snow day, part I.

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the twins flight was cancelled (for the second time in 2 days) with no available flights until christmas day.
i’m driving them down to norfolk virginia
tomorrow hoping they can get on a plane down there. (cross your fingers for us. they are getting tired of josh and me and our annoying behavior and desperately wanting to be home with the family.)
but in the meantime, we’ve been taking full advantage of our winter wonderland with the twins here on capitol hill.
these photos are from saturday
when everything on the hill but blockbuster was closed.
we’ve been snowed in for 2 days (even church was cancelled) and are loving it.
we’ve been making lots of good food and watching lots of good movies
(thank you blockbuster for being open) and continuing to work hard on our puppy search.
hooray for snow on capitol hill!


  1. Meg Fee

    oh dear me, what a winter wonderland! what gorgeous photos!

  2. i love that photograph of the apples! wonderful. :)

  3. Kathryn

    I like these photos.

    I think cities + snow storms are the very perfect combination. Especially when staying in (or going out perfectly bundled) is an option. New York has been so wonderful this weekend – & I'm happy I was in DC LAST weekend so that I could actually make it home!

  4. Aimee

    That looks SO fun. I am crazy-jealous down here in Austin.

  5. love the photos! the one of you w/the hot chocolate is adorable! thanks so much for sharing, and good luck with the flight!

  6. so fun and beautiful!!!!!!!

  7. kwistin

    that snow looks so ridiculously fun, and i love the hot chocolate and signs photos! i think it'd be a wonderful adventure to get snowed in, but i hope your flights work out! [get as much snow time as you can now, though, because utah's is currently melting. at least in provo…boo.]

  8. What divine photography! I love, love, LOVE these beautiful pictures!

  9. kelly

    SUCH gorgeous photos! jealous of your snowy days!

  10. Chief

    Those are gorgeous! Isn't it so much fun to stand in the middle of the street and take pic's without having to worry? lol Thats my fav part of a snowstorm!

  11. bbb

    Love looking at the winter wonderland! Wouldn't be sure I'd look so happy standing in the cold tho myself. Love the coffee <3.

  12. these pictures are beautiful. i think they're my favorite that you've posted. that is a crazy amount of snow! looks like you're having a blast. i love being snowed in. it's like the whole world slows down. it makes me happy.

  13. Oh how adorable are your beanies and such. It is a mighty 40 degree celcius where I am. Snow looks lovely!

  14. benson

    that looks like fun! it's the cancelled flights and fighting the slush and snow that is not so fun.

  15. Everything is so beautiful!

    You and josh are so cute! And you my dear are a sweet sister for driving the twins to find a new flight.

    Crossing my fingers for them!

  16. Jalene

    so cute. you got soooo much snow!!! more than we have in Utah!

  17. Anna

    Ahh….great pictures!!! so much fluffy snow!

  18. So cute! I love these photos! Safe travels with your sisters. Be careful driving in that weather!

  19. Adrianna

    Oh my gosh what an amazing winter storm!!! Makes me miss living in Pennsylvania! Glad to see you had so much fun!!

  20. Wow! You have lots more snow than we ever have over here in UK. And you always look so happy! Love the pictures they are fantastic.

  21. Michelle

    so pretty! Glad you are loving the snow even though you are trapped!

    PS. I love love LOVE your neighborhood. Makes me want to live in DC too!

  22. laura

    Fun photos, fun snow days, makes me want it to snow here even more!

  23. Abby

    seriously, when church is cancelled, you KNOW it's a big deal, right?! snow days are amazing.

  24. Meghan

    So delightful! I am in desperate need of a snowstorm!

  25. Sum

    Beautiful pictures! How did you get the heart in your hot chocolate? The twins and you and Josh are just beautiful! I love the winter wonderland! Right now I'm in Sapporo, Japan and it's a winter wonderland! Finally! Snow! :)

  26. Aww, I love the frothy heart.

    And this makes me feel like a whimp. I walked outside this morning to get my puppy's toy (so he won't get bored when I'm gone and tear the stuffing out of my blanket again), and felt the 38 degree air and immediately walked right back inside and sent Alex out to look for it. eek. He's lived up north, he's got thicker skin than me!

  27. Those pictures made me extremely happy and brought a tear to my eyes at the same time. I think it was the happiness and hope evident in them as well as childhood nostalgia.

    Thank you

  28. Morgan

    Beautiful photos! Snow days are just the best!

  29. Beautiful pictures ! We had 5cm of snow in Paris and it was chaos, I can't imagine if we had that much ;-)

  30. oh wow these are the most beautiful photos!! so lovely :)

  31. beautiful pictures!

  32. */emy

    i love all the colors against the white snow. beautiful photos!

  33. Such beautiful photos! The color, even in the snow, is amazing. Wish we'd gotten some of the snow! Storm just grazed us, dumping a bunch of rain.

    Hope the twins get home soon!

    Merry Christmas!

  34. Seyma

    oh my, those pics are awesome!! love you!!


  35. you always have such gorgeous pictures!

  36. WHAT an adorable picture of you guys!

  37. Jenni

    These photos are FANTASTIC. You just might have made my view on snow brighter. I am loving it in these photos. So beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing and do enjoy your snow days <3 xoxo.

  38. Lori

    Wow. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  39. Erin

    You two are so cute.

  40. emily

    glad you guys went and played too. it was crazy out there!

  41. Holy cow! And I thought we had it bad here in WI! That is A TON of snow!

  42. I got caught in this snow storm too up in New York but you made the storm look so pretty in these pictures!! stay warm!

  43. You always have the most gorgeous pictures! :-)

    I have friends visiting from DC who literally got out just before the storm hit…it's quite the winter wonderland out there!

  44. Ashley

    Oooo! I love all the snow pics.

    I want a little animal knit hat- your's is super cute. I found a pattern. Now I just have to sit down and make the time. :)

  45. I've never seen so much snow in real life!!
    AAAH! How lucky and beautiful and wonderful it must be.
    That's so awesome!
    Fun, fun :)

  46. that looks like so much fun, DAMN YOU SOUTH FLORIDA DAMN YOOOOOU!

  47. andrea

    What beautiful photos!

  48. lavelle

    Wow you have even more snow than us!! Perfect christmassy photos xx

  49. Emmy

    Beautiful pictures!! You make snow look wonderful.
    Hope your sisters can make it home for Christmas.

  50. gorgeous photos!

  51. beautiful! it reminds me of winters in woodland hills…

  52. Blicious

    GORGEOUS PICS! i want it to snow here!!!

  53. Could you guys BE any cuter???? I think NOT!

    I was just up at Sundance … similar snow situation – so FUN!

  54. Yayyy! Heart lattes (hot chocolate?) make everything extra cozy. These photos are fantastic.

  55. Love the cocoa heart. :) And goodness, Utah needs to get with the program and cancel things when it snows too!

  56. Awww! Looks like you're having a great time!!! Nothing like snow on Christmas!!

    p.s. love the candy cane photo!

  57. Fawn

    You guys make me happy. Such lovely photos! My fave is the one of you with the latte art!

  58. Hanako66

    this looks like so much fun….i just can't help being a little jealous of your snow!!

  59. Selma

    Yay! This is winter to me! :) Wonderful pictures. :D

  60. janis

    playing in the snow + watching movies sounds like the most fun ever. but i hope the twins get home safely! delayed flights are such a headache.

    merry merry christmas dear taza!!


  61. there are some beautiful photos here! I particularly like the one of the mailbox with the pet sticker. enjoy the snow xo

  62. Maddy

    Beautiful pictures! The last one of you is gorgeous (you have snow on your eyelashes!) and I like the one with the peaches as well. Glad you're having fun and good luck to your sisters tomorrow!

  63. Emily G.

    I'm so jealous of you guys! No snow in California. :(

    Enjoy the snow, and Merry Christmas!

  64. Jo

    This looks like so much fun!!

    Here in L.A. it's a very different Christmas week. I went for a hike yesterday, in a tank top, and broke a sweat!

    Enjoy the extra family time!! :)

  65. Amanda

    naomi, these pictures are just amazing. seriously, you capture such beauty!!

  66. Aw I doubt your sisters could get sick of you! I love the last pic of you and Josh. SO cute and happy.

  67. Whitney

    These are all so good!

    Especially the blue door picture…holy cow.

  68. catzie

    What lovely photos! Love the one with the heart swirl in your hot coco or coffee!
    Happy winter wonderland!

  69. so inspiring!!

  70. jlc

    Ok so that one of you and the heart in the hot cocoa NEEDS to be an ad!!

    PS I'm asking for your camera for Christmas!! These shots are simply too amazing!

  71. Briel79

    Great photos! I love the one with the heart in the hot chocolate. I actually saw it here: earlier and didn't know it was yours! :)

  72. PBJ Blog

    I absolutely love your blog! Amazing pictures — looks like such a fun snow adventure!

  73. Amazing amazing photos! I love the snow! You two are the cutest thing ever!

  74. LOVE the snow photos!
    So glad you are sharing them… now THAT'S some snow!! ♥

  75. Dot

    you're pictures are great!

  76. how fun! and that hat is adorable :)

  77. we had the pleasure of being in DC for the blizzard. we're from the south, and are not used to snow. we planned on coming up for a few days and touring the captiol. the blizzard almost ruined everything, although it was really an amazing experience. i am now searching for DC colleges. I would really like to go to school in DC. any reccomendations?

  78. I am from indiana and I visited DC for the first time this weekend and got caught in this snowstorm! we were in Georgetown when the snow started and it was just magical!

  79. jesska

    Wow! Amazing photos. The coffee cup one is my favourite :)

  80. Now that's what I call a lot of snow!