rockstar giveaway! (closed)

what better way to kick off the new year
than with a sassy new shabby apple dress?
how about the stunning bugle boy dress
i have been dying over the last few weeks?
(and absolutely perfect for spring!)

the bugle boy dress has “crisp white cotton blossoms
atop a bountiful, knee-length tweed skirt.
flirty puffy sleeves, hidden pockets, a back lace lining
and a black grosgrain waistband for added style and flair!”
go check out all the new dresses at shabby apple
and leave a comment below before monday, january 4th 2010!
good luck everyone!
  1. Lauren

    This is the perfect dress for spring! Fingers crossed!

  2. oh,how I love this dress and how I love your blog! happy new year! kingsley is adorable!

  3. Maddy

    LOVE that dress. It sounds like the perfect dress for upcoming spring.

  4. perhaps this is my lucky day. pretty sure this will make me feel very happy after being fat and huge for 10 months.

    i need it. i want it. oh baby oh baby!

  5. Brooke

    I can't pass up a dress with pockets! I must have this dress!

  6. So perfect for spring! Its soooo cute! Hope that i will be that lucky winner!! :)

  7. Shauna

    This dress is so beautiful!!! and i absolutely love pockets. they are the best.

  8. Lola

    I just fell in love! Pleas pick me!

  9. christy

    would love to add this CUUUTE little dress to my wardrobe!! love it. wishing and hoping and thinking and praying!!

  10. christy

    would love to add this CUUUTE little dress to my wardrobe!! love it. wishing and hoping and thinking and praying!!

  11. this dress is so fab!

  12. Amber

    I'd love to win this cute dress!

  13. ahh i am just dieing over this dress!!

  14. Kate

    so fabulous! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  15. I love ALL the shabby apple dresses!

  16. oblivia

    Ooooh! If I win, I can then afford to get the "Demure" shoes. Too cute. Happy New Year!

  17. Kristin

    could 2010 be my year to win a blog giveaway?

  18. laur

    i love it!!! that is such a cute dress. all the dresses they have are adorable!

  19. ah, i've been eyeing this dress for so long! i hope i win :)

  20. my favorite! i love love love this!

  21. wow! i love that dress. it would be perfect for my college graduation ceremony!

    happy new year!

  22. Callie

    so cute! Love it.

  23. Madi

    so adorable! fingers crossed

  24. Rebbie

    Perfect dress, would love it.

  25. What beautiful dresses! I hope i win!

  26. BSJ

    if you could see my closet, you'd pick me ;)

  27. Rachel

    Winning would be fabulous! Love the dress. Love the blog.

  28. Monica

    I have never seen so many comments! HOpefully I have a chance.

  29. Monica

    I have never seen so many comments! HOpefully I have a chance.

  30. please, please, PLEEEEASE pick me this time! i am a long time lover of shabby apple and the bugle boy dress is absolutely darling! i promise i will wear it well for all those who have commented here and want it too! {because i am certain i want it the most!}


  31. Lulers

    Oh how I adore this dress! I love love the ruffle flower! I am obsessed with ruffles and this would make the perfect addition to my collection of ruffles.

  32. Liz

    I do so love Shabby Apple…

  33. My birthday is the 5th- wouldn't that dress make a lovely little b-day surprise?

  34. ashley

    This is such a cute dress. I have yet to own a dress like this! only if it wasn't so expensive >.

  35. Amy

    so beautiful!

  36. so so cute. here's to 2010!!!

  37. Ahhh. Spring.

  38. Chelsey

    I'm in LOVE! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  39. Hope I win!! Woo hoo!

  40. Trisha

    i love this! beyond love this!

  41. Shayla

    I've been eying this little beauty for weeks, it's perfectly darling!

  42. Kelly

    Love these shabby apple dresses!

  43. toria

    such a great dress! shabby apple has become one of my favorites!

  44. allison

    so pretty! i love it!

  45. Emily142

    I love this dress! I know my sister (who borrows all of my clothing) would love it too. :)

  46. kate

    love that dress!

  47. ellie

    so diggin this dress! Perfect for spring!

  48. Mrs. R

    Love it!!

  49. Lindsey

    Love the dress!

  50. Anna M

    I've been eying that dress for weeks–and I NEED it! ;)

  51. Sini

    Amazing blog and amazing dress, I love both!

  52. Shannon

    I never win blog giveaways but that never seems to stop me from leaving a comment. Thanks for making our lives warmer in 2009.

  53. Becca.

    Oooh it's SO pretty, I can imagine wearing it with cute ballet pumps to walk my greyhound to spitalfields market all summer long!

  54. Sandra

    such a lovely dress, i dream of winning it. x

  55. Saige

    Ah! That cute dress; j'adore, j'adore : D

  56. Carolyn

    I loooooove the flower detail ontop! So sweet!!

  57. Michelle

    To cute for words.

  58. sheena

    oh i love this dress!!

  59. After I have this baby, I'd love to get my non-pregnant self in this adorable dress.

  60. Erin

    Ooh, how I love a pretty dress from Shabby Apple. I wonder if there's any point in entering to win though? You've got 1169 names here already! However, I'm at optimist, so here goes…
    pick me please!

    Happy New Year, Naomi!

    [email protected]

  61. I think 2010 is going to bring me some luck and I might win this one. Because come on, I would look good in it.

  62. I think 2010 is going to bring me some luck and I might win this one. Because come on, I would look good in it.

  63. Nicole

    how lovely!
    perfect for spring time

  64. courtney

    my fingers are so tightly crossed!!

  65. toni

    love this dress!

  66. Ivy

    That dress is ADORABLE. Plllllease pick me! :)

  67. Kerry

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeed this!

  68. Eliza

    Love this dress!! So cute!!

  69. jenna

    absolutely beautiful! The perfect dress for any occasion – thanks for this giveaway!

  70. oh my, yes please! :)

  71. Katie


  72. Jenny

    what a great dress! i'd love something new to wear.

  73. Lucie

    I really love winter season (the snow, hot cocoa, Christmas and everything) but with this amazing dress, i couldn't wait for spring !

  74. Lucie

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Bonnie

    Oooh, I'm coveting it right now!

  76. Heidi

    Me please! I loved your year in review. Hope next year is your year!

  77. Winter break is the perfect time to browse new blogs and find new obsessions. Esp. when they are dresses.
    a new reader

  78. Sarah

    i AM a rockstar and i hope i win. thanks!

  79. sam

    mmmm, spring please!

  80. sam

    mmmm, spring please!

  81. Melissa

    Oooh I love Shabby Apple and this dress is a dream! Crossing fingers!

  82. bethany

    Bea-u-ti-ful. :)

  83. AB

    I love it! What a classic and chic dress.

  84. Carrie

    there's no way i'll win this, but i'll try anyway.

  85. Anne

    I love it

  86. Dara

    that dress is DARLING! I would LOVE it even more if it were on ME! :]

  87. Meg

    Looks cute AND comfy, both essential for 3 long hours of church.

  88. Bridget

    I really like it, and I really like your blog, headbands, and red lipstick… and Regina Spektor, so I think I win. Err… I want to win.