took!

  24. Jenn

    I love sugar cookies. I always get together with my mother and make sugar cookies this time of year.

  25. i don't like sugar cookies either. but hey, what stops us from decorating chocolate chip cookies?

  26. what beautiful pictures. are you auditioning in DC? I'd love to hear about the theatre scene there!

  27. Those are lovely pictures, Naomi. And I adore Christmas sugar cookies as well (and I don't like sugar cookies either!). Merry Christmas, dear!

  28. What a good idea with the B&W; photos!