snow love.

the big blizzard hit the district last night
and it hasn’t stopped snowing since!
(they say it’s the biggest storm in DC since 1909!)
i know it’s a dangerous thing and is messing with everyones plans,
(the twins flight back to utah was cancelled today because of it, they were sad…i was happy!)
but honestly, we are having so much fun in the snow together!
stay warm! stay safe! drink lots of hot cocoa!
  1. lahmode

    I live in Pennsylvania and we have been hit with the same snow! Where I live we have over two feet! I'm loving it : )

  2. Allison

    Aw, I love this! You two are ADORABLE. :D Have fun in your winter wonderland!

  3. Rachael

    We're getting the snow here in New Jersey, too! Over a foot and everything's canceled.

  4. Anna

    can't believe i've missed all this snow! it looks like so much fun! what a sweet little note :)

  5. looks simply perfect! must be a big storm since the San Fran news was reporting on it. so awesome. hope you and your love are having a blast playing in the snow!

  6. We finally got snow here in Ohio, and I'm so happy! I really wanted snow for Christmas.:):)

  7. LOOKS WONDERFUL! it's about 70 degrees here now, although we were surprisingly SNOWED IN two weeks ago. now i miss that white winter dreadfully! so enjoy it…such an adventure!

  8. We're in DC too, Logan Circle! My husband and I are loving this storm!! We were walking around last night discussing how beautiful this city is under a blanket of snow, twinkling lights..just gorgeous! One restaurant even had an outdoor mini hot chocolate stand (yes please)! I hope your sisters get home safely.. but enjoy every second of their visit ;)

  9. Meghan

    I am actually jealous! I love snow – please send some to Chicago!!!

  10. Jenni

    I saw a couple of your photos that you tweeted today and was amazed at all the snow you had. I was watching the news when they were saying how it was the worst the DC has seen in almost a decade. Nuts. At least the hubby, sisters and you are having a super duper fun time :) Be safe and enjoy the snow sweetie :)

  11. jane

    hey naomi & josh, jane here.

    i love that snow love sign, so cute!!!

  12. Lindsey

    Some of my most favorite memories are when it snowed buckets like that.

    Once, in Salt Lake, it snowed so much that the neighbors feared many of the roofs would cave in, so the Bishop concocted some device to slide the snow off roofs. There was so much that while my dad was up there, he slid from the rooftop, onto the pile of snow (that was about even with the roof) and across the yard to the street!

  13. Connie

    my parents who live in DC are stranded in Florida because of it! (I know how tragic, they have to go to Disneyworld for the 16th time now…)

    I just wish it could've waited till the 24th or 25th… I'll be there and I would love a white Christmas for the first time… *sigh

  14. hope you're staying warm and you got lots of snacks to get you through the storm!!

  15. so fun! i hope utah gets some more for christmas! love the photo too.

  16. so fun! we dont get any snow here in malaysia, i really wish we do, because i know i would want nothing else but thatttt. enjoy yourself, like you always do pretty lady! :)

  17. Rebecca

    That's the most adorable photo… :)

  18. Michelle

    Stay warm during that blizzard!

    PS. Josh is too cute! I love his snow art!

  19. Isn't it amazing? I am lovong it and so glad I flew back from Sweden the day before the blizzard hit! It's so cozy and gorgeous. I can't stop smiling :-)

  20. Even here in the UK, the radio was saying how crazy the snow is in DC!
    Take care!

  21. I'm sad we don't get white christmas's in vegas!

  22. ellen

    Your storm is in Boston now! My niece is visiting from Florida and she's never been in snow. We're about to go outside in the winter wonderland!

  23. janis

    yay! blizzards are so fun! (although you're right, a little dangerous sometimes!)

    i quite like josh's little message.

  24. Caroline

    It is a bit magical right before Christmas, right? Have fun building snow families, making snow angels, having light-hearted snowball fights and warming up your hands with hot coco afterwards! xoxo from sunny & mild Phoenix…

  25. wow…amazing! they shut down the schools here in NC because there was the threat of 1" of snow….oh well.
    btw, I wish I could be an honorary sister of yours :) I would bring you cocoa and make triple chocolate espresso cookies with white chocolate ganache for you when you feel sad and even though I don't like having my picture taken, there would be hundreds taken with smiles beaming forth, and I know you'd take the CUTEST pics of my little boy (he's three). We'd go shopping for craft supplies and somehow end up dancing along the way, and somehow I'd always gain 5 lbs when I visit, whilst you miraculously stay the same.

    Is there an application? I have references.



  26. You two are the cutest things ever. I hope when I find my Mr. Right, he'll do thoughtful, adorable things like that for me!!

    Have a very merry and blessed Christmas!

  27. we finally got our snow here in nyc!!! yay!!

  28. CAPow

    I love that picture! you guys are the cutest couple ever!

  29. aw, adorable! I'm flying to Pennsylvania this week and I can't wait for a few days of snow! Enjoy it and your time with the twins!

  30. You two have to be the cutest couple I've ever seen. the picture is too cute, and your blog is amazing.

    happy week!

  31. Liz

    you two are just too darn cute! happy snow day to you! bring some to Portland, please :)

  32. Sum

    Oh, cuteness!

  33. Seyma

    this is so adorable!!! you guys do rock!!


  34. There is nothing more fun and cozy then having a snow storm, well after the snow has hit. Walking around in all the bright, white snow is so refreshing and just takes me back to being a kid.

  35. Meikel

    Love your photos! I absolutely fell in love with that part of D.C. when I was there last year, it's so great to see it again.

  36. Hanako66

    ohmygosh, that is so cute!

  37. Diana

    Amazing pictures. With this 70 degree weather, I can't tell if it's Winter or Summer. Envious of your east coast snow!

  38. love your pics taza… i'm gonna need to show them off on my bog :).

    wishing you warmth on your cold blizzard day and nights

  39. Sounds like you had tons of fun in the snow! Snow storms are the perfect occasion to let one's inner child out!

  40. Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!!!! I am jealous! I live in California, so no snow here! :(

    i love the i picture with your initials on the snow!! my bf and I have your guys' initials too!!!! hehe.


  41. Milly.

    I was there for this!
    1st ever visit to America and absolutely adored DC & NY.